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Spoiler warning: This guide contains spoilers regarding playable characters within the game.

As useful as guns are against infected, nothing is quite as satisfying as burning down everything in your path. The flamethrower takes up a long gun slot in your inventory, but you don't need a special holster to carry it. You'll come across the flamethrower later in the game, and it becomes an incredibly useful tool against one particular boss that is easily the toughest enemy you'll encounter.

It's unknown if there are multiple locations where a weapon can be found like in the previous game, but this is where I found the flamethrower.

Where to find the flamethrower

While playing as Abby on Day Two in Seattle, there comes of point when you and Lev need to go to the hospital for supplies. To get there quicker, Lev takes you through some makeshift bridges — which are built on fallen construction cranes — that Scars set up high atop some skyscrapers. Near the end of this sequence, you'll slip from the bridge and fall into a hotel pool.

  1. As you make your way down the hotel to street level, you'll get to an floor with spores and you'll need to find a mask for Lev because he doesn't have one.
  2. After he has the mask, use the fire hose to climb down a few floors.
  3. Another floor below this is where you can find the flamethrower.

    The Last Of Us Part Ii Hotel Blacray Room Flamethrower RoomSource: Android Central

  4. You'll need to go all the way to one end of the building and squeeze through the door into a bathroom.

    The Last Of Us Part Ii Abby Hotel FlamethrowerSource: Android Central

  5. Walk across a plank into next room.

    The Last Of Us Part Ii Abby Hotel FlamethrowerSource: Android Central

  6. You'll find a soldier lying against the wall with the flamethrower.
  7. Just pick it up and you're good to go.

    The Last Of Us Part Ii Abby Hotel FlamethrowerSource: Android Central

Fuel is relatively rare to come by, so I wouldn't waste it on just any regular enemy.

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