Leaked video shows off a peek view on the Surface Duo

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A leaked video shows off a peek view on the Surface Duo.
  • The feature appears to let you view and interact with a sliver of the phone with the device partially flipped open.
  • The view shows the date and notifications in the video.

A new feature for the Surface Duo appears in a leaked video. Twitter user and well-known leaker WalkingCat, shared a video of the Surface Duo with simply the word "Peek" attached. The video shows off a way you can interact with a sliver of the Duo's screen without having to open the device all the way.

In the video, it shows how you can interact with a small portion of the Surface Duo's display. After the device is partially opened, the display shows the date, some other information, and the device's notifications. You can interact with the notifications, including scrolling through them and swiping them away.

Since this is a leaked video, the feature might not be available on the Surface Duo when it releases. If the feature is available, it would seem like a good way to interact with your phone with a bit of privacy. You could crack it open, swipe through some notifications, and close it back up. It also seems a bit quicker than opening the device all the way.

A second video from WalkingCat (shown above) shows the same feature previewing a person's call details. When you open the Duo a crack, you see who is calling; then, you can open it all the way to accept or reject the call.

  • I'll wait for its great grandchildren to arrive.
  • This is the only reason I haven't pulled the trigger on the Flip.
  • For the people waiting for this product, (me included) having a smart watch would be a great combo because then you wouldn't have to open the Duo to view notifications. You can just look at your and swipe through your watch
  • It will work with any wearOS watch. Many different styles to choose from. Fill your boots! My fav's are tag heuer and a couple of the fossil models.
  • Might not be available when it releases? They have plenty of time to get this stuff done by the holidays late this year. They need to have everything ready at launch.