Jiggle Physics Podcast #19: Console Wars: The Next Generation

Jiggle Physics Art
Jiggle Physics Art (Image credit: Jiggle Physics Art)

eSports based on Activision Blizzard games are coming exclusively to YouTube through a new partnership with Google. Carli, Rebecca, and Jen also examine the next wave of console wars and why specs don't really matter. On a related note, they discuss why Nintendo doesn't have much to fear from PS5 and Xbox Series X even though they may be working on a Switch Pro. Finally, Carli has spent some time playing Doom Eternal. As has been the case with pretty much all the previous Doom games, the plot is stupid. But she means that in the best, most loving way possible!

Hosted by: Russell Holly, Jennifer Locke, Carli Velocci, and Rebecca Spear

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