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LG G2 tips and tricks: Long-press the volume buttons for app shortcuts

The LG G2 brings with it some interesting new features. Chief among them is the moving of the power button and volume buttons to the rear of the phone. Used in conjunction with the "Knock-on" feature for turning on the display, it brings (somewhat) of a sense of normalcy to a very different phone.

But there's a bit of added functionality that we'd recommend you not forget about — and that brings us back to those rearward-facing volume buttons.

LG G2 tip: Hold volume-down for a camera shortcut

Most phones give you a shortcut to the camera on the lockscreen. The LG G2 is no different — but it actually goes a step further. You don't even have to wake the phone first to get to the camera.

Hold the volume-down button on the LG G2 — they say 3 seconds, but you'll feel the phone vibrate when it triggers — and you'll immediately launch the camera app. 

And once the camera app is open, you can press volume-down (or volume-up, for that matter) to serve as a shutter button. An awkward shutter button, perhaps, but a shutter button all the same.

LG G2 tip: Hold volume-up for QuickMemo

QuickMemo is a major feature for LG, allowing you to annotate just about anything. So, LG's given you a shortcut to it, too. Hold down volume-up for a couple seconds and it'll fire it right up. No having to wake the phone first. 

See? It's just like the other one. Only different.

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  • Best android phone ever. Love his design and function. Great LG.
  • I agree 100% except I wish verizon would not have made the buttons smaller, but I do enjoy the wireless charging convenience.
  • The wireless charging is why the buttons are smaller. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not really the "best" its like samsung but a little better. Just little rotfl Posted via Android Central App
  • Really loving this phone....too bad the Clown from Gizmodo put in a very unprofessional review and may scare people away from this gem.
  • Hence why Giz blows Posted from the surface of the Moon
  • Good hardware, horrific software. Standard LG phone, not sure 'gem' is accurate.
  • I actually really like the LG software on the G2. It has tons of customization options and looks and runs great! I'm not sure what the beef is with it. To each their own I guess.
  • Software is in no way horrific, that's just an ignorant statement made by no doubt an ignoramus. Posted via Android Central App On my LG G2
  • Horrific software? You must be joking! The S4 had horrific software. That phone was an absolute lag-fest. My G2 is buttery smooth and they don't automatically have all the gimmicky stuff enabled unlike Samsung. You, oh commenter, need to use the device before judging it on it's appearance.
  • If you have a non-stock launcher...this doesn't work. :-(
    I have Nova Prime launcher on mine and holding the vol up or down only...changes the volume up or down.
  • I guess it wasn't exactly clear in this blog, but you do this when your screen is off to quick launch each App.
  • Thanks! THAT does work! :-)
  • weird. still works for me.
    at&t version. Posted via Android Central App
  • Out of curiosity for those who own one of these, how is operation of the phone with regards to the buttons on the back? I am seriously considering getting the G2, or possibly the HTC One MAX (unless it has the Snapdragon PRO processor, then no way). Currently have an HTC One, but want the larger screen. My trepidation comes from using the phone at work where it will be kept in a belt clip or holster. The knock to wake feature wont be of much use to me in that sense, as I would like to pull it out of the clip/holster and wake the screen with one hand. Just really curious as to how easy/difficult/awkward it really is with the button on the back. I am going soon to check them out in store, but would like to get some real users opinions first. THX.
  • It takes a little getting used to...the button location. For the knock-on/off's more of a tap the screen (touch sensing rather than vibration sensing). This is a nice feature if the phone is on a desk and you want to turn it on. No need to lift it to push the button. Just double-tap the screen to turn it on. Other phones you can "pinch them" (top/bottom or sides) to activate the power.
  • I guess it depends on how you personally interact with your device. You can certainly pull your phone out and knock to wake and swipe with your thumb, which would be one-handed. If a call comes in, you can simply bring the phone up to your face and it'll auto-answer. No need to swipe an answer button if you don't want to. I personally barely use the buttons at all to be honest, but when I do, they really are placed right where my index finger is much of the time and I find them to be very natural. It's also kind of neat to hold the phone by the edges and not feel any buttons or case cutouts. When you put it all together ... screen (the best I've ever seen), battery life (beyond excellent), S800 SoC (speedy), camera (incredible) it really is a fantastic device. Nothing is perfect, but it definitely checks all the boxes with honors.
  • thank you and ketchup for the replies. If it indeed is not really a true knock to wake, then yes, it sounds like I can use one hand to turn on the screen when needed. That was really my biggest concern. How easy it is to use one handed. The rest of the specs look great and I have not heard any bad comments about the screen. Definitely on the shortlist for my next phone!
  • How easy it is to use one handed? It really depends on how you hold your phone when you're interacting with the screen one handed. I personally tend to support the bottom of the phone with my pinky finger as kind of a "seat", three fingers spread out across the back, and thumb hovering over the screen. When holding it this way my thumb can reach about 80-90% of the screen from bottom to top, and I have average sized hands. So for things like dragging down the notification bar I have to change my grip or use my other hand. I'd say you can do many things one handed on this sized device but not everything, comfortably, all the time.
