The Quest 2's video recording features are finally getting an upgrade soon

Meta Quest 2 under green lighting
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The Quest 2's video recording features are getting an update in the next two months according to a product Manager at Meta. This follows confirmation that the feature was set to launch this year with no specific release window.

The updates were confirmed earlier this year when multiple members of Meta's Quest team confirmed that improvements to video recording were coming this year following a brief exchange between a few VR content creators about the Quest's lackluster video recording options on Twitter. Last week, YouTuber Nathie (aka Nathaniel de Jong) followed up on the exchange from January, asking for an update.

Meta Product Manager, Clorama Dorvilias responded that the team was shooting for a May release, but that a launch in late April was also possible.

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The Quest's native video recording options currently only allow for users to record videos at 30 frames-per-second in a 1:1 aspect ratio, with the only setting for users to adjust being whether or not to record the headset's microphone audio. Tech-savvy Quest users can plug their headset into a PC using a link cable and use third-party software or run different commands to change some of these settings, but the steps to set these methods up are relatively involved and complicated.

Although it's not confirmed whether the features will launch with the next version of the Oculus' OS (version 38) or beyond, it's safe to say that it's most likely to come out in early May based on Dorvilias' Tweet from last week. Meta hasn't revealed a full list of features to be added to the Quest's video recording suite, but the ability to adjust recordings' aspect ratio and frames-per-second are the most common requests.

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