It was a bit of a letdown to hear today that Verizon had locked up the exclusive on wireless charging with their own logo-laden LG G2, but luckily there's hope for the billions of people in this world not on Verizon. LG has confirmed with Pocket-Lint that the manufacturer will be making an accessory available to give wireless charging capabilities to the handset, at least in Europe.

Now this seems a little odd for Verizon to have a worldwide exclusive on wireless charging, but we have to at least give a small bit of credit to LG for making something else available. (Naturally, we would have preferred if LG didn't cave to such a crazy demand.) Unfortunately at this time LG was unwilling to confirm the pricing or release date of such accessory, even as the phone gets ready to go on sale next month.

Wireless charging being added with an external case is nothing new — Nokia most recently did it on the Lumia 925 — but it is far from the most elegant solution. The great part about wireless charging is not needing extra cables or cases to make it work, so requiring a case for it kind of defeats the purpose in our eyes.

Source: Pocket-Lint