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The iPhone SE 2020 basically just killed the Pixel 4a and other value flagships

iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE 2020 (Image credit: Apple)

There's no shortage of value flagships on Android, and this segment witnessed a meteoric rise in the last three years. A value flagship like the Pixel 3a XL (opens in new tab) gives you access to decent internals and a great camera for under $450, and brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, and Motorola have plenty of options in the mid-range category.

Apple is now looking to turn the segment on its head with the iPhone SE 2020. The phone made its debut earlier today for $399 for the 64GB variant, and you get a lot for that asking price. The iPhone SE 2020 is powered by the A13 Bionic — the same chipset used in the iPhone 11 series — and there's also a reliable camera, IP67 water resistance, wireless charging, and 18W wired charging.

By selling the latest A13 Bionic for $399, the iPhone SE changes the paradigm for value.

There's a lot to get excited about, and I'll start with the chipset. The A13 Bionic is the most powerful mobile chipset available today, and it outmatches every other chipset, including Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865, Huawei's HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G, and the Samsung Exynos 990. Apple started designing its own chipsets a decade ago, and it allowed the company to eke out the maximum amount of performance and integrate those gains into the software.

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The fact that you're getting the best mobile chipset in a phone that costs $399 is incredible. To put things into context, there's no equivalent on the Android side that is powered by the Snapdragon 865 for under $600, and you have to consider that Qualcomm's chipset isn't as fast as what Apple is offering with the A13. Oh, and before I forget, Apple is offering free Apple TV+ subscription for a year to everyone picking up the iPhone SE.

Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

Google, in particular, has its work cut out with the Pixel 4a. The mid-range phone is set to debut in the coming months, featuring a 5.8-inch FHD+ display, Snapdragon 730, single 12.2MP camera at the back, and a 3080mAh battery. The Snapdragon 730 is a very capable chipset, but it is far from the best in the industry.

You just don't get IP67 rating and wireless charging on a mid-range Android device.

Then there's the fact that the iPhone SE has IP67 water resistance and wireless charging, two features that have been relegated to "true" flagships in recent years. Xiaomi started offering wireless charging on its Mi flagships last year, but they start at over $500 and don't have an IP rating. What I'm trying to get at is that the combination of features on offer with the iPhone SE is unmatched on Android. There's also a 128GB of the phone that's available for $449, and a 256GB option that is debuting at $549.

The iPhone SE also presents Apple with a unique opportunity to make inroads into the Indian market. The phone is making its debut in the country for ₹42,500 ($555) and ₹47,800 ($625) for the 128GB option, and that's exciting for a lot of reasons. Android dominates India thanks to device makers like Xiaomi, but over the last 18 months Apple started gaining momentum on the back of strong iPhone XR sales.

The iPhone SE offers a more powerful A13 Bionic chipset for ₹10,000 ($130) less (the XR is powered by the A12), and when you consider the fact that both phones have the same camera optics, the SE becomes that much more enticing. The iPhone is an aspirational product in India, and the fact that the SE is offering the same A13 chipset that's featured in the regular iPhone 11 — which costs more than double — makes the phone immediately stand out in India's premium segment.

The best part about using the A13 Bionic is you'll get four years of software updates.

The biggest selling point with the iPhone SE is the software updates. By using its latest silicon in the device, Apple is all but guaranteeing the same update cycle as the iPhone 11 series, and that means the phone should get updates for four years or more. Meanwhile on Android, it is a big deal if phones in this segment get two platform updates.

Let's talk about another part of the iPhone SE that is of interest: the design. Apple is essentially using the same chassis as the iPhone 8, with the phone offering the same 4.7-inch IPS LCD display and Touch ID authentication. The internals have been overhauled, with Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit LTE connectivity.

This is a win-win for Apple: the company already makes tens of millions of A13 Bionic chipsets for the iPhone 11 series, so it isn't starting from scratch here. Then there's the fact that by reusing the iPhone 8 design, it is saving on manufacturing costs, allowing the company to eke out more profits.

iPhone SE (2016)

Source: Daniel Bader / iMore (Image credit: Source: Daniel Bader / iMore)

Overall, the iPhone SE lowers the barrier for entry into Apple's ecosystem. But there are no real trade-offs here, and the fact that you're getting the A13 Bionic combined with IP67 dust and water resistance, wireless charging, a reliable camera, and four years of software updates makes the iPhone SE a game-changer.

