LG has released an official bootloader unlock for the European variant of the G5. That's right, if you have the H850 variant of the LG G5, you can now unlock the bootloader thanks to LG. Keeping in mind that this isn't for everyone, it is still great to see the company release these tools for those who want to get in there and customize things further, and really push the limit of their new phone.


The tool, which was spotted by XDA, makes the unlocking process easier.

Since this is the official method for unlocking the bootloader, the process is not extremely convoluted, but is not Nexus-like straightforward either. The steps involve obtaining the device ID of your phone, and copying the two character strings under the bootloader header.

If you have the European LG G5, which is model number H850, this is what you have been waiting for. Keep in mind, this will not work on any U.S. carrier variant of the G5, and attempting it could cause serious damage to the phone. You can get started now by heading over to LG's Developer site and creating an account.



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