Kiloo partners with PapayaMobile, bringing their games to Android

Kiloo, the folks behind the huge hit Frisbee Forever for iOS, will be partnering with PapayaMobile and launching their games on Android using the social gaming network.  Using Papaya's social SDK, Killo games will have access to features like news feeds, leaderboards, chat, achievements, and custom avatars.  There's also those 18 million existing Papaya users on Android, so it's easy to see the draw here.  For users like you and I, the best part of this mutually beneficial partnership is more quality games for the Android platform.  Everyone's a winner. 

We don't have all the details, but expect to see Kiloo games, starting with Frisbee Forever, in the Android Market sometime later in the year.  You can read the full press release after the break.

More information: PapayaMobile; Kiloo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - June 14, 2011


PapayaMobile (, the leading games social networking service on Android with over 18 million unique users, and Kiloo (, an award-winning mobile app development company, announced a worldwide partnership today through which Kiloo will launch their Android titles on PapayaMobile’s social networking service. The first title to launch will be Frisbee Forever, which ranked #1 in the Top Games and Top Apps categories in the iTunes App Store.


“We are delighted to announce our partnership with PapayaMobile. I believe that PapayaMobile offers a comprehensive set of tools, the best user experience, and the broadest range of monetization opportunities in the market today,” said Jacob Moller, CEO of Kiloo. “Papaya also possesses a social network that drives deep social engagement and monetization.”


Kiloo will be integrating Papaya’s free social SDK to cross promote their games amongst Papaya's 18 million users, as well as to enable features such as a news feeds, invitations, P-mails, chat-rooms, leaderboards, achievements and a sophisticated avatar system. Kiloo will also be using Papaya’s virtual currency system allowing users to easily purchase virtual goods in the ecosystem.


“Papaya is very excited to begin this new partnership with Kiloo, working together closely to integrate Kiloo’s games into our social network,” said Si Shen, CEO and Co-founder of PapayaMobile. “The goal of the partnership is to both increase the user base and revenue of Kiloo’s games and continue to establish Kiloo as a leader in mobile game development.”


Frisbee Forever for Android powered by PapayaMobile launches later this year for all popular Android smart phones and tablets.


About PapayaMobile

Founded in 2008 by CEO Si Shen and CTO Qian Wenjie, PapayaMobile provides both tools for game developers and content for players on its growing social mobile network of over 18 million users worldwide. With headquarters in Beijing and offices in San Francisco and London, PapayaMobile offers developers a fast and easy way to reach millions of users across the globe and improve their return on investment for Android game development. Players can participate in high quality social mobile gaming experiences with rich community interaction across Papaya’s rapidly growing network of hosted games.


About Kiloo

Kiloo was founded in 2000 and has been one of the leading mobile game companies in Europe ever since. The company has been developing high-end entertainment for handheld devices during the last ten years and has sold more than 25 million products in this time. Kiloo has specialized in bringing world famous brands to the mobile markets. In the past couple of years the company has focused primarily on the new handheld gaming devices such as iPhone, Android and Nintendo DS. Kiloo’s games are currently live in more than 50 countries around the world.

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