I didn't think we would get to a point where an iPhone offers more value than Android phones, particularly in the mid-range segment. But that's exactly what's going on with the iPhone SE. Let me reiterate: you're not only getting a phone with reliable hardware, but you're also getting great software and more updates than you would on Android, all for $399. If you're in the market for a mid-range phone in 2020, you should absolutely consider the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020

With the A13 Bionic under the hood along with IP67 water resistance and wireless charging, the iPhone SE turns the value category on its head. There's no Android equivalent to the kind of power you're getting here, and when you consider the fact that you get at least four years of software updates on iOS, the iPhone SE is a fantastic alternative to Android phones.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Lawd geezus this is a very tempting purchase. Need to know if they offer 128GB.
  • They do! The 128GB variant is $449, and there's a 256GB option for $549.
  • HA! LOL! I read the title and immediately laughed at the fact that you are basing this entire article on leaked (unconfirmed) information about Pixel 4a and still saying the iPhone SE has already beat out the Pixel 4a.
  • they do and at a good price too! it's probably the one most people who take photos and videos should get.
  • Be careful, You'll be able to open Facebook half a second faster on the SE2 but that fraction of a second comes at great cost because that phone is lacking the upcoming Pixel 4a in almost every single way otherwise....and the SE2 will be more expensive if you want the fast charging that's included with the 4a.
  • Just stop dude. You keep repeating the same info like a trollbot. We get it. You really want people to get a Pixel. I left ios years ago and I've had an android phone for about 4 years now but I'm getting an iPhone SE because I know a great deal when I see one. It's just common sense.
  • I am sold
  • Going on 3 weeks with my new iPhone. Don’t miss android at all
  • Google services on an iPhone. It's like I never left.
  • RY, your comment is very interesting and spot on. My iPhone XR is all Google and Microsoft, rarely use Apple apps. Yes, Apple apps are high quality, however I prefer using Gmail than Apple Mail. Apple iWork is a extremely capable set of apps, therein I have hundreds of files. However, most everyone I communicate with use either Google suite of apps or Microsoft apps, rarely do I see a Apple user using iWork. So for updates and having access to all Google and MS apps, I am staying with Apple hardware. Now, if Samsung would extend their major OS updates as does Apple of course willingly I would give them a go. Purchasing a expensive cellphone knowing for two years only Samsung will update it OS makes one not-right-bright.
  • The argument will then go into well iOS sucks because I can't customize it with themes and whatnot. Which is fine and irrelevant to my use cases as I spend most of my time on device in apps rather than looking at things updating on a home screen. Wow, you made all your icons red? Slow clap for you. One of the biggest advantages that Apple has is their scale with less SKUs. Samsung would have to cut a lot of devices out of their lineup in order to do updates the way Apple does updates.
  • None of it is as good if you can't set your own default apps. Let's face it, you never really valued all of the Android options, choice and control in the first place if you don't miss that on iOS.
  • Google's apps can open other Google's apps. I never said it was perfect. It's just not as hard to switch back and forth from iPhone to Android when you're in the Google ecosystem.
  • It's murder if the second gen iPhone SE has the 12MP wide from the iPhone 11. It's just assault if it's the 12MP wide from the iPhone XR.
  • It’s the same camera setup. 😏
  • ...the same as the XR or the 11?
  • Both have the same ultra wide sensor and processing engine, the difference is in the extra camera sensor on the 11. So if you keep with the same wide angle sensor, both or should I say all three phones will perform the same.
  • Both have the wide sensor. The 11 gains an ultra wide. But apparently the 12MP wide sensor on the XR is not the same as the 12MP wide sensor on the 11.
  • as far as they know on apple centric sites it is. there are software differences and processing differences but the sensor itself is the same. Not to worry, the sensor is the setup from the 11.
  • It's not. There's no night mode. It's more likely that it's the XR camera.
  • No it's not. Quit spreading false info. Developers talked about it on reddit and looking like it's the same sensor as the XR due to the portrait things. 
  • No night mode/low light performance on the SE 2 for some weird reason and the selfie is a very old 1.2 mp camera. Other than opening an app a fraction of a second faster the Pixel 4a will beat the new SE on most all fronts, including cameras.
  • Apple's spec page shows a 7MP ƒ/2.2 camera.
