LG isai FL

What you see above is said to be a leaked image to the LG isai FL. Courtesy of prolific leaker @evleaks, the isai FL is reportedly coming to Japanese carrier KDDI's "au" sub-brand. But what's truly interesting about the LG isai FL are the very minimal bezels on the sides and top. Very, very minimal. LG's isai line of phones has traditionally been a fairly high-end, with top-quality displays, processors, and the like, and we see no reason to suspect the isai FL won't hold up to the same standards.

There's not much more we can draw from this render, aside from it continuing LG's trend of buttons on the back (kicked off by the LG G2) and having a back-side that tapers in towards the front (as judged by the outsets for the micro USB port and headphone jack.

Source: @evleaks