Microsoft announces September Surface event, may unveil Surface Duo 2

Microsoft Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Duo (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A virtual, public Microsoft Event on Wednesday, September 22, will focus on new Microsoft hardware.
  • It begins at 8a PT / 11a ET / 4p BT.
  • We hope to see the Surface Duo 2, Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3, and other long-rumored products.

On September 1, Microsoft released a cryptic tweet teasing its fall hardware event, which "you're invited" to attend. Online only, the event will focus on new Surface hardware.

Microsoft hasn't given any hints of what products to expect at the event. However, we know from numerous leaks that the company is developing the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, a foldable phone set to clash against the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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The original Microsoft Surface Duo totally underwhelmed us in our tests, thanks to its terrible software, poor cameras, a charging port prone to breaking, and lack of supported apps for dual screens. Plus, like most early foldables, it was absurdly expensive — priced at $1,400.

But we know from recent leaks that the Duo 2 will have an improved triple-camera array, 5G support, and some major spec improvements. And Microsoft and Google are co-developing foldable app development tools, which we think could translate into much-improved apps and software.

How will this phone fare against the Z foldable phones? It'll depend greatly on how much Microsoft charges for it. We expect Microsoft to market the foldable as a portable console for Game Pass, similar to the dual-screened Nintendo DS. It optimized the Game Pass app for the Surface Duo earlier this year, and we're certain the cloud gaming app will work even better on faster hardware.

While we're most excited to see Microsoft's new phone, many other Surface devices are rumored to appear as well, according to Windows Central.

For instance, the silhouetted device in the tweet could very well be the Surface Pro 8, a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet that our Windows Central colleagues believe will have top-of-the-line specs, including a massive display and removable SSD.

For more budget-conscious shoppers, we could see the Surface Go 3, an affordable Windows 11 tablet that reportedly will have either an Intel Pentium GOLD 6500Y or Intel Core i3-10100Y processor, and up to 8GB of RAM.

What Surface device are you most excited to see at the event? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Surface GO 3 will not be an Android tablet - it will run Windows 11
  • That was a real brain fart on my part. Thanks for pointing that out!
  • Who knows - Microsoft is always the source of hilarious surprises!
  • If Microsoft got their sh*t together and comes out with a Duo 2 that can truly compete at the $1400 price point and delivers on all the specs, I'll seriously consider it.
  • I have the Duo and the hardware is beautiful... The form factor however makes it a difficult phone to use especially when you are in a hurry... I dual carry a Note 20 Ultra and when the chips are down and I need to get something done quickly I use the Note... Even if they improve the specs, the wide form factor isn't great to use as a phone... The software is still buggy especially when rotating the phone for single screen use...
  • Totally agree with Grungni's comment. I dual wield on the go as well, due in large part to the form factor (width & no outwardly facing notification screen). When stationary, it's an excellent device.
  • I'll triple this. I had to ditch the Duo and get a boring but works when you need it to phone. Was so disappointed. The hardware is gorgeous, but it's really only a phone as like a tertiary function.
  • "The original Microsoft Surface Duo totally underwhelmed us" Could've been worse, could've had a folding screen that required the phone's release to be delayed *indefinitely* due to its propensity to break. A folding phone that had screens that broke with little effort/use #YouHadOneJob
  • Ancient history techiedude007 - the Fold 3 is a masterpiece and almost everything is easier to do on it than the Duo - form setting up 2-3 window app groups, to cut & paste among apps, to full screen tablet mode (it is 1/2 shorter than an iPad Mini 5. MS is going to have to bring its A+ game to compete against the Duo 2. And hopefully the leaks showing a domino glued to the back of the chassis are wrong - there goes 360 degree articulation and one handed use.
  • Can do all that on the S21 Ultra and it's easier to use the S Pen on the S21 Ultra - don't have to worry about unfolding it to use the S Pen. The Z Fold 3 is far from a masterpiece.
  • Not so ancient, lol Not trying to troll here, but I haven't had a phone with a similar issue... #JustSayin'
  • they need better surface pen software for android like samsung does with the S-pen