A message to our daily Android Central readers about POKÉ-GATE!

If you're reading this, it's safe to assume you read Android Central on a regular basis — thank you! — and were likely surprised by the onslaught of Pokémon content that's flooded the site over the last few days. We were caught by surprise, too!

In all our years of running Android Central, Pokémon Go has been the biggest product launch we've ever seen. The same is true of our sibling site, iMore. Bigger than a new Android release or Galaxy S device launch. Bigger than a new iPhone. More active users on Android than Twitter or Snapchat, and some are even saying more than Google Maps. It's B.I.G.

Here's the thing — We live in a world where literally billions of people own smartphones now. So, an app launch of this magnitude attracts the interest of more than just Galaxy S7 or HTC 10 owners. More than just a single carrier, region, or even platform. It attracts the interest of everybody. That's why it's driving greater demand for Android Central content than any single hardware or software release we've ever seen before. It's something that can appeal to practically everyone, almost everywhere. And that's why we're covering the heck out of it.

Pokémon Go is bigger than a new Android release or Galaxy S device launch. Bigger than a new iPhone.

Now, we understand that many of you don't like that Android Central appears to have become Pokémon Central. We totally understand that, and we're working together so the next time a phenomenon like this happens again, we're better prepared to continue to deliver you an Android Central experience that you value and love, while also doing our jobs to serve the mainstream smartphone consumer.

Heck, we're starting now. Here's a new, special RSS feed that includes everything on Android Central except Pokémon. We call it the Pokémon NO feed. So, if you'd rather not read anything about it again, this is for you:

Subscribe to Android Central's Pokémon No RSS feed

I get Pokémon, but why so much of it?

Android Central is just that — Central. We've always seen it as our mission to do the absolute best coverage possible about everything Android and Android-related. That includes bandwagoning any and all major releases. We've done it before, and we'll do it again. It's simply that the nature of major releases has changed.

We do, and always have, serve many types of Android owners at Android Central. Our most engaged community is the daily reader who views and treats us a publication — those of you who see us as a daily destination, use the AC app, or follow us on RSS or social. You're likely an early adopter and tech enthusiast and you value Android Central for its news, reviews and editorial analysis, and you value our awesome community of users.

When we launched Android Central, you were the only audience for our content, which is why we love you so much. Today, though, our early adopter core — those of you reading this — represent approximately 1% of the visitors who access Android Central on a monthly basis.

For many years now, we have also served the mainstream consumer technology audience, which has grown to make up a whopping 99% of our visitors. These are just average people — not readers in the same sense — who use Google to search, or see something shared on social and want help or advice.

This Pokémon coverage lead to Mobile Nation's highest trafficked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and likely Thursday EVER.

They don't read the homepage or daily news, and we don't have a dialogue with them the way we do with you. They view our content as a service helping them in the moment. There's a reason that, in addition to our news and review coverage, we also produce so much help, product and app recommendation content — because there is a tremendous demand for it, and we'd rather be the ones delivering that content than another outlet (and we know we can do it best!).

Both our core and mainstream audiences are extremely important to us, and we do our best to cater to the needs of all of you. If we only picked one audience to address and not the other, we wouldn't be here today doing what we love to do. It takes both to make this a sustainable business.

Coming back to Pokémon Go, the reaction to the game and demand for Pokémon Go content has been like nothing we have ever seen before, and we had to react to it quickly. Our editorial team shouldn't be criticized for that, but commended for it. They gave up their weekends and abandoned their previous plans to come in and write what we think is the best Pokémon Go content on the web. It was an everyone on deck, day-and-night effort to get it done, and they did it — and did it well!

It lead to Mobile Nation's highest trafficked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and likely Thursday EVER. The ~100 Pokémon-related articles we produced literally doubled, maybe even tripled our entire visitor base. This is us producing content as a service to match the real-time needs of Android and iPhone owners looking for help with Pokémon Go.

It's not link bait and it's not click bait. The "bait" part in both means "bait and switch" — teasing one thing and delivering something else, much less desirable. We didn't and never would try to trick any of our readers. We wouldn't stick Pokémon on a Nougat article or Samsung on a Pokémon article. We're delivering exactly what we promise: advice and assistant for those looking for it.

Tech media is a tough business, so when opportunities like this happen you either seize the moment or somebody else does. As a company, we always strive to our best so we can keep doing what we love to do for years to come. It's not always fun, but crushing something like Pokémon is what helps to pay the bills so we can keep serving our core community, which is what we love to do most.

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... so how are you going to fix it for me so I can quit seeing the stuff I don't want to see?

Prior to Poké-Gate, our product team was already cooking up some ideas on how we can better serve both our audiences. The challenge we have today is that in order to reach the mainstream (as in, get the help and recommendation content published to the web), we still need to show it to our homepage, regular reading audience (you). As it gets mixed in with our news, reviews, and editorial coverage, it can get a little bit… messy. Especially for you, the core reader. For those of our visitors who come into our articles and content sideways, whether from google or social referrals, it's less of a problem.

Short Term:

One immediate fix was already created by an Android Central member in the form of a Chrome Extension that hides content that mentions Pokémon. Brilliant! For those of you who follow us via an RSS reader, we created the new feed sans Pokémon stories.

Subscribe to Android Central's Pokémon No RSS feed

For those of you using the AC app, we're also looking at a way to block Pokémon stories via our API from hitting the app, which will keep the AC app Pokémon free. If none of those solutions help you in the short term, then we appreciate your patience; the good news is it's easy to scroll or swipe past a story you don't care about.

Longer Term:

In the latter half of 2016, you'll see us roll out many changes that better position Android Central to serve both our audiences better than we ever have before. If you're a regular reader, you'll get the stuff you want in the way that you've always loved it before, without any of the content you care less about. And for our ever-growing mainstream audience, we're going to deliver that content in a manner that's more approachable and friendly than ever before.

Expect a mix of both product, feature, branding, design, and content changes through the back half of the year.

That all makes sense. Thanks, Android Central!

You're welcome! Again, thanks for the Pokémon patience and more importantly, the passion! We can't please everybody all of the time (even though we wish we could), but it's the dialog and passion from our most hardcore users that we love and cherish the most.

