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LG is reportedly ditching the G7 and starting over from scratch

The year of 2018 has been an odd one so far for LG. A report came out on January 3 that the G6's successor wouldn't be called the G7 and instead replaced with all-new branding, and this was followed up on January 11 during CES 2018 where LG's Vice Chairman confirmed that the company was moving away from yearly flagship smartphone releases.

Now on January 15, a report from The Investor says that LG's Vice Chairman and CEO, Jo Seong-jin, has issued an order to the company's mobile department to halt all current development of the G6's successor and start over from scratch. We were initially expecting this phone to be announced during MWC this February, but this announcement now means we're looking at an inevitable delay.

LG is said to decide on a new launch date during the Lunar New Year holiday (February 15 - 21), and as such, the phone likely won't launch until April or later.

What does this mean for the G7 (or whatever it's called) when it finally hits store shelves? Prior to this announcement, we were anticipating pretty minor upgrades compared to the G6, such as an OLED display with slimmer bezels, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845, improved cameras, etc. The source that The Investor spoke to says that LG "hasn't been able to find a strong selling point for the G7", so it'll be interesting to see what LG changes in order to make its phone more appealing over the likes of Samsung's Galaxy S9.

Until then, what feature does the LG G7 need to have in order for you to consider buying the phone?

LG will stop releasing new phones every year

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Wow, it sounds like they're really confused about how they should move forward.
  • That's been pretty evident for the last few years.
  • "so it'll be interesting to see what LG changes in order to make its phone more appealing over the likes of Samsung's Galaxy S9." I'd guess they are waiting for official photos of the Galaxy S9. I assume that will closely resemble their final design.
  • Yeah man, that's what I thought
  • I smell a bunch of useless features / "selling points" coming to the next lg phone
  • To be fair, it seems to be working pretty well for Samsung.
  • A later launch would be great for LG. Well after Samsung and well before Apple. LG should march to their own drum. They realistically can't compete with those giants and shouldn't try at least not directly. They should take this opportunity to create a super good phone with zero glitches and a refreshed ui. Also the latest Qualcomm chip. They should also not adopt that tall skinny look. Be the alternative.
  • I'd love to see them do something distinctly different. The 18:9 aspect ratio is nice for superwide movies and all, but really, 16:9 is good for current content. And if they don't go the media route, they could do something really different and adopt a 3:4 or 2:3, put in an active stylus, and compete with the Note for a productivity focus. (The Note is becoming more of an S+ with Stylus anyway.) Add in a sizeable battery and efficient processor like a 650 series. But that's just one idea. Find a niche that's big enough, and go for it, hold nothing back. Instead of marketing to everyone and having a generic phone, pick a sizeable focus group and make the phone exactly what that group would want. Then use advertising focused at that group of people - YouTube ads and such allow for that kind of targeted advertising, take advantage of that. Spin off the Audio/Media vibes from the V series, focus on that demographic. Etc. Samsung and Apple have won the "Everybody phone". LG (and others) need to change the rules of the game, instead of competing on ground they just can't win. Moto's got the a great differentiation with Mods, though they haven't quite executed perfectly in making it desirable. TCL's doing some good things with Blackberry. These are smaller groups to focus on, but if you focus your advertising, it could still make for successful products. Android's motto from a couple years ago was "Be together, not the same," after all. There's a lot of different people out there.
  • Couldn't agree more with you Jimmy. Competing directly with the Galaxy S series has been a thankless task over the past few years so they need to stop trying especially seeing as the S9 looks like it will be another massive hit.
  • How about IP68, 5,000 mAh removable battery, slide out keyboard, microSD, wireless charging, LG Pay, a real AMOLED display instead of that ****** POLED, and great build quality. And JUST SAY NO to mods. Very difficult, but not impossible.
  • That phone would cost like $900 dollars. Now how many people are going to be willing to fork over that amount of money for an LG phone. Not many.
  • Yeah. But at least it would be WORTH $900, unlike the "best Android phone you can buy".
  • More like it'll cost well over $1000. A slide out keyboard will cost a lot. And no one wants that anymore.
  • It would be a unique selling point, though. Personally, I wouldn't want a slide out keyboard.
  • I'd take one if they put a dpad on the left and a couple extra buttons on the right side :)
  • Sony showed us how well that idea is received lol.
  • A removable 5000 mah battery and wireless charging? That's not going to happen.
