LG's Second Year Promise gives the G6 an extra year of warranty

The LG G6 has consistently been heralded as one of the best smartphones of 2017, all but erasing the negative impression of the G5 before it. Now, LG wants to continue that goodwill with a new program called the Second Year Promise (opens in new tab), which extends the G6's regular warranty from one year to two in the U.S.

While this isn't quite like HTC's Uh-Oh Protection, which acts more as a low-deductible insurance policy, the Second Year Promise, according to a report by The Verge, merely extends the G6's regular manufacturer's warranty an extra 12 months. This puts the phone's U.S. warranty on par with its European one, which tends to be two years for electronics goods.

Here's what you need to know:

  • This applies to all LG G6s sold in the U.S., both from carriers and unlocked through online retailers.
  • This doesn't apply to user-caused damage, so if you drop your phone on day one or day 401, it doesn't matter — this won't cover you.
  • If you've already bought an LG G6, don't worry, you're still covered as long as you sign up within 90 days from June 15.
  • If a phone is found to be defective, it will be replaced within two business days of shipping it back to LG.

That's it! Easy peasy. What do you think of the new program? Is it going to entice you to buy a G6 if you haven't already, or a future LG product in the future?

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Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • What the situation for Canadian G6s?
  • Zilch.
  • Of course
  • No varranty for you
  • nice. got to sign up today then.
  • I don't have a G6 although it's one of the ones I'm considering. I'm guessing if you buy through a carrier that carrier registers it for you? Or do you still have to do it yourself? I can upgrade sometime in October and usually I've got a pretty good idea of what I want but this time I have absolutely no clue what I want.. Will this extended warranty push me more towards a G6? Probably not but it's a nice thing to have in case the G6 is what I end up with.
  • I think LG is doing this as a direct result of the warranty disaster that were the bootloop issues with previous phones. They lost a LOT of customer goodwill when they screwed users over who had boot-looping issues slightly outside of their warranties as well as long waits for replacement devices. That being said, this is a step in the right direction. I just hope that after a year we don't see any bootloop issues with the G6 and LG phones after that.
  • Patiently waiting for the V30/Note 8 shootout. Both companies are on to something great this year with their respective flagships so the poweruser phones should be spectacular!
  • Yep, waiting for the V30 myself before I decide what to go with.
  • Frankly, they should have spent the money to make all those people whole who got screwed by boot-gate. Reading horror story after horror story caused me to loose faith in LG and this move does little to repair that.
  • Indeed! If the bootloops continue on newer devices then this move doesn't solve the root problem. Only time will tell. I'm staying clear of LG for the next generation or two to see if these boot-looping issues are ironed out.
  • Agree 100%.
  • I'm on my fourth G4. The previous three bootlooped at about 6-8 months each. However, all of my replacements have been free even though the last two were after the warranty expired. I'm hoping my current G4 doesn't have the issue because it's an awesome phone and don't want to give up the replaceable battery.
  • I'm on my 3rd G4 and if I had to replace it today I would either get another G4 or a G5. It is too bad that LG went away from the replaceable battery.
  • I know replacement battery is great...but iam using G6 since 1 month or soo and battery life is killer like 2 days...i had a g4 earlier and i had to replace 2 batteries in a day...i say G6 is an awesome upgrade from G4...i gave my G4 to my staff and they still using it...water resistant and more important than removeable battery any day
  • Well hey, guess what. My G6 is already having issues. Bootlooping, random restarts, and now NO sound! I've had it for 2 months. Super pissed.
  • Nobody will believe yo LG has the worst fanboys they are delusional
  • Hmm, cool! I like it, it makes the LG G6 interesting to me and what is to come from them.
  • As a former owner of a bootlooped G4, I'm happy that G6 owners now get extra peace-of-mind
  • It's lasting me twice as long as my s7 edge. Also, no more accidental edge touching and triggering!
  • That's good to hear. I'm looking to jump from my S7 edge to the G6 as well.
  • Yep, I get far better battery life with my LG than I did my S7. Way less bloat to disable to. So much nicer of a phone.
  • Just when I thought owning a G6 couldn't get any better....they pull this. ::BRAVO LG::: This is a commitment to take care of their customers by promising to address issues not up to 1 but 2 years out.
  • My last 3 phones were iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy s8 Plus then LG G6 and the one I miss the most by a huuuuuuge margin is the G6 after moving on again
  • After the promise-not-kept for an Android 7 update for the G4 I don't believe in any promises any more. Plus - I'm not a U.S. citizen anyway ...
  • The article I read at the beginning of this year said the g4 would get nougat later this fall. They still have 5-6 months before it becomes a promise not kept.
  • Android O will be out by then. So yeah...
  • Good luck getting LG to honor any warranty they promise you.
  • They've been fine. All three of my bootlooped G4s have been replaced for free and rapidly.
  • I might be wrong, but companies usually have a hard time weaseling out of promises that they make in writing. I think LG G6 owners will be just fine should an issue arise in the future.
  • Luck is not needed if they went the warranty.
  • I'm a Canadian but I purchased an unlocked G6 in the US. Will it apply to my device as well?
  • Great, the first phone not to boot loop gets the extra warranty.🤔
  • Great job LG...hope they extend same in india...love my G6
  • Damage control for design flaw - so many are having issues with this device
  • What's the design flaw? And yeah for me it's the 2:1 screen . Can't stand it.
  • See my above comment.
  • Not true
  • See my above comment
  • Nice. Never had an issue with either this or my V20. This just makes things feel even better.
  • It wouldn't allow me to input past purchase date so I had to input today's date for the registration.
  • Two years warranty. How European.
  • The G6 was what we wanted to follow the G4. The G5 came out of left field looking fugly has heck.
  • So if I buy a G6 this means LG will replace the battery 18 months later when it can no longer hold a full charge?
  • I doubt it unless it does not accept a charge
  • Go V20/V30 You can only enjoy total mobile freedom with an removeable battery. Or walk around same those Samsung /IPhone /HTC whatever ghosts with huge battery packs in your holidays. From 0% to 100% in under 1 minute thanks to LG's V20 battery-bundle. Best!
  • Also, never have to plug the phone in to charge
  • In Australia all hardware has a 2 year warranty. It's a joke that having a second year is apparently a big move in other countries.
  • The ACL is great, isn't it? Even if it only says 1-year warranty, the law says that goods must perform as expected for the "expected period" of the product. Pretty vague but pretty much guarantees 2 or 3 years for most products in all but name. I'm pretty sure Europe has something similar though, USA's consumer laws are really lacking though.
  • And phones cost how much more in Australia? That's the big joke!
  • Not much man. I don't buy them outright. Contracted so they are subsidised. It's a joke everywhere only gets a year warranty. So bad.
  • Solid call by LG on this one. But I'd recommend to anyone on Verizon with any phone, if it craps the bed in the first year go through Verizon. They ship you a new phone and then have you ship yours back in that box. Whereas manufacturers make you send yours first.
  • Except for Nexus and Pixel devices. Google sends replacements out first before you send your phone back.
  • Luckily in EU 2 years is standard :) Welcome to the civilised world my Murican friends :P