Thank you,

Kevin Michaluk

Chief Media Officer, Mobile Nations

  • I get why there's so much Pokemon Go stuff, and I understand. But I still think that there's a whole bunch of them, and the stuff that some of us really want to see, like new device launches or info tends to be buried between a bunch of Pokemon Go articles. I appreciate that you're trying to settle this, and I am thankful for that. However, may I suggest an article filter so that we can customize our feed to get exactly what we want to see? That would really help. Cheers! ;)
  • Exactly - Addressed that in the post a little. We'll be going a few steps further beyond just a filter. Getting alignment between our content creators, the content they're best (and most passionate about the content they are producing), the audience and where they are consuming it is our top priority for the rest of the year. Effectively, we want to deliver you the content you want, by the people you want it from in the format that makes most sense for where you are.
  • Thank you Kevin! Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Awww people need a "safe space" from pokemon news. Smh
  • No, people just don't want to see one of their favorite Android News sites turn into nothing but Pokemon. Pretty simple to understand, whether you agree or not.
  • Give it a week...it will die down considerably.
  • True, of the people i know that downloaded and started playing on day one none are still playing very much. I just asked my 18 year old daughter (whom has always been a pokemon Fan) how much she still plays. Her response was "not much, the game is kinda like a new years resolution gym membership". Her biggest gripe about the game though is that it runs her phone dead in just a couple of hours. My girlfriend hasn't opened the app in three days.
  • Glad to see you've made changes, being responsive to your customer's needs is good. However, NOT allowing yourselves to get swept up in hype and hysteria over what amounts to little more than a re-skinned "Ingress" game would be best. Never forget: Pokemon exists for one reason, and one reason only: To sucker children out of their money, and then mommy and daddy's money. It is, was, and remains nothing more than a fraudulent marketing juggernaut. There was NEVER a solid story or book or even a quality Anime behind it. It is nothing more than the crassest and most base form of marketing fraud that has ever existed. Devoting even a single line of text to it is wasteful. To flood your content with coverage of this garbage (beyond shaming those in their twenties who are still playing it and should know better by now) is shameful beyond words.
  • You sound very bitter over others having fun. Here, have a Snickers. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +12
  • It's big because you make it big. Tell me with a straight face just how many emails you get DEMANDING more poke content. Seriously, demand? Come on Kevin. Somebody needs to follow the money. But that story won't come out for months. Look, just put up a forum for it and get back to covering Android. If you're all about page hits, if that's your yardstick, just put a daily porn shot on the front page. Because this is supposed to be a family friendly site, that's as close as I will go to mentioning the "w" word.
  • Nope on a couple of fronts. It's big because everybody and their dog is playing it, not because AC is pushing it. If AC could independently drum up this amount of hype for anything, they'd be doing very different things. If you're really dubious about the demand, take a looksee at some Google Trends data. If by "follow the money", you're suggesting these stories have been sponsored, you're wrong. AC discloses sponsorships. You might have noticed a Best Buy one on the featured bar at the top of the home page. There is a Pokemon Go forum, but Kevin already addressed why AC can't just shelter all of that content: it needs to be discoverable, and that only happens when it's on the front page. As for page hits, AC is all about Android, and the biggest thing happening on Android right now, like it or not, is Pokemon Go.
  • I'm just unusually the Android Central App. Time to find a news source. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's a good news Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't even mind that they are talking about Pokémon, it was just the article count that was excessive Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I don't mind them having a few Pokemon Go articles as well. I mean, it is a game for iOS and ANDROID devices that has become a phenomenon. It's just that there's a whole barrage of them, and that creates problems, especially when stuff like Note 7 launch info and Axon 7 pre-orders tend to be buried between a sandwich of PoGo articles. On another note, you guys know the Moto Z Droid event was today, right? Would like to see what you guys got from the event.
  • I had no idea the Moto Z Droid edition was today until you just said so!!! Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Yeah, it was today. Also, the Moto E3 is a thing. There's only one article about it in the Global and UK region. I would have liked to see them cover it a little more.
  • That's messed up Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Yeah. I don't really blame PoGo, but I think it has really taken up a lot of the editors' time to report on phones and other stuff. Hoping the dust clears soon, ideally before August 2nd, because another storm will be coming (Note 7 articles)
  • No worries there. The Note 7 will get almost as many posts as Pokémon Go. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Good thing the note 7 is actually a phone running android. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes but it would be nice to see some other phones get even 10% of the coverage the Note 7 will get. Posted via the Android Central App
  • For the Moto E, I've noticed the sites that have reported on it are missing some details of the specs. I'd rather they wait and have a complete picture of the device, rather than rush something incomplete.
  • So far, I only know that it has a 5-inch 720p display, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage with an SD card slot, an 8MP rear camera, a 2800mAh battery and a splash-proof construction plus a "smudge-resistant screen protector", with Android Marshmallow running the show, in typical Moto "close-to-stock" style. It also has a quad-core processor, but LeMoto is rather silent over what sort of processor it is.
  • I think it will be a snapdragon processor it always is on Motorola phones Posted from my Moto X 2nd gen and my Nexus 9 both on Android Marshmallow
  • I'm thinking Snapdragon 412. I've seen some sites reporting that it's a MediaTek processor, but since it's not official, I'm not going to go with that.
  • Hard to cover what we don't know more about yet. You'll see more as we learn more.
  • I can't believe I had to learn about this in the comments section of a pokemon article!
  • LOL. To be frank, I've been following other sites like Pocketnow, Android Authority, 9 to 5 Google, MacRumors, EAP and more for quite some time already, way before I joined AC. Those, along with AC, are my main sources for tech news. That's how I got to know about the Moto E3. And honestly, I almost forgot about the Moto Z Verizon event until I saw a picture of Michael Fisher posing for a shot outside the event.
  • I totally forgot and buried in the Pokemon articles was the note 7 article.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • That was the biggest offender Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Yeah I only knew to look because of it being mentioned elsewhere...shame. But at least Kevin acknowledged it. Maybe something like POGO should be on Connectedly and touched on here and imore, etc. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed, dump em' in one spot for those interested. Nothing worse then being flooded in the app with Poké everything.
  • If there's "nothing worse", then many here should envy your posh life... Posted via the Android Central App
  • In your opinion maybe, but considering the traffic it drove to the site. Do I need to explain that this is a business to you again? Edit: Looks like someone else already did, again.
  • You can be a business and not piss off a bunch of people at the same time, having both is not impossible. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • To an extent you're correct, but whenever something blows up like Pokémon Go there are going to be people who hate it and complain because they don't get it or why it's popular, but to have more concurrent users thank Twitter is crazy. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes a bunch, small and loud 1%.
    They need to do filtering to protect those 99% against you Posted via the Android Central App
  • 45%, not 1%.
  • Exactly, a few articles would have been fine. Some of them could have been combined with other articles, didn't really need a separate article for each little thing. It seemed once people started complaining after the first half dozen that they just started pumping out anything they could to irritate people. It got so ridiculous I pretty much went to other sites for Android news and figured I'd check in once a day to see if sanity returned. Today it looks like sanity has returned.
  • Excessive would be an understatement. It was too the point of absolute ridiculousness. Sure it's big, sure everyone and their dog is playing it. But when you post so many articles that even Pikachu starts reading a site like Android headlines as an alternative, then you just might be going overboard. Maybe Pokémon is a necessary evil to help distract us from all of the racial tension that's been going on all over the place... Idk, what I do know is that, between the two, I can honestly say - it's a horrible time to be a human being. Society and the world at large is becoming quite pathetic these days...thanks ,I feel a tad bit better now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Quit continuing to make excuses. You could have handled this in a much more mature fashion from the start.
    1 - Avoid the by-the-hour posts with one or two tips or discoveries in each story.
    2 - Quit condescending to those of us who grew weary of the constant barrage (which, thankfully, have subsided).
    3 - Instead of creating a Pokémon NO RSS feed...how about catering to your primary market on the home page (ANDROID CENTRAL is pretty descriptive) and having the Pokémon-related stuff in a separate location that people who want to read that stuff have to click over to? It ain't that difficult...
  • I have to agree, all I hear when reading this is: "Sorry, but we care more about cashing in on quick easy traffic and clicks than we care about being an actual news outlet, and we're going to keep doing it, so if you don't like it then you can go install some software or change your RSS feed..."
  • I agree except for the condescending part. I use a curated Twitter list to sort my stuff out, an RSS of sorts. Because of that I am "just average" "not readers in the same sense — who use Google to search, or see something shared on social and want help or advice." The article just had to push that 99% of users portion. The whole article was condescending in fact. Everyone knows why you put out over 100 articles on the biggest news item in a while, to get clicks and ad revenue and that is perfectly fine to make money, you have to. The market sucks and every dime helps, but I think a lot of long time readers (seriously, although I write editorials for a competing site of sorts I have been a reader for the better part of 5+ years now) got shafted by what was big and new at the expense of news we subscribed for in the first place. Moderation was key, and there was none. There was seemingly no concern given for those who helped make this site popular, for listeners of the podcast or users of the forum... I think Mobile Nations as a whole showed their true colors this week, and it wasn't for the enthusiasts who come back day after day, it was for the mass general audience, SEO hits, and Google searches, users who aren't loyal, don't subscribe, just leech information and move on.
