LG's well-loved G3 will be gracing U.S. Cellular shelves next month for as low as $0 down on an installment plan. Specifics on pricing beyond that or any set dates aren't available just yet. Those who go in on the G3 will be eligible for U.S. Cellular's rewards program, where you earn points towards devices, accessories, events, and other goodies.

For those just getting acquainted with the LG G3, you'll probably want to dig into our review. Alex loved the thing.

"The G3 is a fantastic Android phone for anyone, but its strengths make it a really great fit for smartphone enthusiasts — those who want the biggest screen, the highest-resolution display, and relatively niche features like wireless charging and a removable battery. It's not as outwardly alluring as many high-end rivals — and certainly not as refined as this year's high water mark for smartphone design, the HTC One M8 — but you can't argue with the hardware or the way LG's packaged it all together. This is a beast of a phone, one we can highly recommend."

How many of you guys are already packing a G3? Digging it? Any U.S. Cellular customers think they might snag one?

Source: LG G3