Just as LG looks set to dump modularity in its 2017 flagship, there's another eye-catching gimmick to take its place: An extra-tall, extra-large display. As it's done in the past, the Korean firm has started trickling out details of its next major phone release, ahead of what'll presumably be a Mobile World Congress unveiling at the end of February. LG Display has told The Korea Herald that the upcoming handset will use a "QHD+" LCD display at 1440x2880. LG Display calls it an "18:9" aspect ratio, in a move sure to anger math nerds the world over.

"QHD+ is expected to maximize users' experience and value by providing ultra-high definition, differentiating it from all other mobile display panels," LG display SVP and head of mobile development Kim Byeong-koo is quoted as saying, though it's not clear how this "ultra high definition" is supposed to be any different to previous LCDs with similar pixel density.

LG also claims touch response, a thinner profile and better daylight visibility in its new display, all of which we'd expect from a new generation of panels. It's also said to be 30 percent more efficient than "predecessors," which presumably means the class of LCD used in the G5 and V20.

Meanwhile, citing sources, The Verge reports that the LG G6 will focus on "maximizing the screen-to-body ratio," which LG attempted with 2013's G2, but which has been lacking from the company's more recent handsets.

The Korea Herald says the G6 will break cover sometime "next month," which would fit with a launch event at MWC.