  • I agree but it's important to differentiate between SEO and excessive SEO. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Agree, imagine if any other of your favorite tech news sites did this. And if there's really that much information that can't be squeezed into 1 or 2 articles per day, then by all means, make sure your exposé is a masterpiece.
  • Says the guy sitting on the sidelines. They did what they did, and based on the actual numbers, they did correctly. Their traffic was through the roof and that is the point of the site. I am a casual Pokemon Go user, and I came back to the site several times to get clarification on how to play various parts of the game. I should also point out that I am also an enthusiast, and part of the 1% who reads the content daily. What irritates me about their coverage on other things is "______ is releasing _____ game in the fall" but then they never/rarely followup with content that the app is availible, several months later. In this case I would not have known pokemon go even existed without their coverage.
  • I have to agree with this. I'm PLAYING Pokémon GO, and thought this was poorly published.
    100 low content articles being pushed out over a short period of time made it hard to find Android stuff AND difficult to find useful Pokémon information.
    Pokémon was published with sparse documentation, so several times I found myself looking for info online... Only to have no idea which of the myriad of articles might actually have the answer I was looking for.
    If only there were a technology that might have let there be a master Pokémon Go article that could have been put in rss once, with a ever growing tale of contents that, if clicked, brought the reader to the relevant info. Life would have been better both for those looking for Pokémon info, AND those trying to avoid it. Plus, this would have no impact at all in side linking / search result traffic.
  • You are the hemmorhoids that makes less than 1% is all the fact that you must digest Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can you write that in English?
  • Thank you for this. I have been reading the site since my first Android phone, the OG Moto Droid. This helps to explain what has changed on the site over the last year and it makes sense. Thanks for thinking about the 1% of us that are just hardcore nerds, seriously!
  • I appreciate the acknowledgment of the issue, but I believe that if you guys combined a few articles it doesn't have to be just one but combine them a good bit and this could've all been avoided. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I get why you'd feel that way, but it's actually not the case. We wrap things up in these "ultimate guides" afterwards, but most folks are looking for links to specifics. An article specifically titled "how to use X thing" directly appeals to the person searching for it. The big guide they have to scroll through to maybe find what they're looking for doesn't. Volume is where you take issue, I get that. Just like our phone coverage, though, it has to be done that way or it doesn't get read. We've done the research, have the numbers to back it up. The way we're doing this is the way you reach the most people looking for this information. It's not SEOwhoring or link baiting, it's writing for people actively searching for answers to those questions. That person isn't you, and it was overwhelming. It took us a couple of days to find a solution, but through that solution we can do better next time.
  • Thank you Russell. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I knew about pokemon go for months. I've pretty much played every single gen via Gameboy and DS. Even I was somewhat annoyed. But meh, I kept scrolling. Not that serious Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is what happens...
    1. A respected Android-centric news site spots that a few people are playing a game
    2. The editors demand that staff writers begin creating content to answer questions that don't need answering by the respected Android-centric site
    3. Using SEO the tech-bods drive traffic to the Android-centric new site so that games players can find the answers to questions that haven't been asked by regular visitors to that Android-centric news site
    4. Regular visitors feel alienated by the incomprehensible number of articles answers questions that were never asked and that drown out the genuine news reports
    5. Beancounters at the parent company of the once-Android-centric news site don't care about (4) because the site has MORE TRAFFIC THAN EVER BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF TRAFFIC GENERATED FROM SEARCH ENGINES!!!
    6. (5) means more money. YAY!
    7. Previously loyal visitors begin to look elsewhere in response to the lack of Android-centric news stories and because the lame 'We get it' excuse / article demonstrates that you don't get it. At all.
    8. The fad dies down.
    9. There is vastly reduced traffic to the once-respected Android-centric news site.
    10. Reduced traffic = reduced revenue = laying off writers = dearth of interesting android-centric articles = reduced traffic = reduced income = more layoffs = occasional articles derived from some other site = reduced traffic =...
    11. RIP There are other news sites available, and I have no doubt they will take advantage of the way Android Central has so poorly judged it's readers. As soon as I click the 'Comment' button, I'm off to search for a new home for my Android news. Any site without the word Pokemon in an article title will do.
  • Excuses!!! Ignore the masses that drive the numbers on your site and listen to the three or four of us that barely know what Pokemon is! posted by bad robot on Note Edge
  • We should be seeing an interesting edition of the Editor's Desk with Phil on Sunday. Posted via Xperia Z5
  • No kidding Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I hope he doesn't even acknowledge it in the slightest. That would be hysterical. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Absolutely. I have more important things to concern myself with than a bunch of Pokemon articles. Posted via Xperia Z5
  • That ad money though
  • The ad money (and Shop Android) are what keeps the site free and finances the expenses of the staff. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +600,000
  • A simple +1 would have sufficed ...
  • No.
  • Oh, who cares? People complaint about everything these days. Jesus. Ok, I don't like all the Motorola coverage. I don't care for it. So give me a Android Central No-Motorola feed. Now!
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • The big difference is 3 motorola stories vs 3000 Pokemon stories.
  • Irrelevant. For someone who doesn't want to know, 3 articles are 3 more articles than they would deem necessary.
    If you go add filters for all of that, it's a Pandora's box. If I were to complain and get a filter about every single article that I don't care about, AC would do nothing else.
    I don't care for Chinese brands (that includes Motorola). Filter them!
    I don't care for anything remotely related with American carriers. Filter them!
    I don't care about Chromebooks. Filter them!
    I don't care about Nexus. Filter them!
    I don't care about Amazon Prime things. Filter them!
    I don't care about HTC. Filter them! I think you get the point.
  • No.
  • I for one welcome our new Pokémon Go overlords
  • All Hail Lord Pikachu!
  • There has been a lot of actual android related news in the last week that I have had to glean from other sources because Android Central has not had the time,space,or inclination for coverage by exploding with Pokémon coverage.Funny thing,a lot of those other sources aren't too bad.You might even say,they are worth following on a continued basis.They had/have Pokémon coverage as well.They just didn't go completely insane with it,to the exclusion of other,relevant news. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Like the Moto E3. AC only has one article on it, in the UK section. Also, nothing on the Droid event that probably just concluded. Even BGR reported on it, although there's still no pricing details. Yeah, I think AC should ease off on the PoGo articles. Not saying they shouldn't do it, but they shouldn't unleash a barrage of them.
  • Yeah, just combine them a bit is all. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Like, "Everything you ought to know about Pokemon GO, all here!"
  • Yep Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Thank You.
  • Thanks Kevin, I haven't raged in comments, what you publish is up to you and I understand the "bills need to be paid" argument. I have to say though I've stopped looking at the site over the last few days, waiting for it to settle down as the flood of articles was just too much. At times it did seem like it was being done to wind up the commentator to be honest. It also lead me to bookmark a couple of other Android sites when previously I only had AC saved. Suggestion - Is there no mileage in a separate Mobile Nations site for mobile gaming? If you can get this many articles from one game then a site dedicated and focused on the whole area might be a possible way of keeping everyone happy and even offering more coverage. Just a thought.
  • Great idea.
  • " It attracts the interest of everybody. " -Kevin Assuming everybody is interested in mobile gaming, which is hardly the case. If it wasn't for AC or one random news outlet while channel surfing I wouldn't even know about it... Not comparing you to TV news outlets mind you, tho i don't remember this many articles about Angry Birds and that was big enough it got made into a movie instead of the other way around... ;) That being said, the solutions offered are completely satisfactory IMO.
  • I don't know what news outlets you're watching, then. I've seen it on CNN and Fox and here in Los Angeles on basically every local newscast. I have heard it on NPR and half the channels I listen to on Sirius have brought it up, including guys in ESPN and NFL Radio. It is ubiquitous. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Did the newscast spend hours on it? Nobody said they shouldn't have Pokemon articles. It's noteworthy. They shouldn't spam their own site just to get clicks while ******* off their fan base.
  • http://www.androidcentral.com/message-our-daily-android-central-readers-...
  • A recursive link to the same article. What exactly does this prove?
  • Quick question, Is this the last Pokémon article?
  • No
  • lol
  • The Pokemon articles don't bother me one bit. I am wondering about the Moto Z Verizon coverage for today though. I was looking forward to more information mostly about pricing and such, but there is nothing here. You did say a while back you would cover it too.
  • We absolutely will!
  • Nothing. Nada. I checked everywhere. I can't find any details on pricing. According to some, the event didn't even mention pricing.
  • Same -- also interested in this coverage!
  • Droid-Life has it covered, complete with a unboxing...
  • Thank you for the Nokemon feed. I hope that's the last I will ever hear about it from this site. There were 10 times as many Pokemon articles here as anywhere else. That's excessive. It may be as bad as the whole Galaxy S7 Active CR thing.
  • The NO Pokémon RSS feed link is broken Posted via the Android Central App running on my Galaxy S7
  • They can't catch a break can they? Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Probably from everyone rushing to sub all at once.
  • I've mentioned broken and misdirected links in the past. Those links seem to be never be corrected probably because the AC editors move on in their fast paced environment.
