MediaFire launches Pool, a new way to privately share photos

Pool is a new app from the folks over at MediaFire that wants to help you share photos with your friends and family. The app will group all of your photos from an event, letting you send them all with just a swipe. Pick which contacts will receive the photos, then swipe right to send. Pool doesn't store your photos in the cloud, but sends them directly to your friends.

Here are Pool's major features:

  • Keeps your photos private - Pool will never share photos publicly or without your permission
  • Sends photos to friends in your phone's contact list
  • Saves original quality photos to your phone's camera roll
  • Send and save multiple photos at once
  • Works with all types of phones
  • Reminds you to share photos with the people who were with you
  • Keeps track of the photos you share and receive

You can grab Pool from the Google Play Store now.

Joseph Keller