LG announces G Watch, powered by Android Wear

Hot on the heels of today's Android Wear announcement, LG has revealed its first smartwatch powered by Google's wearable platform. The device, teased briefly in today's announcement post, sports an angular design with a reflective black chassis. LG says the watch will be launching in the second quarter, and will be compatible with a "wide range" of Android smartphones

LG's announcement mentions many of the features which were highlighted in in Google's Android Wear demo reel. So you're looking at a wearable that can respond to voice commands through the "OK Google" hotword, as well as presenting relevant info in a similar way to Google Now on a phone.

LG doesn't have any specific pricing to offer for the G Watch, but says it'll "present a low barrier to entry for developers and offer the best Google experience for users."

Source: LG Blog

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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