  • Well we wont ***** if they slow down a little bit. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Yes you will. Lots of people here will piss and moan about them moving too fast and then moving too slow. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know I won't Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Well, since you're "that guy",, it pretty much is a statement for everyone, right? :-) Joe
    Verizon s6, marshmallow
  • I said I Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Apparently, as it's still not working Posted via the Android Central App running on my Galaxy S7
  • Literally just laughed out loud!
  • Actually, AC saved me significant personal time. You know when radio stations used to keep playing a new song so much that you didn't like it any more? That happened, and I have no interest in even trying it out. And because of AC doing me this favor, I got a couple extra hours to explore a video series on quantum physics. Seriously... just finished the segment on the Bohr and Einstein arguments. Thanks AC!
  • Hey, link me to that would ya?
  • It's on Amazon Video, the link is below. Free to Prime members, of it you have that, you can binge ;)
    They get a bit long winded and simplistic on some of the analogies, but it's ok in the long run because you don't forget the examples. I don't know why light being both waves and particles was such a brain dump for some back in the day. Particles that travel in waves is a logical conclusion that I had years ago, but I probably had a head start with my work in acoustics and researching sound waves, which of course are the propagation of waves through air (or other medium). The main difference being that sound waves are compression peaks and nulls that travel through the medium, while with light, the particles travel instead of just being displaced and moving back. Now, SINGLE electrons traveling in wave patterns was a mind blower, but I have a third theory that might come into play, lol. Anyway, have fun! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GGMXQUQ/ref=atv_hm_hom_1_c_s9obwan_2_2?_enc...
  • I'd be interested in said series as well!
  • I think it might be The Big Bang Theory :)
  • The redhead raj was seeing is so flippin hot!
  • That's funny. I was on vacation in Vietnam when this whole thing happened. Because I wasn't really interested in PoGO, and expected an onslaught of articles anyway, I just took a break from AC and went to check out all the sights and attractions. Even went up to a resort nearly 5000ft above sea-level. It was breathtaking. To be frank, I would have done so if AC weren't reporting PoGO as much, but the break meant that I could focus more on my vacation.
  • Did you s snap any Pokémon Go characters in your holiday photos? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nope. :P I assume that was sarcasm, but I'll roll with it. (I don't play PoGO, actually)
  • If it is that big, make a new subsite of Mobile Nations. Buy the URL MobileNationsPokemon or something. Then you can sticky the story somewhere to go to that site, people for all platforms get their fix, and the news feed returns to normal. Maybe this is what's in the works. I don't know. Just my two cents as a way to cater to both audiences without A) alienating others, and B) repeating content on existing MN sites. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That would make sense if they expected the interest to go on indefinitely. That's unlikely. These things tend to burn out after a few days or weeks. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I get why there has been Pokemon Go articles. It is the big news. It is the biggest thing since white bread. The internet is full of haters, whiners and complainers. There have been plenty of other news articles on AC. If I want to read those I click on them. If I want to read about Pokemon I click on that. The choice is mine to make. My forefinger is sooo tired having to scroll past 3 clicks to go by the Pokemon article. People are generally lazy. They just want the news in their face without doing any work. Not that using my scroll wheel on my mouse as I'm sitting in front of the computer is much work.
  • Don't say plenty of other android articles were available that is just false for the majority of the last 48 hours. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • 31 of the 40 articles published in the last 48 hours were not Pokemon Go related.
  • Definitely didn't feel that way to me or other readers, but stats are stats I guess. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • So glad we don't run things based on your feelings, Jack.
  • You run things how you want dude, I'm just a spectator with an opinion, as we all are. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I'll quote the great Terry Francona, who once told a sports reporter, "Don't let facts get in the way of an opinion"
  • Only when people have such negative comments about a site do you see editors appear in the comment section. You all produce great content, we know, but you also clearly made many of your loyal readers upset. Just take in on the opinions and do something positive, and not be sarcastic pricks.
  • Yep Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • How the F- do you get away with talking to us like this? I would have been fired multiple times for treating customers this way. Thin skinned doesn't describe you well enough.
  • That statistic is meaningless. I could equally state 100% of articles published in the past 48 hours were Pokemon related, and 0% of the articles published in the last 48 hours were pokemon related. Both are true, but neither is qualified. Where were the articles published? On the front page? On the AC site? Across all Mobile Nations sites? In North Korea?
  • I wanted to point that out again.. 31 of 40. So a topic that has taken over the mobile space and popular culture in a way we haven't really see in the current tech world, got a decent chuck of visibility, but not all of it.... So to some here, let it go. PoGo's crazy popularity will wane and things will settle down... Stop whining that you see a few articles about it in your feed. The rest of the Android world is pretty much dead as a doornail, with most of the news rehashing the same warmed over device leaks that we've already seen. Enjoy the spectacle of it all, because stuff like this rarely happens.
  • I see that it's whining if it's not your opinion,but if it were your opinion,it would be completely valid,right? Posted via the Android Central App So,in effect,you are "whining" about people having an opinion.
  • This is the way of the Internet. You didn't know that?
  • It's whining when the same people hit every article on a topic they care not one iota about and complain incessantly, multiple times, a dozen times, per article and then move on to the next article to commence more complaining. If you're watching TV and a show comes on your favorite channel that you aren't interested in, do you sit there and stare at the television, getting more and more irate, and then write letters to the station manager or do you just change the channel? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Your posts up and down this thread in rapid-fire fashion are the same whining.Go out and find some Pokémon. Posted via the Android Central App I'll make sure and ask your permission next time,before posting an opinion that is shared by many,many others.NOT LIKELY.
  • It's funny, because there are 13 articles published on PoGo since yesterday.....
  • It isn't though, they were maybe hard to find because of the rate that new articles were being posted but they were there.
  • No,there were not "plenty" of other articles available,they were nonexistent in large part,due to all Pokémon,all the time,much worse than any other site I looked at.You call people lazy for wanting actual android news.B.S. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thank you for finally talking about this. Whether we completely agree or disagree with everything stated in this article, it's nice to see someone "higher up" at least address it. It's also nice to receive some sort of confirmation that the core early readership is in the minority. I mean, I knew we were, I just didn't know actual numbers (1% vs 99%).
  • This is a good welcome... From my basement in Senegal
  • There is something terribly wrong in a world in which Pokemon, the Kardashians, and Taylor Swifts latest "man conquest (and upcoming song written about him)" is the driving force in the media rather than real world issues and "important" happenings in the world and even some good ole tech, Android, or even iOS news...
  • That wasn't the issue here Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Yet you choose to comment in a thread about these bad issues, rather than spend your time going to other sites that have better causes to discuss. AC has no desire to discuss the Kardashians or Taylor Swift anyway, and is only worried about Pokemon due to it being available on Android, so your whole post is mostly out of touch. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Taylor Swift has had articles written about her here on AC more than once...most recently an article by ACs editor. No, not out of touch....
  • Well, if you want to catch up on said relevant issues, there's other places to read about it. Posted via Xperia Z5
  • You are on a site dedicated to mobile phones, get off your high horse or ride it to a real news site.
  • Yes AC is dedcated to mobile phones and we have seen very little of that lately
  • I was firmly on the side of too many Pokemon Go articles, and still am. It felt like those of us who visit the site daily were totally left in the rain while the AC team feasted on as much ad money as they could. However I appreciate that they have taken the time to explain their decision-making in this article. I also understand that Android nerds such as ourselves are few and far between and they need to sustain and grow the business one way or another. My hope is that there is a more elegant way to present these high-traffic, mainstream articles without bombarding the AC faithfuls, and while they may not have the solution right now, as long as they are openly aware and actively trying to fix this issue, I'm willing to stick around until they figure it out.
  • I visit the site daily and had no issue with them, please do not pretend to speak for all regular readers. Thanks.
  • He speaks for a vast majority in the comments though, you don't represent all seasoned readers either. Stop Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • And all the whiners don't speak for all of us that don't really care. Goes both ways man!
  • My apologies. I will ask AC to remove this article apologizing and explaining to their regulars why they have posted so many articles on the game, since clearly I am one of the select few who were bothered by it. Carry on my friend, thanks!
  • Ignore him Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • You can't handle the truth.
  • She deleted the truth.
  • I'm one of those people that isn't bothered by the Pokemon phenomenon that's currently underway with Android Central. However, "Pokegate" is making me wonder about the future direction of this site. According to the article, they are making a Pokemon-free RSS feed which is a great idea, absolutely. But after the brass starts seeing how much money is being generated by the influx of traffic, is there a chance they are going to want to re-structure Android Central into publishing stories that "aren't-so-relevant" to the Android community? Maybe turn Android Central into something else all together, like strictly app/game reviews? I understand that people ARE reading these articles, and hell, I'm guilty as charged but I feel like this is taking value away from what Android Central is all about -- Android!
