Madden NFL 20: Here are the best player ratings on every team

Madden NFL 20 is here and so are the thousands of players and their newly minted rankings. One of the most treasured parts of buying a new Madden game is seeing which players got their ratings up into the 90s, or even possibly attaining the perfect 99 rating.

Only four players got the coveted 99 rating in fact, and funnily enough, none of them were quarterbacks. Yes, not even cover athlete Patrick Mahomes got that rating.

However, as much as we like to hype up these 99 players, you need a lot more than a few amazing players to have a good team. Some teams don't even have one of these players. If you're curious to see how the player rankings stack up for each team, you've came to the right place. We broke down every team from their overall ranking to the best players they have on offense and on defense.

Chicago Bears

  • Overall ranking: 84 (2018 season: 12-4)
  • Best Offensive player: Trey Burton, TE (87)
  • Best Defensive player: Khalil Mack, LB (99)
  • Notable player: Mitchell Trubisky, QB (75)

The Chicago Bears were one of the best teams in the NFL last year, so it's no surprise to see them rank highly with a lot of depth. MVP contender Khalil Mack ranks as its best player (he's one of only four 99 rating players) while QB Mitchell Trubisky is one of the lowest rated quarters from a playoff team.

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Overall ranking: 79 (2018 record: 6-10)
  • Best Offensive player: A.J. Green, WR (90)
  • Best Defensive player: Geno Atkins, DT (91)
  • Notable player: Andy Dalton, QB (80)

The Cincinnati Bengals went through an up and down season in 2018 and with many of its franchise stalwarts gone, including head coach Marvin Lewis, the 2019 outlook doesn't look good and Madden agrees. At the very least, A.J. Green and Geno Atkins are still on the roster, although they're not enough to overcome a lack of depth on the team.

Buffalo Bills

  • Overall ranking: 75 (2018 record: 6-10)
  • Best Offensive player: Cole Beasley, WR (83)
  • Best Defensive player: Micah Hyde, FS (86)
  • Notable player: Josh Allen, QB (74)

It doesn't say much when your best defensive player only has 83 rating and no player on your team reaches 90. However, the Buffalo Bills do have some depth in the middle, and if quarterback Josh Allen can improve, this team could be formidable in Madden by the middle of the season.

Denver Broncos

  • Overall ranking: 81 (2018 record: 6-10)
  • Best Offensive player: Emmanuel Sanders, WR (88)
  • Best Defensive player: Von Miller, LB (97)
  • Notable player: Chris Harris Jr., CB (90)

The Denver Broncos are one of the most top heavy teams, especially on the defensive side. As it stands, its a middle-of-the-pack team thanks to the offense, but with studs like Von Miller and Chris Harris Jr. on defense, this team won't back down easily.

Cleveland Browns

  • Overall ranking: 84 (2018 record: 7-8-1)
  • Best Offensive player: Odell Beckham Jr., WR (96)
  • Best Defensive player: Myles Garrett, RE (91)
  • Notable player: Baker Mayfield, QB (83)

On paper, the Cleveland Browns are Super Bowl contenders. That being said, they have a lot to prove as quarterback Baker Mayfield is still a low-rated player, albeit one of the most exciting ones. The defense alone though should prove to be a headache for opposing teams.

Tampa Bay Bucanneers

  • Overall ranking: 80 (2018 record: 5-11)
  • Best Offensive player: Mike Evans, WR (91)
  • Best Defensive player: Lavonte David, MLB (90)
  • Notable player: Ndamukong Suh, RE (85)

Even with the addition of Ndamukong Suh, along with Mike Evans and Lavonte David still leading the team, it all comes down to the quarterback. Jameis Winston, who owns a lowly 76 rating, is hit or miss and his erratic behavior makes this a tough team to play with.

Arizona Cardinals

  • Overall ranking: 78 (2018 record: 3-13)
  • Best Offensive player: David Johnson, RB (87)
  • Best Defensive player: Patrick Peterson, CB (92)
  • Notable player: Larry Fitzgerald, WR (84)

The Arizona Cardinals do have some pieces still in place and with Kyler Murray now in the fold, the future looks promising. Unfortunately, the future is not here yet and it ranks as one of the worst teams in Madden. Good luck trying to win with them.

