LG G5 arrives at U.S. Cellular on March 28

U.S. Cellular has announced that customers will be able to order the LG G5 starting on March 28, with official in-store availability beginning on April 1. Aside from the phone, the carrier will also be offering the Cam Plus Friends attachment, as well as the LG 360 VR for those interested. Customers who purchase before April 17 will also get a spare battery and charging cradle at no additional cost.

Later in April, U.S. Cellular will offer a selection of LG Friends including the LG Cam Plus, LG 360 Cam and the LG 360 VR along with the LG G5. The LG G5 introduces a modular design which allows for these companion devices to plug into (or be connected to) and transform the LG G5 into a DSLR style camera (LG CAM Plus), a remote control for capturing photos and video from a 360 point of view (LG 360 CAM) or a way to enjoy the interactive and immersive experience of 360-degree virtual reality (LG 360 VR). In addition, the LG G5's sleek metal body features a slide out removable battery which is easily swapped for a fully-charged one, and its Always On display allows users to see the time, date and important notifications anytime without waking the phone.

U.S. Cellular will be offering the LG G5 at 24 monthly payments of $26.50, or $199 on a new two year contract. Customers who refer friends to U.S. Cellular can receive $50 after they sign up for a Shared Connect plan with any phone.



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