LauncherPro+ announced at introductory fee along with great enhancements

LauncherPro beta has come out of the beta stages and has entered the world of paid applications. Born from the testing is LauncherPro+, which is being offered for an introductory price of $3. C'mon folks, its $3, just skip your cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee tomorrow -- your scrollable widgets will thank you. Yes, you read that correctly, one of the big features they have implemented into this launcher that has yet to be seen outside the real of HTC Sense is scrollable widgets. Currently there is only a contact widget, which is pretty dang sweet, but they are still working on more scrolling widgets to bring to the table. Currently you won't find the paid version of this application in the market because the developer lives in an area that is not yet supported (let's go, Google!) but head over to their site and you can PayPal the funds to get your hands on the application now. [Launcher Pro]

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  • I have a hunch this'll attract HTC's ire...
  • Actually, ADW Launcher also supports scrollable widgets. I'm using the pure calendar widget with it at the moment. That said, Launcherpro is also awesome, and the developer has certainly earned the $3.00 (I mean tall latte).
  • They both do, and have for awhile. The difference with the + version is it'll come with scrollable widgets, pre-installed.
  • ADW may support scrollable widgets, but you don't get exclusive widgets included, you're just able to use 3rd party ones.
    Plus... LP is so much more polished than ADW and you get heaps of options to configure mem usage according to your widget/homescreen setup so that it basically never crashes anymore. Anyway this is the 1st app I paid for and doing it happily. I donated 5 bucks to the dev of another app, although it's 100% free.
  • I agree with everything here. I honestly don't know why everybody seems to be on the ADW bandwagon - scrolling around in menus and the drawer alone in this launcher makes your phone feel like it's overclocked. Google needs to do this same stuff to their stock Android OS.
  • I know the beta was fast, how is the speed with the scrollable widgets installed?
  • new to android and been playing with my x for a few days but this defiantly looks like a well worthy app.
  • Excellent. Someone was only asking about scrollable contacts for Launcher Pro yesterday in the forums ... pretty timely. Pure Messenger and Calendar have scrolled on Launcher Pro for a little while already. What is the process for getting updates when this is side loaded and will it conflict with market place one?
  • Great question I was wondering the same thing. I'll email the developer see what he says. Don't mind paying just want to make sure this will be easily updatable once its officially in the market.
  • Here's the developers response in regards to updates: Federico Carnales to me
    show details 6:04 PM (3 minutes ago)
    Next versions should be updateable through the market.
  • I've played around with a couple of the Home replacements and have to say I prefer LauncherPro. I like being able to jump straight from Screen 5 to Screen 1 if I want. Maybe that was possible in ADW, but I never figured it out. And perhaps that's one of my biggest complaints about ADW: so many settings that navigating through the menus is like trying to understand Matrix: Revolutions. At some point I'd just give up and say, "I'll use it this way." I imagine I'll be tossing $3 to Mr. Carnales.
  • Very cool for those none htc users, but if your intrested grab it fast as I'm inclined to agree with the first post htc will not like this! its vertualy identical to the htc sence people widget.
  • i can't even install from my phone. i guess i have to go home and unmount the sd card, etc and work it from my comp.
  • The default browser evidently has issues with downloading from a pwd protected page. He recommends using Skyfire (in the market) as that does the download just fine.
  • HTC browser worked fine for the download.
  • yeah i download it fine its the opening and install is the problem =X
  • Go to the android market do a search for installer its free then navigate to the APK filee double tap and confirm instalation.
  • He really needs to fix the download so all browsers can use it. Having to install another program just to get this is not cool.
  • Does this support themes? I just got my phone ( and am still playing around with how i set up my homescreens. I see lots of themes in the market but I don't know if they are for stock and rooted only or if sense can use them too.
  • Most of the themes are for alternative home screen apps they normaly say what ones they support.
    Personaly I like my HTC sence its solid and never fails (no F/C) the widgets are astheticly pleasing enough.
    I tryed Open home but switched back within a week as I was constantly having to restart it.
  • I have never had my Launcher Pro or ADW force close on me; they will occasionally have to re-load the widgets when I return to the home screen because I was doing something that required the memory, but never a force close. ...I only used the Sense UI for a week before I rooted - the performance difference between Sense UI and Launcher Pro are unmistakable and I don't foresee myself returning to Sense UI any time soon. -HeroC
  • Works a treat (just seemed to double up on groups of contacts I had like family, friends etc ... one worked, one didn't for each group name. Once populated works smoothly). Actually the whole thing seems a little smoother moving between screens etc. There is still a slight lag when pinching to show all screens the first time you do it but otherwise snappy and highly usable. One thing to note, I looked in the Widget list out of habit only to note that there is a separate Launcher Pro widget list ... bright icon and everything (but I missed it for a while ;)) Edit: Pure widgets still working perfectly so all good. Be interesting to see what the developer does with future widgets and how calendar compares.
  • I disagree. I'm an HTC sense user but Launcher Pro is so much better imo. I never really had the need for the 7 screens that htc Sense forces upon you. I understand some people do, so it's a nice option, but I wish they would allow you to choose like Launcher Pro does. I now have my phone set to 3 screens and the screens aren't even that cluttered thanks to the customizable and scrollable docks (which is the biggest + over htc Sense)... The scrollable widgets are just a bonus. I gladly paid the $2.99 for this as it's now my primary launcher.
  • If you have HTC Sense, launcher pro is no for you. you can try it but Sence is 30% more smooth. refinate and fast than LP.