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Overall ranking: 84 (2018 record: 12-4)
  • Best Offensive player: Phillip Rivers, QB (94)
  • Best Defensive player: Casey Hayward Jr., CB (89)
  • Notable player: Keenan Allen, WR (90)

After last year's major step forward, the Los Angeles Chargers look like a team on the prowl for a Super Bowl. Its roster is loaded in Madden with studs like Phillip Rivers, Keenan Allen, and Melvin Gordon leading the offense. However, a current Gordon hold out and trade request could remove one of its best players from future updates.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Overall ranking: 84 (2018 record: 12-4)
  • Best Offensive player: Patrick Mahomes, QB (97)
  • Best Defensive player: Chris Jones, DT (89)
  • Notable player: Travis Kelce, TE (96)

Offensively, the Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in Madden NFL 20. It boasts four 90+ starters with reigning NFL MVP and Madden cover star Patrick Mahomes leading the charge. The defense still has questions, but when you're throwing bombs to Tyreek Hill with his 99 speed rating, god help you if you're playing defense.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Overall ranking: 86 (2018 record: 10-6)
  • Best Offensive player: Andrew Luck, QB (92)
  • Best Defensive player: Justin Houston, RE (87)
  • Notable player: Quenten Nelson, LG (87)

The Indianapolis Colts arrived on the scene in 2018 after a quick rebuild that started with Quenten Nelson revamping the offensive line and Andrew Luck returning to health. It still has some issues on defense, but with Darius Leanord leading the way and new addition Justin Houston joining the fray, this is a solid Madden team.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Overall ranking: 87 (2018 record: 10-6)
  • Best Offensive player: Zack Martin, RG (96)
  • Best Defensive player: Byron Jones, CB (91)
  • Notable player: Ezekiel Elliot, RB (94)

Don't look now but the Dallas Cowboys are sneakily one of the best teams in Madden. The offensive line is absolutely loaded, paving the way for Zeke Elliott, the underrated Dak Prescott, and newcomer Amari Cooper. Don't sleep on the defense either, which has its fair share of studs like Byron Jones and Demarcus Lawrence.

Miami Dolphins

  • Overall ranking: 74 (2018 record: 7-9)
  • Best Offensive player: Laremy Tunsil, LT (84)
  • Best Defensive player: Xavien Howard, CB (83)
  • Notable player: Kenny Stills, WR (84)

The Miami Dolphins are in for a tough year, both in real life and in Madden. It's one of the worst-rated teams and havs zero 90+ players. Hell, they don't even have an 85 player. Maybe Kenny Stills can do something on offense or Xavien Howard can get a few extra picks to help out.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Overall ranking: 89 (2018 record: 9-7)
  • Best Offensive player: Jason Kelce, C (94)
  • Best Defensive player: Fletcher Cox, DT (96)
  • Notable player: Zach Ertz, TE (93)

The Philadelphia Eagles are the highest rated team in Madden, and rightly so. It's absolutely loaded on both sides of the ball with plenty of depth at the wide receivers position and defensive line. It also helps when you have one of the best players in the game in Fletcher Cox, who will outright ruin some games.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Overall ranking: 86 (2018 record: 7-9)
  • Best Offensive player: Julio Jones, WR (98)
  • Best Defensive player: Deion Jones, MLB, (90)
  • Notable player: Matt Ryan, QB (89)

After an underachieving season in 2018 thanks to a multitude of injuries, the Atlanta Falcons are ready to make another run at the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones bolster the offense while youngsters Deion Jones and Keanu Neal lead the speedy defense.

San Francisco 49ers

  • Overall ranking: 84 (2018 record: 4-12)
  • Best Offensive player: Joe Staley, LT (90)
  • Best Defensive player: Richard Sherman, CB (93)
  • Notable player: Greg Kittle, TE (90)

Honestly, who knows what will become of the San Francisco 49ers. It has some talent on the roster, but oft injured quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hasn't hit his stride and the wide receiver position could use a boost. At least it has Richard Sherman on the defense with some young studs coming into their own.

