New reports claim that LG is likely gearing up to launch the LG V20 in September, which would be just 10 months after the company launched the V10. An interesting piece to note is LG likely moving towards the V20 branding instead of the V11, which may have appeared to be the obvious next release. Moving up the launch by two months would be a surprising move from LG, though it does make a lot of sense considering the upcoming phone launches that are already expected.

LG V10

From the Etnews report:

Industries believe that LG is releasing V20 (tentative name) earlier since its popularity can be dominated by Samsung and Apple's new phones if it is released in October. "Although V10 was released in October of last year, there is a high chance that its next model will be released a month earlier this year." said a representative for an industry. "It can fall behind of Samsung and LG if it is released late." However if LG pushes forward its release date, it is inevitable for LG to go head to head against Apple since it is likely that iPhone 7 will be released in early September if Apple's consistent pattern on release dates is considered.

We already know Samsung is hosting an event on August 2 to reveal the Galaxy Note 7 officially, and Apple is likely going to announce the next iPhone in early September. If LG waited until November to announce the V20, odds are that it would simply be too late for most people.

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