LG to expand Optimus G Pro availability worldwide

While the Optimus G Pro has been available since February in LG's home country of Korea, it has made a slow but steady march out to other countries around the world and is ready to reach a whole lot more in Q3. LG is announcing today that it plans to make the Optimus G Pro available in 40 countries throughout the quarter across Europe, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Latin America and the Middle East. The expanded launch builds on the apparent success of the handset in its initial launch regions of Asia and North America, where the 5.5-inch 1080p handset has sold well.

While it may seem like old news to many of us who have seen it on store shelves for some time, the device's specs are right on par with all of the highest-end handsets out there today. With a Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, high-quality 1080p display and 13MP camera it will still be entirely relevant when it hits these new countries.

Source: LG

Andrew Martonik

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  • It is finally available in India
    I think LG should introduce an old phone exchange scheme like apple, samsung and blackberry did
  • Personally LG is still just as weak as they ever have been. If you wanna play with the big dogs then you must deliver on the same stage. Carrier exclusives and placing old software on new handsets released will never get you respect in Android land. Plain and simple NOTHING beats Samsung period. The Galaxy Note 2 and upcoming Galaxy Note 3 pace this industry period. At the end of the day when you leave out your house and walk down the street you don't see anybody with an LG handset. What you do see is Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4's or Apple iphones every corner you turn. Lg will never become or be better than Samsung. Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 using the android central application
  • Here he goes again about the his almighty Samsung. Why won't you just go away...
  • It's best just to laugh and ignore him. Personally, I think he does more to help competitors of Samsung.
  • You know while I'm happy that LG is stepping up their game with their lineup and know that they are trying hard to catch up with other brands, nothing pisses me off more than a person always bashing on a company and saying one company will forever be superior. I agree Samsung is great and all but its not the best in the world. There will always be a better phone than Samsung. Look at Apple, when they created the iPhone we thought that this was it and was the best phone in the world until Android came. You have to understand that many companies make great phone and one company isn't to dog. LG is taking risk but good ones and is trying so give them my respect. Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Apple and Nokia are pretty much the dominate companies around right now. Posted via Android Central App
  • Get over yourself. "NOTHING beats Samsung period" Seriously? This is the same mentality that has gotten BlackBerry in the state they're in now. In 5 years from now it'll be another company and you'll be on THAT bandwagon saying "NOTHING beats ________ period because you see all these people with ______ and ______ and _______".
  • I own a Samsung Galaxy Note II and I won't be that arrogant! My phone is good but nothing is utterly perfect. There are things that could improve on my phone. An hdmi port and a IR blaster would be nice. Don't forget the biblical story of David and the Giant. The mighty tough guy got beat by a kid. So watch your tone! Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm sorry.
    I have something to remind you... Do you remember Motorola?
    Do you remember Nokia?
    Do you remember htc? You know Samsung, period! I own a Samsung. I've woned a htc, nokia, motorola...
    That's history my friend.
    Now, it's time for Samsung.
  • All this coming from the same moron who, just about 2 years ago, was saying he'd never touch any of "Samsuck's crappy ass plastic devices with a ten foot pole". What a joke.
  • I know a lot of people with LG phones infact they are the third largest . The sold over 10 million phones in the last quarter,it might not be Samsung numbers but remember Nokia was at the top then apple and now Samsung. it never lasts. Posted via Android Central App
  • Would it be possible for you to say something new for a change??? Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it the same Samsung which abandoned so many devices that I stopped trusting them?
    Like my Vibrant or TAB 10.1? No thx. I'll stick with my Nexus brand and if Samsung wants to sell me their hardware it has to be a Nexus (not a Nexus "experience").
  • I prefer LG to Samsung any day . Have had both and LG beats Samsung all the way. It's too bad that the LG G Pro isn't on Verizon or I would definitely be using it.
  • I really freaking wish this was on T-Mobile. Posted via Android Central App
  • If they planned it right they could have had one model for both AT&T and T-Mobile. As long as I'm dreaming, we could have also had a Google experience Optimus G Pro...
  • This! I would already have this in my hands if it wasn't Att only. :-( Posted via Android Central App
  • their sells has xploded after optimus g & nexus 4 ..they are in the game now and more is coming
  • Samsung makes good devices but, other companies are coming on strong. i love the fact that their are great choices with android phones. This is why Android is kicking the snot out of Apple(and im not bashing Apple)- i used to own one but, the LG Optimums G Pro Rules! just like the UI- we have choices!
    Roms, launchers, and Wiglets oh My...
  • If they want to expand availability, they need to get it on T-Mobile and Sprint in the US. Verizon probably won't touch it since AT&T had an exclusive which means Verizon has to pout about it.
  • I played with one of these at the AT&T store about six months ago. Slick device, nice display, feels good in the hand, but...AT&T exclusive made it a deal-killer for me. I've had a Note II since November '12, and I'm itching to move up to a a 1080P display in this size range, but this close to an HTC phablet (VZW, please!) and the Note III announcements has me waiting. I'm no Samsung fanboy, but the Note series' features like multi-window/split-screen, and the stylus make it a tough competitor to beat software-wise, and before you jump in with a "I hate touchwiz" rant, just stop. Root it, freeze the bloatware, custom ROM, or use an AOSP-like launcher (Nova rocks) and touchwiz is pretty much unnoticeable. YMMV.
  • "and before you jump in with a "I hate touchwiz" rant, just stop. Root it, freeze the bloatware, custom ROM, or use an AOSP-like launcher (Nova rocks) and touchwiz is pretty much unnoticeable. YMMV." Or, you can buy a LG Optimus G Pro and not have to do any of those things and the phone works smooth as butter. I know because I have one after coming from the original Note.
  • I think LG has a little ways to go with the Optimus G Pro before I would recommend it over the Galaxy Note 2. The display seems to be a bit too sensitive to me to use one handed. I was constantly finding myself launching apps with my thumb while trying to press the back button. Also I found the auto-brightness to not function very well either. But I did find the following: - Gorgeous display
    - Loved the software design
    - Camera takes great photos and video
    - The remote control app works very well and is super easy to setup There are other things I liked about it, but those were the main aspects that stood out to me.
  • I currently have the LG Pro and I owned a GN2. Personally I like the LGP better on all aspects. Better screen, great battery life, camera is great and more importantly to me it has 32gb on board (around 25gb available give or take) and it's expandable up to 64gb (59gb) with micro sd card expansion. Something that to me every phone over 5.3 inches should come as being standard. The only thing that is a handicap to LG is carrier exclusivity. If this phone was on all major carriers this phone would get a lot of steam and start to put LG back on the map. I will admit though I'm interested in seeing what the GN3 and the HTC T6 has to offer considering they are coming soon for the phablet market.
  • Was really hoping this phone came to T-Mobile, instead AT&T got the exclusive, really pissed me off. This phone has all the great specs plus it has 32gb of internal storage as their stock size phone. I refuse to buy any top of the line phone without the minimum of 32gb of int memory plus the ext sd-card. Without the sd-card I want 64gb of int storage. To me that is whats needed on todays modern phones. Sure cloud storage is great but if you have no signal you have no way of accessing your cloud storage. I need certain files all the time at my finger tips, I just want and need int storage and 16gb is just pathetic IMO. I really like the looks and feel of this great SmartPhone, what is pretty cool is their home button is also a notification light. Great idea and it works great. Please T-Mobile get this phone.
  • If only this phone had gone to all carriers and not exclusively to AT@T . I am on Verizon and AT@T is not as reliable as Verizon in my area.