The Last of Us Part 2: How to easily kill a Shambler

The Last Of Us Part Ii Shambler Image
The Last Of Us Part Ii Shambler Image (Image credit: Android Central)

Shamblers are a new type of infected introduced in The Last of Us Part 2. These large mutants lack the fungal armor and raw strength of Bloaters, but if they get close, they'll release a cloud of burning acid that'll quickly kill you. You'll always know when they're nearby, as they have a deep, gurgling bellow. Here's what you need to know to easily kill them.

How to easily kill a Shambler in The Last of Us Part 2

Fortunately, despite their appearances, Shambler's aren't too difficult to bring down. Due to their slow gait, trap bombs are extremely effective. Stay out of sight, place a bomb in the Shambler's path, then back away. If need be, lure the Shambler in by throwing a bottle. Follow up with a headshot or two using the handgun or revolver and the Shambler should go down.

If trap bombs aren't an option, burn them with a Molotov and follow up with a blast from the shotgun or rifle. Be careful, as Shamblers are rarely alone and are usually (but not always) encountered in pairs.

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Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you try and engage in melee combat. Shamblers aren't very strong but they will grab you and hold on while releasing their acidic blasts. This acid will quickly kill you if stay in it, so keeping a healthy distance while unloading on the Shambler is key to survival.

The Last of Us Part 2 isn't a journey to be missed

The Last of Us Part 2 tells the next chapter in Ellie and Joel's story, with deadly infected and humans alike in your path. If you'd like to learn more about it, you can read our review from PlayStation lead Jennifer Locke. In it, she wrote that "The Last of Us Part 2 is an outstanding achievement in storytelling with believable, flawed characters, but some of the narrative decisions are sure to be divisive."

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