LG G4 menu key

For the most part, the old Android "menu" button has (thankfully) been consigned to history, with the vast majority of current phones and tablets. Most of the stuff that was hidden behind the menu key now lives in overflow menus — the three dots you'll often see in the top-right corner of an app. But you can still find remnants of the old "menu" functionality in the LG G4, and there's a simple trick that'll let you access some menus more easily as a result.

Long-press the recent apps key to activate the old "menu" button.

Like Samsung, LG has its recent apps key set to act as a menu key if you long-press it. It's not really explained anywhere, but it can come in useful, particularly in the G4's built-in apps. The stock launcher, for example, gives you a dropdown with shortcuts to the home screen and lock screen settings panes. And others like the dialer and messaging apps, it's easier to long-press the recents key if you're one-handing the phone.

In other apps, your mileage may vary. Some, like Facebook Messenger, Slack and Dropbox, have still have different menu options hidden behind the menu key. In others, like the vast majority of Google apps, the "menu" key does nothing at all.

So while these extra menus are generally being phased out, the long-press menu key is a useful feature to know about. For more LG G4 tips and tricks, check out our G4 help section!

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