  • Disagree. A number of people using it are Sense users who want more flexibility on the dock bar, and since trying it out I don't want to go back. It would be nice to be able to use HTC widgets but this kind of thing fills the gap. Having been forced to try Pure Calendar, messenger and grid calendar using launcher pro I would not go back to the Sense Widgets now due to the configuration they offer (although the Pure developer could learn from how the Launcher Pro developer has packaged the widget options rather than dumping heaps of widgets in the widget list).
  • This. I can't imagine going back to Sense now. I didn't like being stuck with the dock bar and huge bubble icons.
  • entirely not true. I have a dInc and significantly prefer launcherpro. I have embraced it, the five item homescreen and multiple launcher bars that I have actually shrunk my number of home screens to three and still have plenty of real estate. htc has very pretty widgets and rarely i do miss one, but not badly enough that it will pull me away from launcherpro. sense is quite well refined and smooth - i totally agree, but launcherpro is not exactly very far behind. it is also a million times more flexible.
  • Dose the Droid inc run HTC Sence...... mm maybe droids UI "but" HTC© Sence I doubt it very much.
    HTC© Sence is copyrighted and a major feature of the HTC devices and 1 very good reason to buy HTC.
    You might get lucky with a HTC froyo rom if your rooted.
    Herez a vid or two on htc sence for those not sure what SENCE is.
  • Yes the Droid Incredible runs Sense. It's made by HTC. HTC Droid Incredible
  • OoO heres me thinking it was a motarola being a Droid..... thanks for the clarification. I'm supprised HTC havn't been told of by Motarola for a brand infringment here.
  • "Droid" is not a Motorola brand. It's actually a Lucasfilm trademark that VERIZON has licensed and used as a brand to promote its high-end Android phones (and for some inexplicable reason, the HTC Droid Eris). Any HTC phone, whether or not it's a Verizon "Droid", runs HTC Sense.
  • I've been using Launcher Pro B for a long time now and it absolutely ROCKS! More than happy to send the Dev 3 bucks to upgrade to +. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.
  • Bought!
  • I'm definitely buying this. This dev deserves it.
  • Yeah I just had to buy this simply based on the developers efforts. The upgrade is just icing, and I'm loving it!
  • is there an app or a process to sync your facebook profile pictures with your google contacts? i love this launcher, but trying to figure out how to get my profile pics added to google contacts.
  • Try "syncmypix"; it will replace your contact photos with photos from Facebook. It's free and can be found in the market.
  • The first program that has impressed me enough to pay for it. I used the beta and loved it and the paid version is actually even better! Motorola or Google need to give this guy a job! GREAT JOB!
  • I've been using LauncherPro Beta since I got my Nexus One and haven't switched from it since. He's taken good care of his followers and I'm sure he'll do the same for his paid customers - I definitely plan on getting the pro version; this guy deserves every penny if not more.
  • Been waiting a long time for this, looks great and I can't live without it.
  • I've been using the beta for several weeks now and love it. However the new Plus version not being available to buy on the market is a huge blow! I would buy it right now for $3 if it were on the market. I don't understand, why is Google restricting this guy from putting his paid app on the market? His free one is!? How ashame.
  • Fede said it was because he lives in a country that is not allowed to place paid apps in the market.
  • I'd buy it if it were up on the market place. Won't buy it otherwise.
    I'd rather not have to keep checking up on his website to see if there is ever an update. On that not, When their are updates how would you get them? Pray he keeps a log of whose paid and who hasn't and hope he sends it out to you? Pay again?
    I can wait. I'll just stick to ADW for the time being. Both are great launchers, but LP-Beta does feel more polished then ADW to me. On the upside of ADW is that it is free and open-sourced. Also works almost equally as well. Can't go wrong either pay really.
  • Install App brain on your device make a free account on the website and sync it will tell you what updates are available ;)
  • I wasted no time purchasing this today, even if he doesn't come up with any other widgets, the work he has done on the launcher pro certainly merited it, I love launcher Pro! :)
  • This launcher is nothing short of amazing, considering the stock garbage we have been getting. This guy really is starting to unlock the power of the Android OS (not to sound horribly cheesy). Easily worth $3. I'll skip my afternoon cup of coffee to ensure he gets my $3 (and he already did last night). I suggest you all do the same if you have been using this launcher. Unless these guys get paid, they aren't going to keep developing just for fun. My "only" complaint (and I hate to complain but here goes) is that the people widget he just included doesn't pull pics from FB (which is pretty much all I use). Unless you attached photos manually to your contacts, there's no pic. Am I doing something wrong?
  • yea, i have the same problem as well. and asked earlier in the comments. i think you need to sync your google contacts with facebook profile pics in order to make this work. i heard there is an app for that but havent found it? anyone? this launcher is the bomb!!!
  • I also donated 5 bux. Well worth it for the performance Ive gotten from this Launcher!!!
  • The moment I heard about this, the first thing I did was get on PayPal to send this dev his well deserved $3. I've been using LauncherPro Beta since it was released and have never looked back. $3 to a dev that created something I use every single day, for hours on end, a no brainer. LauncherPro+!!!
  • Im trying out launcher pro beta and it doesnt allow me to resize the contact widget on my droid x like the defaul home scree does on the droid x. Is this still an issue with Launcher pro +?
  • Pretty sure resizeable widgets is an enhancement specific to the flavor of android motorola put on the droid x, so you'd lose that using any home screen.
  • Yeah, the only widgets that are resizable are Moto Widgets, and in order to use those, you have to use the stock Moto Widgets homescreen. If you lose ADW or LauncherPro(+), you can't use the Moto Widgets that resize, only the standard Android ones or third-party ones that aren't resizable.
  • Paid and downloaded. Not so much for the new features but because he deserves some compensation for all of the hard work he has been letting us use free of charge so far.
  • Paid and downloaded. I don't care about the widgets, but he deserves the support. Love LauncherPro.