Marty Mobile -- inventor of the cell phone -- says Android 'every bit as good' as iPhone

When we saw Martin Cooper -- the inventor of the cell phone, by the way -- on C-SPAN in March, he was telling us how he gave up his iPhone for the Motorola Droid. Fast forward to today, and he's continuing his praises of everybody's favorite smartphone operating system, this time in a Q&A with CNN. Much of it has to do with his influence on the cell phone industry, but it's the final quote that has the zinger:

"I think that the Android phones are catching up now, and the latest version of the Android phones are every bit as good, if not better, than the iPhone."

We couldn't agree more, Marty. And the numbers certainly are showing that. (By the way, you can follow the 88-year-old Mr. Cooper on Twitter at @martymobile.) [CNN] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Phil Nickinson
  • yay i sent this in you guys work fast..... i thought you would have edit the picture of him holding a droid or somin tho.... :(
  • +1
  • Well....duh!
  • It's not that I don't think the iPhone doesn't deserve a market, it's GREAT for my friends who are absolutely NON-TECHNICAL. Me on the other hand, I love the android freedom, choices of phones, and carriers. I did the whole iPhone 3GS, jail-breaking, updating, dropped call thing for a year. I may only get about 5 calls a day, but my iPhone would drop everyone of them. I've had my EVO since launch, and i haven't dropped a call yet. I've also have not turned on my 3GS since I got my EVO. What does that tell you ? DROID!
  • Is this the same phone that he is holding? Opps, my bad! That is a Motorola phone, that he is holding correctly! ;)
  • To me, this is like asking the Wright Brothers if they think Boeing is better than AirBus.
  • I also did the iphone thing for a year. At the end of my contract it was like getting out of jail, i was screaming with delight. I'm a technical advisor to fortune 500 co's and at the time told everyone that the iphone was the future,i had been with Verizon for years and was happy with them. I've had to apoligise to so many people over that year because i never checked out AT&T and Apple,they lie so much to customers, and AT&T has the worst network i could ever imagine being on. The iphone is great for those who believe Jobs and Co. I recall an incident a while back where zealots also believed every word a man told them and they even drank the Kool-Aid. Android is the future and i believe it will pass Jobs and Co. like a Porchse passing a Smart car. Steve Jobs reminds me of another "genius", the inventor of Starbucks,selling 50 cent cups of coffee for 5 bucks.
  • Wow he's holding Apple's iPhone 5 prototype, the one with the much improved antenna.
  • You know TiPb is gonna have a field day with that statement :O
  • They should use this picture next time mentioning Martin Cooper! I created it myself! Here's the original:
  • Nice work. I've done my share of photoshopping and your results look good.