New York Giants

  • Overall ranking: 77 (2018 record: 5-11)
  • Best Offensive player: Saquon Barkley, RB (91)
  • Best Defensive player: Jabrill Peppers, SS (84)
  • Notable player: Kevin Zeitler, RG (89)

The New York Giants have running back Saquon Barkley, and... that's basically it. The rest of the offense is pretty passable, starting with quarterback Eli Manning, but the defense lacks a true difference maker. You likely won't have much fun playing with the Giants in Madden NFL 20.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Overall ranking: 80 (2018 record: 5-11)
  • Best Offensive player: Brandon Linder, C (86)
  • Best Defensive player: Jalen Ramsey, CB (96)
  • Notable player: Calais Campbell, LE (92)

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the most disappointing teams in 2018, but even then, its defense is absolutely loaded. From top to bottom, there are difference makers at every level. The only thing that's left is for Nick Foles to take it to the next level, but he's only rated as a 77 player, which could make that difficult.

New York Jets

  • Overall ranking: 78 (2018 record: 4-12)
  • Best Offensive player: Le'Veon Bell, RB (92)
  • Best Defensive player: Jamal Adams, SS (90)
  • Notable player: C.J. Mosely, MLB (87)

The New York Jets are one of those up and coming teams. It did a lot to improve overall in 2018 and in free agency, but many of the most important players, such as quarterback Sam Darnold, haven't quite hit their stride. That could happen in 2019, but for right now, its Madden ratings don't say much.

Detroit Lions

  • Overall ranking: 81 (2018 record: 6-10)
  • Best Offensive player: Marvin Jones Jr., WR (86)
  • Best Defensive player: Damon Harrison Sr., DT (95)
  • Notable player: Trey Flowers, RE (87)

Talent wise, the Detroit Lions have potential. It comes down to how it all comes together. However, after a terrible season, quarterback Matthew Stafford got a bad rating and his receivers won't help out much in bringing that up. It'll be up to the defense to righten the ship.

Green Bay Packers

  • Overall ranking: 85 (2018 record: 6-9-1)
  • Best Offensive player: David Bakhtiari, LT (97)
  • Best Defensive player: Kenny Clark, DT, (90)
  • Notable player: Aaron Rodgers, QB (90)

It's kind of crazy that the highest-rated offensive player on the Green Bay Packers isn't Aaron Rodgers, but that's the story in Madden NFL 20. That being said, this team looks very promising. It's rated very highly, and with Rodgers' set of skills, this is one of the best teams you can play and easily dominate with.

Carolina Panthers

  • Overall ranking: 85 (2018 record: 7-9)
  • Best Offensive player: Christian McCaffrey, RB (91)
  • Best Defensive player: Luke Kuechly, MLB (98)
  • Notable player: Cam Newton, QB (84)

Much like Green Bay, the Carolina Panthers are another team primed for a breakout year. It's ranked very high, with the team filled out nicely with players on multiple levels. Plus, it doesn't hurt when you have a freaky athlete like Cam Newton playing quarterback.

New England Patriots

  • Overall ranking: 87 (2018 record: 11-5)
  • Best Offensive player: Tom Brady, QB (96)
  • Best Defensive player: Stephon Gilmore, CB (94)
  • Notable player: Julian Edelman, WR (89)

The New England Patriots need no introduction — these are the Super Bowl LIII champions. Led by Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, the offense will nicely complement the defense led by studs Stephon Gilmore and Devin McCourty. It won't be as easy as it has been in the past with Rob Gronkowski retired, but it's still the Patriots.

Oakland Raiders

  • Overall ranking: 81 (2018 record: 4-12)
  • Best Offensive player: Antonio Brown, WR (98)
  • Best Defensive player: Lamarcus Joyner, FS (85)
  • Notable player: Derek Carr, QB (80)

The Oakland Raiders have some amazing pieces, but it's also still trying to find its identity. You can toss up balls to Antonio Brown to dominate, but the defense still needs a few difference makers to truly enter elite status.

Los Angeles Rams

  • Overall ranking: 86 (2018 record: 13-3)
  • Best Offensive player: Todd Gurley II, RB (97)
  • Best Defensive player: Aaron Donald, RE (99)
  • Notable player: Andrew Whitworth, LT (93)

The Los Angeles Rams are the epitome of a top loaded team. The best players are absolute beasts, but if one of them gets hurt, it's in trouble. However, until that happens, you'll get one of the best teams in Madden NFL 20 with the Defensive Player of the Year and 99-rated Aaron Donald leading the way.