  • I'm honestly debating whether I want to continue frequenting this site, between the Pokemon overload and that whole thing with the reaction to the GS7 Active water tests. I generally spend more time on the forums than the site itself at this point....
  • I'd give them one more chance to see if Kevins promise comes to fruition Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • The whole Pokemon Go thing is just the big thing right now. I'm expecting the content to taper off significantly in a very short period of time. Posted via Xperia Z5
  • Yeah, I've been spending more time on the forums lately. Just seems to be more active than the last time I went on there.
  • I don't think the forums have lost their touch, the mods are very understanding. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Yeah, we get quite a bunch of nice discussions over there. You should come take a look.
  • Personally I didn't care for the idea to make the main news feed include forum posts. Did they want to drive traffic to the forum? Sure. But I want news stories. I can usually tell a forum post "story" by its headline, but sometimes I have gotten tricked and immediately hit the back button. Now we have Pokégate. And pardon me if I have missed it in the slew of stories, as it is easy enough to do, but has anyone even written about dangers that have arisen? Here in Columbus, the word is Nationwide Children's Hospital (the big children's hospital in Ohio) sent an email out stating people are going into restricted areas to catch Pokemon and causing serious issues. I've read about the Holocaust museum and Arlington National Cemetery. Even local facilities have gotten upset with people wandering in to get Pokémon. If you're going to write all this pro-Pokemon stuff, then some of the serious dangers and expected society faux pas should be addressed, too, and perhaps the makers of the game should be reached out to and asked how they plan to address these "restricted" areas. (The Holocaust museum one showed how over the top it has gotten. Can't GPS blocks be put on place?) Posted via the Android Central App
  • So do the come to the conclusion that "main stream" is 99% of their audience. I call shenanigans.
  • I dig the whole "different people, different cultures" thing, but where exactly do you come from that 99% is considered a minority? Bizarro-World?
  • What I'm asking is what does this even mean? "For many years now, we have also served the mainstream consumer technology audience, which has grown to make up a whopping 99% of our visitors." And how did they come to such a conclusion. It seems like they just pulled some number and label out of their ass. The larger point is ethics, Phil and team decided to completely that ride the Pokemon Go popularity to its extreme. Basically clicks became more important the actual content. Which isn't the way to grow a site organically surely they'll see a nice bump in traffic, but it will fall just as quickly. Personally, Phil and Russell deserve nothing less then being **** canned. Let Jerry bring in a more balance perspective.
  • Kevin is a master of Analytics and actually spends a good amount of time analyzeing that stuff. A lot can be told from IP addresses, server logs, logins and stuff. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Fair enough :)
  • You are talking about a guy who bought a $500 clock app for his Blackberry. This is not genius material.
  • As long as the android coverage continues I don't care. If people complain about the free news they get, then they have the problem. Its not much extra work scrolling through some unwanted articles to get to what you want to read. Pokemon Go is huge, and it's right for AC to go in on the opportunity to cover something monumental and gain new readers in the process. Seriously people, just read whats interesting and leave the article topics and writing to the people who do it for a living. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Let's look at this from a cable news network analogy... When a story breaks, they cover it to ad nauseum. Never mind other legit news is happening. Turn on those channels and you see the same story over and over and over again. You end up just going elsewhere to get the news you want. Android Central has become the cable news analogy with the Pokémon stuff. And while they rightfully should cover it, there also needs to be balance, and that is severely lacking, hence Kevin's post. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If anything this post was an acknowledgment of your last paragraph. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • This was more like ESPN covering the cop shootings in Dallas like CNN. ESPN is for sports news, CNN for real news.
  • Thank you for all your hard work. I know Mobile Nations is the place I can safely go without getting all the click bait and extra pop-up ads. Plus I get the good reporting from writers I know that have had hands on experience. Granted it is a little hard to find the non Pokemon stuff on Android Central right now but I'm sure the mix will improve over the next week or two. Oh and good job at keeping those servers up and running, coping better than Niantic seems to be.
  • I get the Pokémon Go craze is bringing in traffic, which is awesome for AC, but it's Android Central, not Pokémon Go Central. Posted via the Android Central App on the S7 edge
  • I get Pokémon, but why so much of it?
  • Apparently it's well on it's way to being the Biggest Game Ever of All Time in the History of Mobile. But other than that, not much.
  • This is the first time I have used the AC app in 3 days. So sick of the PG coverage. I usually use it several times per day. Please DO NOT do that to me again. It is ridiculous. Just make a section on the app or site for it. If people want it, they can go to it. Don't subject everyone to it. Via the Android Central App
  • They should create a Pokemon Central site
  • That'd be a terrible idea. Things like this are temporal; do you think there will be this many PG articles a year from now?
  • Here's my biggest issue with this whole thing - Pokemon Go is not an ANDROID thing, it just happens to be available on Android as well as iOS; therefore, it does NOT belong on AndroidCENTRAL in such a major way. I read Autoblog everyday as well - I'm sure if they posted 10 articles about Pokemon every 5 minutes they too would have seen an uptick in clicks just like AC did. I can understand a post or two about Pokemon Go but if you really want to talk about it this much - CREATE A NEW SITE!
  • So because it's available on both platforms, it shouldn't be on Android Central? What logic is that? You realize most of Google's services are available on iOS as well. Should they not cover those apps since they're also on iOS?
  • Did you notice the part that says "therefore, it does NOT belong on AndroidCENTRAL in such a major way"? As I stated it would make sense to make a couple posts about this but what happened is just ridiculous. It makes sense for them to post about something new that comes out on Android irrespective of it being on other devices - just not for it to take over an ANDROID site.
  • I'm all for Pokémon articles if they can help you make the site and app load faster through better servers or less advertising on the rest of the site. As it is the experience is painfully slow on any platform.
  • I just want to know why everyone is out to Poke Mongo, what did Mongo do to deserve to get poked so much by everyone.
  • It is Pokémon Go. Not Poke Mongo. ... given my visions of what a guy named Mongo looks like, I just don't want to incur any wrath. /Hides scared Posted via the Android Central App
  • Mongo just pawn in the game of life.
  • Mongo like candy.
  • Pokemon is just lame
  • People who grew up playing them would be roasting you. Just a heads up.
  • Lol yep Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • BTW, I also have fond memories playing Pokemon on a Game Boy Advance with a friend and we would discuss about our collection and attacks. Man, those were the days, and I wish I could relive that instead of seeing people straying into private property or sensitive areas or even driving straight into a tree just to catch a Pokemon on their phone. Someone also literally microwaved his phone (looks like a Galaxy S7 edge) just because he saw a hoax about getting mileage to get eggs. Also, people are taping their phones to their ceiling fans for the same reason. Seriously?
  • Except most of them actually grew the hell up. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Eh. We all like different things. People say that about D&D and MtG too, but I'll fight a fool that says it to my face. ( :
  • Thank you for the article addressing reader gripes.
    Though you shouldn't have to apologize or explain, it does show your commitment to the reader and i for one appreciate that.
    i think a lot of readers forget that this site is, for all intents and purposes, a business. As for those that threatened to leave because you we're doing what's best for your business, i say, don't let the door hit you in the keister on your way out.
  • Again you can balance being a business and not upsetting your user base, you can have both. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Not in today's society. Posted via the Android Central App
  • When it's comes to a website yes you can, don't be so dismissive. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • You can't make everyone 100% happy. Never going to happen.
  • You can get 25 to 50 percent though. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Makes an otherwise solid source of information on technology look like a busload of 5th graders. Can you not police (no pun intended) your own coverage of PKblow?
  • ...I missed the pun.
  • I'm guessing that most of the traffic the Pokemon stuff (or the how-to articles, generally) is intended to drive is SEO driven? Is there really a huge incremental benefit to including that stuff in the main RSS feed (which is surely only used by hopeless nerds like yours-truly)? Seems like it wouldn't really need to show up there (or even the main page) to still derive most of the traffic. But this is your business, not mine, so maybe i'm out to lunch.
  • But it isn't just Android related.
  • Just do what's necessary so you'll still be around for when the real technical news needs to be reported on. I can skip the crap I'm not interested in on my own. Posted via the Android Central App from my Nexus 9
  • i was hating these articles upto yest. ni8 but everything changed today morning....I myself read all d articles .....badly addicted to this awesome healthy game....
  • I read the whole thing and you explained nothing... You just did it for the rating? I am now expecting posts on Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. Great, you had a lot of "clicks" over the last couple of days. Have you guys never heard of looking at the big picture? I have barley been on AC the last couple of days but can't say that about your competitors sites. The Pokémon Go fad will blow over soon... Are just assuming your core audience will still be around? Mobile Nations is made up of a number of blogs which include CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central. The obvious solution is to add a Pokémon Go or mobile gaming blog to the family.
  • It doesn't have to be shoveled off somewhere, just fewer articles. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Yes, A LOT fewer articles here and another blog for extended coverage.
  • Thanks for the article.. Please hurry with fixing the mobile app to block certain articles... That would eliminate the bulk of the headaches for me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I understand the need to cover PGO, my issue was there was so much coverage I didn't bother scrolling down too see if there was anything I was interested in. You need to appeal to your broadest audience (not nerds), but the podcast is mainly us die hards (I assume). So please, if you must talk about PGO, do it at the beginning of the podcast (or end) and let us know at what time mark we can check back in.
