Following up on the first flexible phone released at the end of 2013, LG has returned with the G Flex 2. As the name implies, it's a direct sequel to the original G Flex, which sported a flexible display and battery and basically allowed you to put pressure on the phone that otherwise might have broken a mere mortal device. And it's really no different this time around. You don't bend the phone to really use it per se. Rather, it's a bit of insurance.

So what's new? The G Flex things scales things down a half-inch to 5.5 inches but increases the display resolution to 1080p. LG has added its own special sauce to the Gorilla Glass 3, making it even stronger at the edges. And the super-cool self-healing capability, which takes care of minor scratches, heals things faster than ever before.

And the camera is now a 13MP shooter with improved optical image stabilization, and the front camera has some cool selfie features.

Oh, and this is the first phone to run Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processor, bringing true 64-bit hardware to Android phones.