Knight your home screen with these Medieval wallpapers

I, for one, have no interest in going back to the dark ages, but it's important to remember its history and lessons so we never repeat them. There's also a certain romanticism from that age, of knights and dragons and wizards and big, honkin' swords... and princesses locked in towers wearing amazing silken gowns. Trust me, this princess can rescue herself, but she wouldn't mind wearing a crown and a ball gown every now and then.

Onward, to battle! I mean, to wallpapers!


Seven Deadly Sins is an anime take on the concept of holy knights fighting monsters and twists it up a variety of ways. We have knights that are feared as traitors and army-killing monsters that are actually the good guys. We have pompous, traditional-looking "holy knights" that invoke God even as they kill innocents and take on power from actual demons. The leader of the good guys, the most powerful knight of the most powerful order of knights in the land, twists our notion of a master knight two ways: he's a seemingly young man with a naive smile and under that dapper little smile is the power to destroy countries single-handedly.

Melodias is a powerful knight who knows the value of restraint, compassion, and camaraderie. And he makes an awesome wallpaper.

Meliodas Minimal Wallpaper by Max 028

Pin Feather and GOLLY FLUFF

As a Disney fan, it's hard to think of knights and wizards and Medieval times without this gruff little asshole popping into my head. Archimedes is the pragmatic realist counterpoint to Merlin's futurist fantasies and idealism, and that little owl is part begrudging pet, part wizard wrangler, and part flying reference guide. He doesn't suffer fools and the only eyebrows angrier than his I've ever seen were on another know-it-all who likes to yell at people: The Doctor.

Archimedes by nerdeeart

It has been remade

Narsil is a sword with more than enough lore and power to stand on its own. The legendary blade that cut the ring off Sauron's hand and saved Middle Earth was shattered and spent an age sitting in pieces on a stone statue rather than trapped in a boulder, but damn if this isn't a stirring sight. Quick! Clear your afternoon and pop some popcorn! It's been over a year since I watched the Extended Editions!

Nasril in the Stone by EpicLoop

Next stop, Camelot

Castles are awesome, and while some castle may be less intimidating than others, the castles of Medieval Europe are as majestic as they are battle-ready. And while this rendition of Camelot, King Arthur's castle, is supremely beautiful, seemingly floating in the middle of a massive waterfall, it's also a castle that's ready to handle an onslaught. Even if you could fly past that behemoth of a moat, the walls are thick, the turrets high, and there's plenty of positions to place archers for distance defense.

Camelot by TobiasRoetsch

Awesome poster

This week King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hits theaters this week, and while there are many powerful posters out there, this one by RicoJrCreation on deviantart is just spectacular, from the lighting and shadows to the sword motif throughout. It's a bit tall for most phones, but it fits damn near perfectly on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and it puts the King Arthur logo on the sword's hilt right under the home button.

King Arthur Poster Art by RicoJrCreation

Ara Wagoner

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