  • True, but it's a shame. Imagine if one OEM bucked the thin trend and made a very thick phone that had fantastic battery life PLUS the option to replace the battery. Wireless charging would be a bonus, and you wouldn't have to worry about wireless charging killing the battery, since you could buy a new one.
  • How about IP68: like the G6 already has?
    5,000 mAh removable battery: just give up on the removable battery, folks...IP68 AND MIL-STD 810G makes such a thing highly unlikely
    slide out keyboard: sorry, it's 2018. Physical keyboards are dead.
    microSD, wireless charging: like the G6 already has?
    LG Pay: whatever...that doesn't take a full redesign and I'm pretty sure that was part of the plan anyway
    great build quality: like the G6 and V30 already have?
  • LG needs to find their niche. Both the G6 and the V30 are great phones, but alas they are just simply out marketed by the popularity of Samsung and Apple. Personally I prefer LG over those other 2, but they still have not found a way to stand out from the crowd. It also doesn't help that the people tasked to selling these phones ( carrier sales reps) ONLY focus on selling Samsung and Apple products. Walk into a carrier store and ask a sales person to compare either of those with any other brand, I guarantee they will know everything about the Samsung and Apple phones, yet almost nothing of the other phones. Consumers have to do their own research to find out anything about new phones, yet that just isn't the way 90% of consumers are. We like to go in and just buy the "most hyped" phone on the market.
  • Build quality needs work. My G6 back camera glass broke with no impact or pressure. When this happened a quick search turned up many reports of this for the G6 and prior LG phones. I still have and like my G6, but better QC would be nice.
  • A removable 5,000 mAh battery and q slide out keyboard... Test thing would be an inch and a half thick... I doubt they're looking to sink the company even faster.
  • I'll bet it can be done in under an inch, particularly if the battery and keyboard don't overlap.
  • Um, AMOLED and POLED are different names for the same display. All current phone OLED displays are Active Matrix as well as Plastic.
  • I buy a new phone every year. Yup, I know pretty silly. But that's me. Anyway, when the V30 was announced, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Finally a phone that's really loaded. Great screen, excellent still camera, the very best movie camera, terrific ergonomics, phenomenal battery life, and the cherry in top, that wonderful 32bit ESS Sabre quad dac that prevents me from having to carry around a separate DAP. I love this phone so much, I may actually keep it 2 years. So I hope LG continuously make these great, fully lidded phones as no else seems to want to.
  • V30 looked solid. It gets left out of the top phone conversations and comparisons all the time though. That's LG's problem.
  • Because LG is stupid in announcing a phone and demo units only coming to stores 2 months later when everyone has forgotten about it. The V30 was swept under by the Note8 and iPhones and they do much advertising to help it either
  • LG is doing what they have to in order to remain relevant. The V30 is an amazing, beautiful phone, and is proof that LG is fully capable of designing and releasing a no-compromises device, but it still wasn't enough to move the needle. I think this is a good move. If it's not working, try something new. Hopefully this means LG's software will take a new direction as well. This is what HTC needs to do, a complete overhaul to assess exactly what you're doing wrong and how to fix it.
  • I'm not sure what any company can do to break the Apple/Samsung duopoly. Apple and/or Samsung would have to make a major mistake and another company would have to have a phone ready to go.
  • Like a flagship phone catching fire due to faulty batteries? That didn't slow Samsung down, so I'm not sure anything will.
  • Pretty sure Huawei globally is starting to nip at both heels. Perhaps, LG could survive at this level of it just crushes the competition in Korea. Just saying.
  • The two-year warranty did not seem to work either. I have a G6 and love it (but wish I had waited for the V30!)
  • How about a durable phone with a replaceable battery and more than 3 years of support, that does not shatter the first time you drop it on a hard floor?
  • LG sales enough phones each quarter to stay in the game. They need to find another way to make profit than releasing a phone every two years. Also they need to step up their front facing camera. Like seriously ...
  • LG Mobile lost $331 million in Q3 2017.
    Thats hardly selling enough phones to stay in the game.
  • LG needs to ditch its Android skin, get better cameras, and update the software pretty frequently for me to even consider getting one.
  • `I'd love to see them do what Razer did. Just screw designing their own launcher and partner with Nova or one of the other third-party companies whose launchers are better than anything that the major OEMs have designed.
  • Make sure it doesn't bootloop. That would be a good start.
  • It's 2018. You're comment belongs in 2015
  • ^^^Just what I was going to say . . .
  • +1
  • For those who are saying "your comment belongs in 2015", I'm still bitter about my Nexus 5X bootlooping (which only happened at the end of last year). I'm not sure if LG ever really stopped that from happening since the 5X (I think the G4 was also problematic there - not sure on the G5 and newer).
