LG's Ally-Iron Man 2 microsite is now live

LG finally has launched its Ally-Iron Man 2 microsite, and we get better look at the upcoming Android phone that may or may not make its way onto Verizon in the coming weeks. We're dealing with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, Android 2.1 and a four-row horizontal sliding keyboard. The microSD card slot appears to be accessible from the outside of the phone (as in not hidden under a battery cover or anything), and there's a dedicated camera button.

Onboard apps include Life360, which lets you track your family and send emergency alerts; Wikitude (an augmented-reality Wikipedia portal); Speed View (a GPS app); Hoccer (literally throw your data from your phone); Foursquare (maybe you've heard of it); Yelp; Wertago (social network of party-goers -- like Tony Stark); ShopSavvy; and Shazam.

We're still waiting to hear exactly when -- and if -- the Ally will be available on a carrier, though there's that May 20 date that was announced today. Stay tuned, and there are a couple more pictures after the break.

LG Ally - Iron Man 2

LG Ally - Iron Man 2

Phil Nickinson