Keep some Texan pride on your home screen with these wallpapers

We believe in helping our neighbors, in opening our doors and our hearts to anyone in need. We believe that we are stronger together, and in times like these, we know that our fellow Texans will band together to help. Whether you call the Lone Star state home or not, whether you've ever sampled the amazing cuisine at Port Aransas or dreamed of the stars at Space Center Houston, everyone has Texas in their hearts, minds, and you should have Texan beauty on your home screen, too.

Also, please donate to the Red Cross now and consider donating to the rebuilding effort that will take years.

Houston, we have a rocket

I'm not gonna say it. I'm not gonna say it. I'm not gonna say it.

Houston's most famous and misquoted phrase is certainly apt this week, and thankfully, Space Center Houston hasn't been hit as hard as many other parts of the city. NASA's got a little cleanup to do, but thankfully one of Houston's most famous attractions will be open again before too long. This wallpaper comes from when the Space Shuttle Endeavour was flown over Houston in 2012, and it's a beautiful sight to see the shuttle over a city that means so much to and has gotten so much from the space program.

Endeavour over Houston by NASA

Keep Calm

Keep Calm and Carry on may be a British propaganda poster, but Texas is a cultural melting pot and we take our memes from all sides. Houston, in particular, receives more refugees that some entire states, and has a vibrant multi-ethnic and LGBTQ community, and from queso to kolaches, we bask in the food and beauty of all cultures that contribute to our state. This wallpaper is also helpful because as chaotic as things have been in the last week, we could all use a reminder to breathe in, breathe out, and maybe go get a sweet tea from Sonic Happy Hour, because it's going to be a long, humid day.

Keep Calm and Love Texas

Dallas Flower Garden

Trey Ratcliff, the truly awesome photographer whose photographs have graced your Chromecasts for years, is a Texan, and while he has many, many pieces from his photo-hunting around the state, this is one of my favorite Texas pieces from him. Dallas as a city is seen as massive urban sprawl. Heck, our airport alone is bigger than Manhattan, but this doesn't mean our city is an urban jungle of concrete. This wallpaper beautifully juxtaposes the skyward spires of downtown with the colorful serenity of a flower garden and it makes me want to stop and smell the flowers more than an embankment of bluebonnets.

Dallas, Texas by Trey Ratcliff

Ex-cue me, may I eat that?

Texas is home to a mind-boggling amount of good food, and Houston alone can make a foodie weep tears of ecstasy... and barbecue sauce, because man does Houston love her some 'cue! Harlem Road Texas BBQ calls Houston-area Richmond home, and while they're not open to guests yet, they are whipping up their best barbecue for first responders as they tend to the city and its people, which makes them more than just damn good barbecue masters: it makes them damn good Texans.

Harlem Road Texas BBQ (opens in new tab)

Sunrise on Texas

People say sunsets and sunrises are beautiful everywhere, but they're bigger and better in Texas. I mean just look at that! Highway and natural wonder as far as the eye can see! Tell me that doesn't make your heart soar. The rest of the day of driving across Texas might be a little less fun, but we can't help it if driving across our state takes hours and hours and hours. We can only put the speed limit so high, after all.

Texas Sunrise by Curtis Simmons

Ara Wagoner

Ara Wagoner was a staff writer at Android Central. She themes phones and pokes YouTube Music with a stick. When she's not writing about cases, Chromebooks, or customization, she's wandering around Walt Disney World. If you see her without headphones, RUN. You can follow her on Twitter at @arawagco.

  • Houston you have a problem. There I said it. Now you don't have too.
  • Unbelievable as it might seem, Beaumont & Port Arthur, TX look even worse.
  • No, that's believable. Beaumont always looks worse than Houston. In all seriousness, yes, Beaumont & Port Arthur are getting double whammied, as is Lake Charles, LA. Harvey isn't done mucking things up, and the damage to industry on the coast will take years to properly recover, to say nothing of rebuilding homes and infrastructure.
  • Thanks this Ara. So easy to donate via phone!
  • "Don't Mess with Texas." We take care of ourselves. Search and rescue started as soon as possible. Volunteers showed up from everywhere. Businesses pitched in, neighbors helped each other, city, county and state are working together. No martial law, no Federal interference, Coast Guard, National Guard, Marines, various local police, sheriff and EMS are working together. That is how you run a disaster recovery. Donate to JJ Watt's fundraiser. I just got water in the cars. I live 2 miles from Space Center Houston.
  • Thats great, people taking care of the problem first.
  • I really would love to move to Texas someday.
  • The more the merrier! I suggest Denton, Cedar Park, and Plano. Come visit Fredericksburg during peach season!
  • I second Denton! I lived there for 2 years and I enjoyed it. My future plans involve living in Houston though!
  • I live in garland tx and wish I could donate to Houston however I'm still in school and can barely afford to feed myself