    Thanks for all the great content.
  • https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedadam/photos/a.160195804031634.47416.136...
  • Woo more pokemon! Bring it on! Can I have an extension for my RSS reader that filters out everything NOT pokemon related?? THANKS!!!
  • While I appreciate the "Pokémon-free" RSS feed, it was too little too late for me. I would have unsubscribed by now, but I finally managed to find an RSS reader that let me filter out articles by keyword. So, I'm still here and my sanity remains intact, but I still don't think there was a need for 5000 articles/day on this one topic. It's like when a radio station plays a hit song over and over until everyone is sick of it and then you never hear it again. Even if I had cared at all about this game, I wouldn't have cared enough to read a million articles about it. In b4 "Pokémonisawrsomeandifyoudontlikeitunsubscribenooneforcedyoutocomehereyoushouldntknockituntilyoutryiteveryoneelsecaresaboutitexceptyoublahblahblah"
  • Finally our voices have been heard. It seem to be a bit unprofessional how even some of the writers were responding in a very unprofessional manner at least to me it seem that way. When lots of people here have been loyal readers. Although this might come a bit late. I still give you guys credit. Thank you. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Another article about Pokemon GO? Damn
  • Read this one though Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • yea I was just joking..
  • I've been reading Mobile Nations sites since I got my BB Curve 8310 (remember how you had to choose between having a red one with GPS or a blue one with Bluetooth? How we have progressed.) Now I'm playing Pokemon Go on my Nexus 5. I've been enjoying all the Pokemon Go coverage and have found it to be helpful.
  • "it's easy to scroll or swipe past a story you don't care about." Not easy if you are viewing the desktop site. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well as far as I'm concerned the desktop site is in a rut right now, it's very bloated but the app is good and I would point people to use it. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • The desktop site has been trash garbage for over a year. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, you got that right. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • This i agree with ya 140%!
  • Haha Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I love Android Central and I am super hyped about all the new smartphones coming out recently but I also love Pokemon Go. I'm great ful for all of the Pokemon coverage but I think it's a little to much. For future reference if you guys could split the stuff like Pokemon Go and other things like releases and updates more evenly, that would be awesome. Thanks! Posted via the Android Central App
  • How refreshing... The first bit of content i have read here from start to finish in about a week. .... My arse has be well kissed... Thanks for caring about your daily readers with this piece. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Problem is that it took the daily readers that hated the onslaught of Pokemon articles to speak up, then receive unkind replies from the mods and writers, then days pass, and finally this article. All of this could have been handled so differently in the positive end from the management of mobile nations, but they opted to go for the money grab before realizing they pissed off a good portion of their core reader base.
  • Hahaha yeahhh, Russell got defensive because we were picking on him. Audio Medic
  • I don't see the problem here. Simply change the name of the site to "Pokémon Central" and be done with it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have really enjoyed all the Pokemon Go content, but understand it's not for everyone. Thanks for all the hard work, I've always enjoyed Android Central and that hasn't changed! Posted via the Android Central App
  • these Pokemon posts are much like most of the "publications" from Android Central, spam and/or trash. once in a blue moon there will a nugget of a gem worth reading... but then you realize the ****** format where instead of all the material for a certain topic on one scrollable page, you get 10 ******* pages to click through.
  • Welcome to Pokémon Central everyone!
  • You sounded like a Microsoft directive.
  • I don't care all that much what you guys choose to do with your own website. It's your call obviously how you cover a story. But this story written above is nonsense. The simplest solution is what EVERYONE was suggesting to you a hundred times. Simply lump all these stories into the same section so people can go to it if they want to see it all. Sitting there giggling like school girls while intentionally ******* off a huge portion of your readers who have supported you for years is pretty lame. Again, it's your prerogative to do so. I just disagree with the approach.
  • I think I suggested it on day 1, make a sister site like iMore called Pokemon Central. I don't mind the reporting on Pokemon Go, I get it from a business perspective, I truly do. The article headlines show up in google search results, the more articles the better the chance that people head to this site instead of elsewhere. But the problem is that the AC daily frequenters have pages upon pages of Pokemon Go articles to scroll through to get to the other stuff we like seeing. Do I think the default layout of the site should be changed? No. But how about next to the Grid / List / Hot Forums tabs you implement a "No Go" tab to filter it out? Or move the articles to that Pokemon Central sister site I suggested as well? There are several things to do about it, and I know that it takes time to change the site layout to have something like this. I'll push through it, but maybe be prepared so when something like this pops up again you're ready? :)
  • Thank you!
  • Personally, I don't mind the Pokemon stuff. So I have to scroll a bit more to get to the articles I want. It's just a phase, nobody saw this coming...Give it another week n the hype will have died down! Posted via the Android Central App
  • LOL! I can't believe the complaints about Pokemon got SO BAD, that they had to publish this article!
  • I'm just glad they acknowledged this. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I can't believe the number of articles they posted was so bad that they had to publish this article. In their own poll a full 45% said they aren't playing the game and are sick of the coverage.
  • Yes, either call it Pokémon Central, or create a Pokémon Forum for all of the Pokémon hype.
    I feel like I have been sold out on AC to a fad I have no interest in.
  • To be fair there is a Pokémon forum Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • TL;DR : you want to have a gaming site, fine by me... Launch one. Want to have a weekly article about the best games on play store for the week, that's fine too. Spamming articles daily about the same game day after day... That's ridiculous. You didn't do this for angry birds, candy crush or Ingress for that matter. Launch a gaming channel or give us a filter to turn off Pokémon in your mobile app. Don't simply give us a Pokémon free feed link. Posted via the Android Central App
  • None of those were as big in just a matter of days. And you can easily go all the way back to the very first article on AC so it isn't hard to go find all of the Angry Birds articles they had. People complained about those, too. The articles just weren't so concentrated. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not sure why this part was so difficult for "the core user": "the good news is it's easy to scroll or swipe past a story you don't care about."
    Any how.. good follow up. Keep up the great work AC and MN.
  • Yeah, and imagine if the Packers started playing LaCrosse instead. I'm sure you'd be happy about it.
  • ROFLMAO Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • You have crossed the line, sir..... Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • "They gave up their weekends and abandoned their previous plans to come in and write what we think is the best Pokémon Go content on the web."
    That sounds like my version of Hell.
  • I know making someone play a game (who aren't game reviewers) on their days off just to generate articles for something hyped up sounds like an opportunity to re-think career decisions.
  • Just another thought, maybe make the big headline at the top "Everything you need to know about Pokemon Go" and have a big picture of the PokeBall that the main-streamers can click on to get to a listing of all the articles would be a good way to separate everything, and wouldn't alienate either side, main-stream or the AC dedicated. Maybe have the ultimate guide article at the top and then list all the item specific stuff down lower... something would be nice.
  • I cant believe all these cry babies whining about Pokémon Go. If it bothers you that much every time you see a Pokémon article, you got some serious problems. What's so hard about just scrolling to the next article? AC still covers everything techy we all want to know. Ridiculous!
  • I cant believe all these cry babies whining about people whining about Pokémon Go.
  • Think you doing the same thing thou Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am surprised Phil didn't write this.
  • He can't be wrong so he is incapable of writing this. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • ^^^this Thatguy you been on a roll man! Audio Medic
  • I'm sure his Sunday catchall article will be full of this in his usual condescending manner toward the customers. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Or, you know, he was in NYC for the Droid launch and Kevin wrote this for both the Android and iOS crybabies. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The real crybabies are the AC contributors, with you representing a contemptible, odious example. You know how pathetic you have to be to make Crackberry Kevin look reasonable?
  • You're such a tard.
  • Another beautiful example of your rapier wit. By the way, the word "rapier" means astute or sharp. it was sarcasm. It has nothing to do with what you did to your sister.
  • You paid me 1000 bucks for the video. But psssst! It wasn't my sister. It was your mom. Shhhhhh
  • No. It was your sister.
  • Pretty sure it was your mom. She had scottj tattood on her ass....
  • Pretty sure Gator352 is a Russell sockpuppet
  • Nope. Just hate tools.
  • "Just hate tools" Then stop using them on your sister. Problem solved.
  • "She had ScottJ tattooed on her ass.." That was definitely your sister then.
  • You call people a crybaby for objecting to the site being flooded with Pokémon articles.Since even the authors are at the level of personal attacks,go bake a pizza in your back yard,fat boy. Posted via the Android Central App Let's see if this gets deleted.What's good for the goose should be good for the gander,right?
  • He still wouldn't write it if he wasn't in NY Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I guess it's nice when the prositutute reminds you that she wants your money and really doesn't care about you, but it's more excuse-making. I don't see a real tech sites like Anandtech abandoning its journalistic integrity and turning its site over to Pokemon just for clicks. Plus, let's assume this little lapse in judgment results in a million daily "mainstream" Android users visiting the site. Are these new folks want to see the in-depth and detailed analysis that has been this site's bread and butter? If you are successful it will mean more watered-down content in the future. People like me and most regulars here are screwed. In the end, you've admitting that you are pivoting away from stuff that your hardcore fans care about and towards fluff so you can get more revenue. Good luck with that. You may make money but you will lose all respect.
