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Yet another chapter in the Ice Cream Sandwich update saga seems to be causing some outcry in the community, this time surrounding LG. As it stands, LG are keeping their cards close to their chest regarding updating their phones to Android 4.0, but a recent comment on their Indian Facebook page sent owners into a frenzy. 

It all surrounds a question posted by an Optimus 2X owner, enquiring as to whether or not his beloved phone would be receiving an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich. LG's response wasn't exactly what he was hoping to hear...

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So a couple of weeks ago, a part of LG was saying that their dual-core, Tegra 2 flagship device launched less than 12 months ago would not be updating to Ice Cream Sandwich. For those not familiar with the Optimus 2X, the phone is currently, officially at least, languishing way back on Froyo. 

As we learn though, we shouldn't immediately all jump onto a bandwagon. All smartphone manufacturers have a dose of 'foot in mouth' from time to time, and LG is no exception. Since this got out, the company has responded.

They're now claiming that both the Optimus 2X and the G2X are being tested for an Ice Cream Sandwich update and that as yet no decision has been made. The decision they say will ultimately rest on the devices capability to handle 4.0, and whether the user experience will be a good one or not. 

Owners of both devices have every right to be sceptical, I own an Optimus 2X and I'm in the same position. For there to have been no official Gingerbread update leaves a sour taste, and rightly doubts over whether or not we will be treated to Ice Cream Sandwich. But until announced otherwise, we just need to ride it out and hope LG is going to be good to us. 

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