The Korea-bound LG Band Play brings the jams to life with premium speakers

The LG Band Play is a new smartphone for the Korean market that puts the focus on the camera and speakers. The smartphone features rich set of 1W speakers, a 13MP rear camera with laser auto focus, and a 5MP front facing camera. Further backing up its focus on the music lover, the phone comes with a set of "premium" earbuds in the box.

Running down the list of other specs, the LF Band Play sports a 5-inch 1280 x 720 display, a Snapdragon 410 Processor, and 2GB of RAM. Also coming along for the ride are some carry-over gestures from LG's main G line, including gesture shot and gesture view for the camera. Additionally, LG is touting the phone's "focus mode" that cuts all data and automatically rejects calls once it is enabled, allowing users to focus on whatever their current task may be. Unfortunately, the device is only available in either black or white.

While it's decidedly middle-of-the-road in a lot of ways, the device's sound and camera specs are pretty impressive. That being said, it's unlikely we'll see this one launching outside of Korea. However, if you happen to be located in or find yourself in Korea, the LG Band Play launches Thursday for KRW394,800 ($356.56).

Source: LG