LG has all but confirmed the debut of the V30, its next flagship phone, at an event during the IFA conference in Berlin on August 31.

The company issued a vague but telling press invite earlier today indicating that something would be happening at 9am CST on Thursday, August 31 — it's a "save the date," after all — with a silhouette of a phone making a reflection of a "V". Not very subtle.

The invitation itself also has rounded corners and a resolution of 2880x1440, which would indicate that, yes, the V30 would share the same 2:1 aspect ratio as its G6 counterpart, along with its now-famous rounded edges.

While we don't know exactly what to expect from the announcement, recent leaks point to a device that shares many characteristics with the G6, including an enclosed battery, a tall, narrow screen, and dual cameras. LG is also expected to begin its transition to OLED technology, something that it has been resisting in recent years as it tries to eke out as much as it can from its mature LCD manufacturing facilities.

Also expected is a Snapdragon 835 platform and 4GB of RAM and, perhaps, Android 8.0 out of the box. Whether LG also does away with its strange regional differences, or tones up its software, remains to be seen.

More will be revealed shortly, so stay tuned.