LED Football hits the Amazon Appstore, takes you back to 1978

I can remember a simpler day, when video games had no more than four buttons, as many sounds and just one color. (Yes, I am old.) And that's why I'm a little stocked to see another iteration of the original 1978 Mattel Football game hit Android. 

LED Football is a pretty faithful recreation, available now in the Amazon Appstore. (It's currently listed at $1.99.) And when we say pretty faithful, we're just talking about the buttons. It's also goto simulated button wear (ahhhhhh, remember those days?) and an option to pull the battery (of the football game, not the phone) to reset the game.

Now, excuse us while we spend the rest of the night reminiscing. 

Download: LED Football from Amazon (opens in new tab)

  • HOLY CRAP! That kicks ass!
  • Yes it does. I had this game as a kid. Amazing!
  • Neato! I actually have the original handheld of this, so I don't think it's a buy until all the little lights burn out hahaha
  • Is this Mattel Football 1 or 2 ? Can you pass?
  • This makes me feel really old.
  • Holy Crap! I remember this game...I realize i never really understood how to play it since my older brothers lost the instructions. I would just mash buttons till stuff happened.
  • They should be playing this on an OG Droid.
  • WHAT? Holy #$@#!!!!!
  • AWESOME!! I used to love this game!!
  • I played my handheld till the buttons wore out.
  • I had the Football and Baseball handheld. Wasted plenty of time figuring out the pattern. Once I did it was more hours just running up the score. It was a Blast. I WANT IT NOW!
  • I dare not download this one. I can see my youth anger coming out and tossing my phone across the room at the wall when the game cheats. Because we all know these games used to cheat! LOL
  • Man the memories, I loved that game! I can still recall the game sound in the archives of my brain. BTW you said "stocked" did you mean shocked/stoked(again showing our age)?
  • Time to.master it again. Whats the release date for Football II. I heard it will be in a dark green casing and have a back button! It would be sweet to be able to run backwards.
  • Wow, these people really reversed engineered the crap out of that game. Mattel Electronic Football rocks and this Android port truly nailed it. GO LONG! Now to wish they make the Baseball game too.
  • footbal I was the white game. No passing Football II was green and allowed for passing and moving backwards. I have the remakes of both!
  • LOL my friend had this game. We all gathered around to take turns. My how things have changed. This reminds me how lucky we are to live in a time that tech and life is significantly different from when we were born to when we will die. Not too long ago, you were born a farmer and you died a farmer and not much changed in-between. Amazing things have happened in the last 40 years. A micro-computer/Phone in my pocket that communicates with satellites LOL. Benjamin Franklin was so smart, he saw the new wave of technical and science innovation coming (steam engines and electricity etc not phones of course) and once said he was sad that he was born 100 years too early.
  • Of course, that was one of a million crazy things he said after he got stuck by lightning while flying a kite during a thunderstorm. "Ol' Man Sizzle" is what the townsfolk used to call him. Smelled like bacon the rest of his days.
  • WOW... I had that game. It was my first video game. After that I received a tiny arcade style Zaxxon game and then the Atari 2600 all followed eventually by every Nintendo home console and a PS3. That little football game was a blast. However, my version was two player where each player held one end.
  • that was Coleco head to head football
  • Just downloaded - and wow do I suck playing it!!! Something years ago, I ruled this game and always wondered why people couldn't always get a touchdown. Oh how the mighty have fallen! (I got my game (real one - not the app) at a yard sale. It was so frigging old that when you went for a field goal, the screen would just flash for a few seconds and then would make a sound if you scored.)
  • No kidding. I couldn't score on my first attempts last night. The closest I came to a touchdown was when I saw a chance to go all the way but was still tackled. Not sure if developers tweaked the difficulty, or I just plain suck.
  • This brings back memories. Used to play football, hockey and baseball all the time with my friends. I remember wearing out the buttons to where they barely worked anymore. Luckily our parents got us new ones. lol Fast forward; think it was about five years ago, I found the green football 2 version in a Walmart or Target (forget which one) and grabbed it. It's still laying around somewhere in the house here. I'm gonna go look for it! :P
  • My cousin had the Mattel version. My Mother relented and bought me the Coleco Electronic Quarterback.
    It would have a switch you use to pass. BTW, the Coleco use to "cheat" too :).
  • Cool. I still own my original Mattel Football I and II games, brings back a lot of memories.
  • Way - Too - Cool!! Gawd I played that thing a lot with my cousins. However, gotta say, that this ported game obviously cannot compare to the original what with the feel of those mechanical buttons, the plastic box case... oh yeah... waxing nostalgic......... Sure, It wasn't football but nothing else can be Mattel Football
  • This is different than the actual game. This one has no blockers for the running back and the field isn't as wide, so there isn't much room to get away.
    It still brings back memories though.