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It's finally happening: Android users can view their Twitter timeline in chronological order

Dark mode on the Twitter app
Dark mode on the Twitter app (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

Remember about a month ago, when Twitter rolled out the option for iOS users to switch from its "optimized" Home feed, which shows you popular tweets first, back to the chronological timeline we've all been clamoring over for years? Well, good news, everyone — starting today, that feature is coming to Android users, too.

Twitter's decision to move to an algorithmic timeline back in 2016 hasn't exactly been a popular one, with seemingly endless complaints over the ways tweets are organized. At the top of your timeline may be a days-old tweet, or even a tweet from someone you don't follow (usually because it was "liked" by someone you do follow), while the most recent tweets could be buried dozens of posts down.

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As of today, Android users should start seeing a sparkly icon in the upper right corner of the app that gives you the option to see the latest tweets first. Sure enough, everything is displayed in the order it was tweeted, with no In Case You Missed It nonsense interrupting your feed. Just keep in mind that you'll be switched back to the Home view if you haven't opened Twitter in a while — you can't escape the algorithm completely.

Maybe we can finally get editable tweets next?

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.

  • I've got the update, it just force closes as soon as I try and do anything. According to Reddit, I am not alone.
  • Seems fine here. Should just be a server-side change rather than a real update. Maybe clear Twitter app cache if you haven't tried that.
  • Yup clearing cach made it appear
  • Same here. Instantly crashes on start up. Reinstalling the app and clearing the cache does nothing...
  • Yeah clearing cache did squat for me. Deleting the app and reinstalling did nothing either.
  • Same, hopefully Twitter release a quick fix
  • Just had an update to the Twitter app and now it works.
  • Who cares! Where's Android Pie??????? All I see are beta's being pushed out. While people over on the other side of the world have the full update. This is why I should of gotten the Pixel. Google cares about there customers.
  • Or the OnePlus 6T. Running Pie wonderfully on there.
  • When? When does Google care about there customers? Hell, you're not even a customer to them. You're a resource to be exploited.
  • You're a $#$@$&! Idiot.
  • Intelligent and well reasoned response. You've shown me I was clearly wrong about Google's view of it's users. That was sarcasm, by the way.
  • No issues for me. My Twitter feed is much better now.
  • I didn't realise this was an issue... I've been spoiled by third party apps I guess.
  • Don't care to have any of these apps (especially social networks) installed on my phone. Strictly keep them in browser. Just can't give them any access to my phone. Period.
  • I always ask myself: If Android is more widely used, worldwide, why do these companies start rolling out stuff (apps, games, social) on Apple first? Is Apple easier to code for? Should I change my ecosystem?
  • Not always the case android gets some apps way before apple... if I had to guess the morjorty of Twitter developers are on apple that's why...
  • There are only a few iPhones compared to probably over a 100 Android phones to make an app for.
  • Dozens vs thousands.
  • Because a Dev can choose to support a dozen devices or thousands and it's not lucrative to support the thousands. Android is just far more fractured than Apple.
  • Meh. Way too late to get me back, I am doing great without twitter, and just using facebook for groups, and don't need Instagram, snapchat, etc etc. There is way too much draw on the mind these days, and I will continue to do without.
  • Wasn't this already available in a setting a couple months ago? Now it's the same process as the ipad app, which, frequently reverts to the algorithm.
  • Does this work on Twitter lite?