  • Please, please let the door hit you on the way out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Speak for yourself. My ass isn't that fat. You really suck at insults. Chalk that up as another thing Jerry is better at.
  • Comment deleted....did you do this? I bet you did. Did it hurt thou feelings? Awwwww
  • No. I wouldn't have deleted your idiotic comment. Moronic utterances are best left for all to see, the better to shame the author.
  • Haha. It hurt your feelings. So sad....
  • You have no feelings to hurt. That's why trolls have no shame.
  • Holy **** Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Dude is out of control. I'm sure he thinks his post deletions and personal attacks are entirely justified, but the more he gets in the mix, the more unprofessional he behaves. I don't think internet journalism is the right fit for his personality. He can't handle the heat. Hell, he can't handle mild warmth. PoGo-Gate. Or Pokegate? Something like that anyway. Let's spread the word...
  • I doubt Russell makes it through a door that doesn't hit him...
  • Someone needs to tell YOU that Russell. And then show you to the exit.
  • I don't know about you, but Russell got roasted. Sad thing is Russell would just eat himself. Audio Medic
  • I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's pointed out how much of a total POS Russell is...and I'm sure I'm not the only one Russell has attempted to ban, for putting him in his place, that has come back to this site time and time again to do it all over again...seriously, do they actually think banning us will keep us away?? Idiots... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I know a company although great and produced better phones and OS fell into shambles because they never listened to what their customers were saying! I didn't mind Pokemon flooding, but the way some of the writers answered some of the readers who contribute a lot was not okay. Flooding all those articles (even thou readers complained) just because you could was not okay either. Yes some how apparently you make money from all those, but I read somehow there was a site from mobile nations dedicated to VR, why not fuse that with the games site maybe, and include all the games fromm all OS's XBox etc. Posted via the Android Central App
  • See this is why AC is the best site around. Blackberry Priv
    Nvidia Shield "Portable"
    Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
  • You must have never visited xnxx Audio Medic
  • I just pissed myself lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just spit my drink on my keyboard.....thks..
  • Thank you, thank you. I'll be accepting tips all night. Audio Medic
  • Thanks for finally addressing the elephant in the room - a post like this earlier in the flood of articles would have been much appreciated, along with a cleaner RSS feed earlier too (TBH given the readership using RSS you could have perhaps made it Pokemon-free by default with folk opting in to receive those articles!). I must say it's of little interest to me and hardly anyone I know is downloading it (apart from their kids) so I don't think it deserved such coverage but clearly it was a big money-spinner so I can understand why you were keen to capitalise on it, I just think you could have done it in a better and less intrusive manner.
  • I get it too. I saw so many Brits roaming around like zombies with their phones today whilst walking my dogs. I still don't understand why (compared to other Android sites) you have SO MUCH coverage, but unlike a lot of usual complainers I don't whinge, I just don't read them. Simple solution
  • You can't make the claim that "It attracts the interest of everybody. " Because, I'm not interested. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't have much interest in the Pokemon stuff, but it's no big deal. I'll just scroll past those articles. Go get paid! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yup!
  • Continue doing what you do best. I get that that game is the biggest launch ever and I understand your reasoning why so many articles have been published about it. I don't mind it at all. I just continue scrolling until I find something which interest me. Keep up the good work! Lots of people like to complain. :p
  • Thanks for this article. I feel a little better now. Posted via the Android Central App with a Nexus 6
  • For reals, people...
  • Great announcements. Can't speak for everyone, but I just scroll past what doesn't interest me and read what does. I don't play Pokemon Go, but (lots) of other people do, and I'm good with that. No one's hurting me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I mean it is what it is I've been defending AC in the comments the whole time. Business. Does it bother daily user's? Probably but as stated in the article they're a business. Yes there was an influx of it but why not bank in on it? They were helpful articles and boom done. Never see one relevant to that specific helpful article again. The site will return to normal. I don't like all the different phone articles on new phones sometimes but hey I understand. People want specifics not generalized. I'm not whining about the people whining rather stating my opinion. If you don't agree you're welcome to that. If you don't wanna stay on the sight as a "dedicated" user that's been reading for years becaude of this your "loyalty" to things must suck. You can't expand as a business without taking risks. Some people will leave some will stay and there will be new people it all works out in the end. I know this is my opinion but sadly no one really truly cares what any of what you guys think here in the comments about what they do since forums are where alot of truly dedicated people go to interact more with this community. Eh. It's all perspective I guess. People care too much about stuff that doesn't pertain to them. OH BUT I USE THIS SITE EVERY DAY AND IT GOT IN THE WAY. Okay. That's cool. You act like you're privledged to not seeing certain content. Lel. Get over yourself man. We're all human beings and some of us do have gains over some people. But this sites free with VERY good content all the time and a couple days of stuff about a certain topic makes you enraged? You need a xanax bruh. Peace and love. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a load of crap! Talk about a bandwagon.
  • I love the complainers. It's perfect: eats popcorn* material. Continue with the Pokemon articles Android Central and Mobile Nations. #TeamFrosty Nexus 6P
  • It's all about the $$$$$ Can't knock the pokehustle Posted via the Pokemon Central App
  • Hmm, OK. But can you do us a favor? Can you please invest a substantial portion of your POKÉ-windfall into making your site less sluggish -- it truly is unpleasant to navigate. I don't know -- speed optimizations, and get your ads sorted out. Really, this site (not the content) -- honestly, for lack of a better a more descriptive word -- sucks. Domo arigato gozaimasu
  • Bad news, dude. It's not sluggish for me. AndroidCentral loads quickly, scrolls quickly, and opens articles quickly.
  • Use an ad blocker. Shame it won't get rid of the Poxymon crap.
  • Thank you for the honesty. I can handle it. Carry on!
  • I've been a daily reader for years. I have no interest in Pokemon Go, but I'm glad the stuff was here in case I cared. The amount you've done to satisfy a small number of whiners is already too much. Please don't waste too much time on it, and spend that time making more good content. There are lots of us who rarely comment who appreciate all the work that is done even if we aren't interested in it.
  • Like all fads, this will die down soon enough. We all missed out on all the Hula Hoop coverage before the internet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lol! I like this perspective. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Spin it faster, maybe you can make the Earth go back in time like in the original Superman.
    Or just be upfront about the pay-per-article/view ad revenue Niantic and Nintendo are doling out.
  • No click bait? How about the accessory reviews wrapped in "how this works for Pokemon" and btw click our link to give us affiliate pay?
  • Now this is an article that should be commended! Well done!
  • Comments section seems to have been quite messy a while ago...
  • Gotta let us savages out of the cage once and a while. Audio Medic
  • I can relate to that. But also seems that a lot of people have strayed off the P.U.P.P.A.H. principle, the one principle that we always remind users of in the forums. I really think we should be using the same principle right here.
  • Can you explain what that acronym means Audio Medic
  • P - Polite
    U - Understanding
    P - Patient
    P - Professional
    A - Attentive
    H - Helpful You're welcome, though you should really thank James Falconer of Mobile Nations for those. ;) http://forums.mobilenations.com/rules-policies/500-community-rules-guide...
    On another note, you play Overwatch? I remember that "Audio Medic" line from Lúcio when he switches from speed buff to healing.
  • I'll agree that some ppl have taken it off the rails but Russell hasn't been PUP. And yeah the MODS, various forum members, and Jerry are the only true substance this site has left IMO. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I think it's probably time for some mods to step in to clear some of these up.
  • Sure, as long as they as they can differentiate between an argument and insults, if they just hit a clear all button, it will get worse and MAYBE at that point for good reason. Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • Pretty sure our mods are capable of doing so. ;)
  • Hell yeah DIEHARD, overwatch is a blast, and yeah, Lucio is glorious!! Audio Medic
  • Lucio's my favorite support. A blast to play as and also a really great addition to the team. Even got PoTG once by pushing people off the cliff at Nepal. Awesome moments.
  • War...... War never changes.... Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • I just saw the comments that replied to my post have been deleted #TeamFrosty Nexus 6P
  • Thanks Android Central, meanwhile you was playing Pokemon Go a lot of people was reporting problems with the audio in the last Nexus 5 Update, I didnt check other Android websites so I noticed it when I was part of the problem...now, all Nexus 5 users are waiting for an update to fix it and something way important like that WASN'T posted in your website, but well, seems that you have been busy with all that posts about Pokemon...
    The good part is that I can use all your Pokemon Go tips!!!....oh wait!, I CAN'T PLAY IT!, the game is not available in my country...THANKS!
