LG's free G4 battery, charger, and microSD card promo extended to June 30

The launch of the LG G4 in the U.S. brought along a unique offer through which LG would throw in some free extras for buyers of the device. While the promotion was originally set to end on June 21, it looks like LG has extended the end date to June 30.

As a reminder, those who buy an LG G4 from an authorized seller before June 30 will be able to score a spare battery, battery charging cradle, and a 32GB microSD card directly from LG. Taking advantage of the promotion is a pretty simple affair. Buyers simply have to venture over to LG's website and fill out a form, along with a picture of their device's IMEI and sales receipt. Unfortunately for the international crowd, the offer still looks to be limited to U.S. buyers.

So, there you have it. If you felt the pressure of that deadline looming over your decision on when to pick up a new G4, you now have a little extra time to decide.

Redeem your free battery, cradle, and microSD card from LG

Via: GSMArena

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