LG G5 modular

LG's audacious plan to offer a modular design with the LG G5 failed, and with the company's profits taking a turn for the worse, it is going back to the basics. At CES, LG has announced that it will ditch the modular platform for its upcoming LG G6, instead focusing on "aesthetics and usability."

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, LG's Chief Technologist Skott Ahn said that the LG G6 will make its debut in the "very near future." The executive also reaffirmed that LG will not be selling its mobile phone business, or spinning it off as a separate entity.

While LG's idea of a modular phone was novel, its implementation was clunky. The company is now looking to overturn its fortunes with the LG G6, which is expected to make its debut at Mobile World Congress next month. The phone will be priced in the $500 to $600 range, and will be available initially in North America, Europe, South Korea, and online-only in China.

What do you guys think of LG's decision to get rid of the modular design?