  • Wireless recharging with replaceable battery would steer me into buying another LG.
  • 1. Double the Advertisement Budget and Dump all Celeb Brand Ambassadors. Those guys eat into advertising budgets.
    2. Make the next phone what is promised. The V30 was the best photo and video phone on paper. In actualy use the quality of photo and video wad nowhere near flagship quality. Make the V7/ V40 have superb quality photo and video. Not just on paper.
    3. They need to Retrentch the Technology and Mobile Division heads. Those guys are obviously doing a lousy job. Or seriously reduce their pays. Even the CEO needs a 50% pay reduction.
    4. Reeduce prices of their smartphones by 20-30%.
  • LG's UI is sh*t for the most part. They might as well use stock Android and add a few features like Motorola/Lenovo does
  • Honestly not going to miss LG phones, but more competition is always good so let's see what they are going to do instead. Knowing LG don't have my hopes up.
  • Honestly hoping this means a much more compelling alternative to the trio of Apple, Samsung and even Huawei. But I really need to know whether the G7 will be on the receiving end of good marketing. Because if not, it’ll probably end up like the V30: A very good phone that’s hugely underrated
  • How about something novel - like a solid phone without any gimmicks. Include the top of the line 845 processor, 4GB of ram, and an SD card slot. Then sell it for less than $600 and keep up with all of the security patches. Quite frankly, I'm tired of having to pay more six hundred bucks for a flagship phone, and LG could own the market for cheapskates like me!
  • I wonder how much longer they'll even stay in the mobile market
  • They need to finally improve the front camera.
  • Honestly, the single biggest thing they could do would be to change their advertising strategy. I see Pixel and iPhone ads all the time, but I can't remember seeing a single G6 or V30 ad. All the advanced features in the world are meaningless if the average consumer doesn't know they exist.
  • Just remake the LG V20 with am Amoled screen, 845, and wireless charging
  • If they truly "start over from scratch" we're probably not looking at a release date this year.
  • I really wanted the g6 but wasn't willing to go with the 821. All lg has to do to make me buy their next phone is put a 845 in the g6. I love that flat screen. Best looking phone from last year.
  • They should release every year but in early June. (like June 1st-5th) Well before Note, iPhone, and Pixel, and well after Sumsung S series.
    Doesn't matter, no marketing, no sales.
  • I don't get it. Stop trying to copycat LG. The G6 I have is a very well built solid phone. I love the wide angle and the feel of the device. It feels sturdy. I think with some minor tweaks to the G6 and V30 and with proper marketing they could have a winner, they just need to do the marketing right. Love my G6.
  • For starters, they'll want to include that on-screen fingerprint scanner.
  • They are bringing back the IR blaster
  • If they're not releasing a phone every year and now this, maybe they should reallocate those resources to delivering more timely updates for the phones they do have out? 😬
  • Start with all the features of the V20, and just upgrade things... without removing anything.
    >OLED, and wide aspect ratio.
    >Make the case a little thicker to reduce camera hump, and make use the extra space with a higher capacity REMOVABLE battery.
    >Increase/update RAM, ROM, CPU
    >Keep the Aluminum construction... maybe offer an optional plastic battery door with a Qi charge coil like they did with the V10
    >Update cameras with latest/greatest... 4K, OIS, increase fps, full manual controls....etc.
    >Water submergibility would be nice, but I don't think its a must have. Splash and rain resistance is sufficient. They need to put at least some $$$ into product marketing and advertising too. They can not just copy samsung/Apple/pixel design features, and just sit idle and hope it sells... IT WON'T. The V30 and G6 proved this already.
  • They need to just go Stock, it's that simple. Keep it up to date and just concentrate on awesome hardware. Like a OnePlus route
  • I have an LG G6 and I really like it. I shut out an avalanche of Samsung marketing noise outside and inside my carrier’s store to take time to really examine the G6 prior to purchase. In a puzzling move, LG did almost no marketing to inform the public about the many reasons to choose the G6, so I was probably an exception to the average customer. LG doesn’t have a device problem. They have a communication problem. Look at the Samsung S8. Does anybody really want Bixby and an unreachable fingerprint reader beside the camera? Not likely, but good luck trying to avoid the slick marketing for it. Same with iPhone X. Huge camera bump, a screen notch, a headphone dongle adapter. Yech. But great marketing can cover a lot of flaws.
  • I really wanted a G6. But had just upgraded to a g5 in December. Ended up getting a v30 about two weeks after launch. Loved the phone, bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 for my kids this year and absolutely feel in love with the thing. The Dex feature and the secure folder combined with the awesome screen sold me. I just wish I had got the plus or a note. Although I loved my v30, I don't see my self going back to them unfortunately.
  • Removable battery. It would make it unique among flagship phones, and is the only reason that I ever bought LG phones (G4 and G5)