  • For those who don't understand why Pokegate happened and feel that the protesters were simply being entitled whiners, I'll lay it all out. The problem wasn't that AC started covering Pokemon Go. The problem wasn't even that AC started doing a LOT of PoGo coverage. Part of the problem was that the PoGo content - for a while (and too long a while) - outnumbered the Android content to the point of making it difficult to find serious articles. But even this wasn't such a big problem that it merited the reaction that ultimately turned into Pokegate. A big part of the problem was that the content of these PoGo articles was desperate, useless reaching, just to pick up some hits. Yes, I know it's their site, but you know what? It's the readers' site too. Without readers sites don't remain online for long. And many of the readers want to frequent a site with journalistic integrity. Writing any piece of drivel you can think of just for page hits is not journalistic integrity. But the bigger problem was the way the editors responded to their readers' complaints. Did they come into the comments to calmly and respectfully address the issue? No, they started a troll campaign that would make a 13 year old keyboard warrior blush with shame. I don't care what the final ratio of PoGo to non-PoGo articles was; when commenters have made it abundantly clear that they're upset about it, and the site responds with 5 or 6 PoGo articles back-to-back, that's trolling. The lack of regard for the opinions and concerns of a large portion of their fan-base was downright insulting. And last but not least, the behavior of certain AC editors towards commenters became absolutely outrageous. I can understand being upset by some of the more caustic comments, but the censorship extended far beyond that. Posts that were in no way personal or offensive, posts that simply expressed frustration with Pokegate, or objectively (NOT PERSONALLY) cast this craze in a negative light, were deleted. And then the inappropriate responses from AC began. Flippant, sarcastic, offensive, personally insulting, unhinged, and unwarranted are just some of the adjectives that could be used to describe the behavior of Mobile Nations employees. As official representatives of the site, the editors should hold themselves to a high standard of professionalism, not act out like childish jerks who never learned to control their impulses. I've seen some people call for firings (as if that would happen), but I wouldn't wish that on any of these folks. I do however think that the corporate powers-that-be in MN should take this in hand and have a pointed conversation with certain people to ensure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again. Professionalism matters. Yes, even in the world of internet journalism, believe it or not. PoGo-Gate. Or Pokegate? Something like that anyway. Let's spread the word...
  • Very very very well said good on you Posted via the Pokémon Central App
  • You, sir, have summed up the entire issue quite nicely. I think Mobile Nations employees should read this one through. We're not saying we absolutely don't want PoGO content. Of course some of us do, just not a whole barrage of them. And on that note, I think we should really try to better embrace the P.U.P.P.A.H. philosophy that has become a mainstay of MN forums right here in the actual site.
  • Completely agree; very well said.
    The issue lies in the extreme stretching to include Pokémon in incredibly irrelevant manners in a few of those articles. The criminal-catching article is a perfect example of this, as is the article you referred to above.
    (this is a joke, but) "Today Trump announced his VP shortly after exiting his Pokémon Go app". The article has everything to do with who his VP is, and nothing to do with Pokémon Go, but it's in the headline anyway. That kind of stuff feels sneaky and shady to the readers :/ Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, I probably crossed a line or two this week. I'm sure I'll be scolded for it at some point, and I'd agree on some level it's deserved. I'm not going to pretend I was "just doing my job" like some of my co-workers. I chose what to write, I deliberately wrote at a significantly greater volume than usual (I wrote ten articles in a DAY in Monday, had never done anything like that before!). And I had a lot of fun doing it. My actions all week have been fueled by the knowledge that people were actually reading my articles and thanking me for asking their questions. Regular folks, not the tech nerds. People I'm actually helping by answering their actual questions, and not the folks who like to fight endlessly over whether Samsung has made the best phone this year. Android users with questions, those are the people I have ALWAYS written for. I'm not a journalist, I'm not a newsman, I'm just a writer. I have zero interest in catering to the 50 people in the comments that seem perfectly content being deliberately riled up by a self absorbed 18 year old with no real clue how anything works. I was never here for these people, it's not why I was hired and I genuinely don't care about their thoughts on my "journalistic integrity" or whether I fit through a door. And I'm not going to pretend I'm not laughing to the point of tears when the contents fill up with armchair business people and armchair tech writers who seem to think they have a firm grasp on how this business works. I think it's hilarious how totally out if sync with reality a lot of the grand assumptions about how this site runs or should run have been. There are people actively pointing at the poll this week as though it's a data point for how we should be conducting business. That poll has less than 3500 votes, and less then half are this supposed angry majority. Literally millions of people have read our Pokemon Go coverage so far. I'm supposed to curb my behavior based on that? There's no math there. If anything, I should have disabled comments on more posts so the negativity from this entitled minority didn't chase folks away. So yeah, I should tone it down a little. I'm sure the 15 people I've personally insulted are going to continue to be unhappy with me in the comments for a while, and I deserve that. I could stand to be a little nicer, and probably shouldn't be replying to people as soon as I get up in the morning. But there is absolutely nothing I would do differently about what I've written or how I published it this week, because I know I reached the people I was aiming for and they appreciated it, aside from start writing a day or two earlier so I could have reached even more folks. You can be as unhappy with me as you like, but understand that nothing written this week was considered a mistake or of poor quality from this side of the screen. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It might have been a good idea to stop at the end of the first paragraph.
  • No doubt.
    I couldn't have cared less about the Pokemon stuff but Russell's behavior in some of these comments sections gets me PO'd. "I'm sure the 15 people I've personally insulted..." Russell, just stop right there. It's NEVER ok to personally insult even one of your customers / readers. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Seriously...at any other business someone would be fired for insulting their most regular longtime customers. Why that flies here is beyond me but speaks to how unprofessional this site has become.
  • Precisely... Russell's a t#@t ... End of story. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Apparently, your remedy for foot-in-mouth disease is to shove it in further.
  • This hasn't been "PokeGate", it's WhineFest. Who knew that phone geeks and Android nerds were such unfulfilled, festering pools of rage? True story, only on the Internet... Unlocked Marshmallow Nexus 6 on Verizon. I'm a happy guy.
  • The people whining about the so-called whiners are the pathetic ones.
  • "[You] were likely surprised by the onslaught of Pokémon content that's flooded the site over the last few days. We were caught by surprise, too!" You were caught by surprise. This statement tells me that either :
    a) there is little editorial control over the **** your 'journalists' publish; or
    b) the site has been compromised and you lack the ability to restore it. Which one is it? I'd go for the first. Can you please publish your editorial policy so we can be clear on what to expect from this site? You do have a policy? If the twaddle you've written here were true, there would be no need to write it. You massively misjudged your readers, and are now trying to justify your poorly judged, embarrassing editorial decision. Instead of trying to justify it, admit you made a mistake, sweep all this pokemon crap into a dedicated gaming section, a give up back genuine news about Android.
  • Beautifully written, Kevin.
    Thank you. The problem was that articles were written that were extreme stretches to include Pokémon Go in them just for caca & giggles. The article on here about Pokémon Go aiding people to catch criminals...Pokémon Go didn't even have anything to do with the story; it was insane. I love this article acknowledging 90% of everything that's happened in the past week on AC, but I would've really respected this more if it didn't completely skip the acknowledgement that some these AC articles (some, not the majority) were written just to mess with the onslaught of whining audience members. Pokémon Go was conveniently stretched into two or three articles it had nothing to do with while Mobile Nations posted actually-useful articles for it as well, and not having that transparency and honesty here is saddening for longtime readers. Transparency is something AC usually respects from Google; it's something we would respect from Mobile Nations as well.
  • Wow. A post from Kevin!!! Hope the wedding went well. We miss you at CB. I love the new game. If I don't want to read something, I don't click it. Simply as that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ironically Crackberry was devoid of Pokemon Go articles...a refuge in the storm.
  • Thanks Kevin, well written. Just didn't like the paragraph of self congratulations to your editorial team. But other than that well written. I can always just swipe by an article I don't like. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Awesome! I had my finger on the unsubscribe button, then saw this.
  • So in short it is all about the SEO and making money on ad impressions from the massive page views. Just say that instead of this long drawn out story. We know you have to pay the bills.
  • Kevin is totally delusional. Biggest product launch ever? LMFAO. Totally incorrect. He just says that because henis addicted to the game. What a cop-out article. Weak.
  • Accept it already, you are all here represents the 1% that although small but with your constant barrage of ******** here and there makes the rest of the reader discontent of AC community.
    AC doesn't protect you all from pogo articles, they protect the pogo articles from you because you are so loud yet so unimportant, they need bigger audiences so if you left AC just because pogo articles, it makes other people that makes up for 99% of the reader happy without the crybabies Posted via the Android Central App
  • Are you completely illiterate or just partially? What am I saying? You won't understand any of that either way.
  • I get it - thanks for the explanation guys!
  • I love the fact that this article is double-posted on the site.
  • Yea I just don't get pokemon, BUT I am a confirmed Clash of Clans addict so I GUESS I can't complain TOO much!   I seem to remember a certain CMO having an issue with a certain candy game too way back when!  lol   Glad to see there is a poke free option!
  • Thank you Kevin for this article! I was one of those that was off put by the Pokémon land grab and the response from some writers to complaints or concerns was insulting. I've been reading mobile nation sites since early crackberry days and now androidcentral multiple times a day. I felt the community was being pushed aside for cash. Your article puts everything in perspective and rights the wrongs in my view. As you said the site content got messy and I'm glad you guys are working to avoid this for the next big thing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I respect Mobile Nations transparency! Thanks Kevin. Posted via the Android Central App
  • "...our early adopter core — those of you reading this — represent approximately 1% of the visitors who access Android Central on a monthly basis." 1%, ! %! Seriously? OMG I'm part of the 1%!
  • Thanks for creating an RSS feed where I can filter this out. Unfortunately, even after a few days of using the new non-pokemon RSS feed, there are still several pokemon articles slipping in.
  • I've had enough and I'm switching to the No Pokémon Go feed. For several weeks now, i've just used "mark all as read" on RSS rather than sorting through the muck in the Android Central articles. Thankfully I saw that on the comment above mine, as I'd initially completely unsubscribed from Android Central all-together. So yeah, I'll give the No Poké feed a go for now.