  • I can reach the top ok slight stretch for the notification bar but you can also customize the navigation buttons at the bottom to include a drop-down for smaller hands Posted via Android Central App
  • The buttons on the back are perfect. They make the bigger size manageable. It took me a few hours to get used to it. Now I love it. Best phone I have ever had by far.
  • And this is why I love my G2... Posted via Android Central App using my G2
  • Nice feature, but I probably wouldn't use it much. The G2s successor should have "shortcuts" on the display, ie, finger gestures. With the phone lying face up, swipe your finger in a "C" to open the camera app, "W" for the web browser, "E" for email, etc. They might need an ultra-low power secondary processor (similar to the Moto X) to monitor taps & swipes, but that would be a killer feature.
  • You can just download and app for those gesture shortcuts. No, you don't need an extra processor like the Moto X. I've had a similar feature (touch control/slide to wake) on my Nexus phones for years with no noticable effect on battery life. However, I do use Franco's kernels which let my device idle on one core at 384mhz(stock idles 1026mhz for example).
  • This might sound lame but I love the double tap feature that wakes up the phone and then puts it back to sleep.
  • I don't get the last for double tap. One tap turns my phone on. Its the power button Posted via Android Central App
  • I saw the G2 yesterday at the AT&T store. It was really smooth and quick, however on the device they had there was just about no adjustment available on the screen brightness. It was beautiful on the max setting but became unviewable with just a little movement of the setting to the left. Do you guys (owners) experience anything similar or something different? Btw, my current phone (sgs3) which doesn't compare to the G2, has the brightness setting less than half way. Posted via Android Central App
  • It may have had Auto Brightness checked, where moving the slider still impacts brightness but it tends to be darker at typical percentages. It's actually pretty cool how it works. With auto brightness checked, the setting on the slider sets the baseline for minimum brightness, then the auto works within the remaining range. Also keep in mind that LCD (HTC, LG) and Amoled (Samsung) screens are very different in how the brightness setting effects the screen as well as battery consumption.
  • I have keep mine at at 44% brightness the last couple days with no problems. Even been watching videos on it and using it outside. Posted via Android Central App
  • I just picked up the G2 today at lunch time. So far I really like this phone! It has it's quirks but by far better than the S4 I used for a few days. The buttons on the back took a bit to get used to but are pretty easy now. All the customization that is built into the phone is a nice touch. I don't use any of the Qapps. Once I get all my usual apps I use, this phone will be even better.
  • I have a G2 and absolutely love it! I have one issue with it though. Apparently when they talked about the "knock knock" feature, they failed to mention that this feature wouldn't fully work if you happen to have a separate launcher installed. I have installed a couple different launchers from the Play Store only to find that this feature no longer works. I have messed around with the settings, to no avail. I can "knock" the phone on, and off if it's just in the lock screen...but not if I'm on the Home screen. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • With a different launcher you have to knock on the navigation bar to turn it off. But it still works. Posted via Android Central App
  • yeah, I hope they all update that. Posted via Android Central App
  • Except for the bug that causes the backlight to dim/brighten randomly. Or the font bug. Or the camcorder panning bug that causes video to skip.
  • Not having long press be track skip would piss me off so much. I use spotify more than i would ever use either of those features. I hope they let you change these in their settings. Android is all about choice after all. Posted via Android Central App
  • Will there be a full review? Can't wait Posted via Android Central App
  • if it's locked, and face up, you could still knock-on then swipe left for unlocked camera.
    or swipe right from locked screen and you can add more widgets. Posted via Android Central App
  • Am I the only one that this doesn't work for on Verizon? Long pressing either volume button while the phone is asleep does nothing... maybe a result of BigRed's wireless charging/volume button customization? Posted via Android Central App
  • I was wondering about that as well. Especially since the Verizon version has them more flush, so it's harder to tell what you're pressing if you aren't looking.
  • Something is wrong with your phone or you have some software loaded that is breaking this feature. It works very well.
  • how to disable it?
    My G2 On the pants bags
    sometimes turned-on my camara & memo thanks!
  • Same problem here! Nice try of lg but not for skinny pants.
  • I have a G2 through Bell, I also have apex launcher on it, and all the special functions and buttons work as they did originally. The only thing I wish is that you could customize the swipe up from bottom options and the qdash options. This phone is fantastic, just needs a little more customization. If the google nexus 5 had higher hardware specs, I would have chosen it.
  • Is it possible to customize the apps opened by long pressing the volume up rear button?
  • Hello, i have this wonderful phone, but i dont understand one thing...
    What is the use of QuickMemo if you do not have a stylus to write on it? I have a Galaxy Note tablet, and thus writing with a finger is a nightmare... Does anyone actually use Quick Memo?