Baltimore Ravens

  • Overall ranking: 83 (2018 record: 10-6)
  • Best Offensive player: Marshal Yanda, RG (91)
  • Best Defensive player: Earl Thomas III, FS (95)
  • Notable player: Justin Tucker, K (87)

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the funnest teams to play with in Madden NFL 20. That's due to the super fast quarterback Lamar Jackson, who can outrun most defenders, and kicker extraordinare Justin Tucker nailing 50+ yard field goals with ease. Oh yeah, and there's ballhawk safety Earl Thomas.

Washington Redskins

  • Overall ranking: 81 (2018 record: 7-9)
  • Best Offensive player: Trent Williams, LT (95)
  • Best Defensive player: Ryan Kerrigan, LB (87)
  • Notable player: Jordan Reed, TE (88)

Who knows exactly what you'll get out of the Washington Redskins. There are some studs, but there's also a revolving door of OK quarterbacks (at least for now). The team has also been bitten by the injury bug often. Don't be surprised if you see multiple Redskins players get injured when you play with them.

New Orleans Saints

  • Overall ranking: 88 (2018 record: 13-3)
  • Best Offensive player: Michael Thomas, WR (95)
  • Best Defensive player: Cam Jordan, LE (91)
  • Notable player: Drew Brees, QB (92)

Another stud team to play with is the New Orleans Saints. This team is primed to go on Super Bowl run and finally make it there, unlike the past two seasons. Amazing players litter the roster, like Michael Thomas, Drew Brees, Cam Jordan and Alvin Kamara.

Seattle Seahawks

  • Overall ranking: 82 (2018 record: 10-6)
  • Best Offensive player: Russell Wilson, QB (91)
  • Best Defensive player: Bobby Wagner, MLB (99)
  • Notable player: Tyler Lockett, WR (87)

The Seattle Seahawks are another one of those teams where you have to put it all together. As a collection, it's not an elite team, but if you ball out with Russell Wilson or Bobby Wagner, you can beat just about any team in Madden.

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Overall ranking: 85 (2018 record: 9-6-1)
  • Best Offensive player: David DeCastro, RG (93)
  • Best Defensive player: Cameron Hayward, RE (86)
  • Notable player: Ben Roethlisberger, QB (96)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of those sneakily good teams. It has a really high team rating, but the players are more modestly rated with only one 90 player. Thankfully, players like Ben Roethlisberger, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Cameron Hayward can still ball out and create something out of nothing.

Houston Texans

  • Overall ranking: 83 (2018 record: 11-5)
  • Best Offensive player: DeAndre Hopkins, WR (99)
  • Best Defensive player: J.J. Watt, LE (97)
  • Notable player: Jadeveon Clowney, LB (92)

The Houston Texans are other another top-loaded team that has little depth. Its great players are amazing, led by 99-rated DeAndre Hopkins who will catch just about anything. On the other side, J.J. Watt returned to form delivering a monster year, hence his 97 rating.

Tennessee Titans

  • Overall ranking: 82 (2018 record: 9-7)
  • Best Offensive player: Delanie Walker, TE (92)
  • Best Defensive player: Kevin Byard, FS (89)
  • Notable player: Jurrell Casey, RE (86)

Who knows what to make out of the Tennessee Titans. There are good players, but it can't quite seem to reach the next level to become elite. Only a handful of players actually stand out: Delanie Walker and Kevin Byard.

Minnesota Vikings

  • Overall ranking: 83 (2018 record: 8-7-1)
  • Best Offensive player: Adam Thielen, WR (94)
  • Best Defensive player: Harrison Smith, SS (94)
  • Notable player: Stephon Diggs, WR (93)

The Minnesota Vikings was one of the most mercurial teams in 2018, in turn leading to a so-so Madden year for the team. They are loaded with wide receivers and a few defensive stalwarts, but unless the offensive line plays better, quarterback Kirk Cousins won't have time to find his stud receivers.

Which team will you play with?

Do you have a favorite? What do you think of the way Madden NFL 20 is shaping up? Let us know in the comments below.

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