Joseph Gordon-Levitt's HITRECORD organization is once again partnering with LG, and the latest Find Your Frame project has a couple of interesting entries.

Droid-Life was able to suck some stills out of the 1,900 plus video submissions that are almost surely showing off the LG V30. This isn't too surprising as everyone is sure the phone will launch at IFA on August 31, and HITRECORD has played a major role in the launch of previous LG phones. But still, these are some pretty clear shots of a phone most of us haven't been able to see just yet.

These match up almost perfectly with the leaked renders we saw on August 3: they are the right size, the right shape, and the right color.

There are also several clips supposedly shot on the V30, including one that switches between normal and wide angle in real time. We expect big things from the V30 when it comes to the camera, as LG has touted the V series as a creator's tool since the launch of the original V10.

Screen capture of a clip using the LV30's wide-angle lens.

If you're excited about the V30, it might be worth poring through the HITRECORD entries to see what else pops up!

LG V30 + V30S ThinQ


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