LG announced this week that the V20, its latest flagship and successor to the V10, will come to Canada. Moreover, it will be the first device to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat.

According to LG:

The LG V20 builds upon the premium and rich multimedia smartphone experience of last year's LG V10. It will be tuned to take advantage of many of the best features of Nougat, including Vulkan-supported graphics for more immersive gaming while also delivering better battery performance with Doze. Consumers will also enjoy new productivity features such as Direct Reply, which lets users respond quickly to text messages or update tasks using the notification interface.

We don't know a lot about the V20 at the moment, but Canadians can at least look forward to it coming out at all — we didn't get the oversized, unique V10 when it debuted last year (much to my chagrin). And with the LG G5 not knocking people's socks off (though I really liked it), I think LG could have a big hit on its hands with the V20. All will go down in September, when the V20 is announced.

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