  • Apple just won the war... With 5 years + of updates you'd be mad to buy anything else...
  • "I didn't think we would get to a point where an iPhone offers more value than Android phones, particularly in the mid-range segment. But that's exactly what's going on with the iPhone SE. Let me reiterate: you're not only getting a phone with reliable hardware, but you're also getting great software and more updates than you would on Android, all for $399. If you're in the market for a mid-range phone in 2020, you should absolutely consider the iPhone SE." at $400 and security support for let's be honest here 5, 6, 7, years, this offers WAY more value than anything Android in the mid-range segment if not any Android phone.
  • Not according to leaks of the upcoming Pixel 4a. Other than being able to open an app a fraction of a second faster the new SE will fall short in just about every metric to the Pixel 4a...and we know that the Pixels see fast updates with 4 major OS versions in it's life and another year of security patches after that.
  • So what will the 4a have over the SE other than maybe the camera with Google's AI? Less resale value, less support, much lower end processor. Not to mention pixels get 3 years of OS updates. Apple usually gets 4-5 years of major OS updates. 
  • RY iPhones offer better value than Android phones period with with the longest software support of any phone and it just works. And mid range simply can't compete with the iPhone SE 2020 for value, specs and software support.
  • Except that not everyone wants iOS.
  • Only have of the US does.
  • And the other half doesn't.
  • And is there anything wrong with that?
  • And the half of the UK does as well.
  • Yeah, and iOS will not be the only shortcoming the SE has what compared to the Pixel 4a.
  • @Ampo2222 The Pixel 4a will only win in screen and Google's software isn't even the best Android experience anymore let alone being on par with iOS and the 4a will have more shortcomings than the iPhone SE by far
  • Why? The Pixel 4a leaks show a much better quality and better designed phone overall and it will have very good performance to go along with 4 major OS versions over its life and another year of security patches after the OS updates end.
  • Apple wins again with the iPhone SE 2020 and has affectively killed off Android in the value flagship segment now and to add insult to injury for Android phones, no Android phone in the price range of the SE 2020 runs Qualcomm's latest and greatest SoC and even Qualcomm's latest and greatest SoC (the Snapdragon 865) is no match for the A13 Bionic chip Apple ? which is the same processor as in the iPhone 11 series and Android and Apple has outsmarted Android OEMs again.
  • Apple's scale is part of their innovation.
  • @Ry exactly, Apple has shown time and time again that you don't have to be first to innovate, it's about getting it right.
  • The new SE will open Facebook half a second faster but that's about it for advantages. The upcoming Pixel 4a is set to "kill" it in just about everything else and it will be cheaper with fast charging included.
  • @Ampo2222 For one the Pixel 4a won't even have a flagship processor like the iPhone SE 2, it won't have the long software support that the SE 2 will enjoy and the SE will be available in more storage configurations than the Pixel 4a, oh and don't forget the Pixel 4a will be discontinued in a year compared to the iPhone SE 2. Apple has killed the Pixel 4a and it's light's out for the Pixel 4a.
  • 🤣🤣 same comment every time 😂😂
  • @Ry If this were a fight the Pixel 4a would be down and out in the first round again the iPhone SE 2 😂😂😂😂.
  • That means half a second less time needed to endure Farcebørk.
  • Blah blah blah blah blah. Stupidity. There just too many options with Android and not everyone can do ios. Nobody is getting killed calm down
  • Oh yes they are, the Pixel 4a and all other Android mid range phones just got owned by Apple bwhahahahahahahahaha.
  • Get a life retard
  • If only I didn't already have so much investment in Android (apps, game saves, etc).
  • While you would have to start again with your games on iPhone which I understand in regards to apps and game saves, at least with an iPhone your games are saved on the cloud with iCloud unlike Android where as I'll have to start again. Which is frustrating and is one of a few reasons why I'm going back to iPhone in a few months.
  • My Android games are saved in a cloud.
  • Ummm...Google Play Games. Works just like I cloud ..
  • Lol yup. Pretty sure he's an iPhone user...
  • True. But that doesn't really help going from Android to iPhone.
  • Not every game has to Google Play Games, especially my most important game, Football (Soccer to you) Manager Mobile 2020 which isn't saved on Google Play Games so I would have to start again if I changed Android phones, with iPhone I don't have this issue thanks to iCloud.
  • Enjoy your iPhone.
  • "It sounds crazy to say that Apple including its expensive new chip in its budget phone makes sense, but it does. Apple has but a single processor to design, manufacture, support, store, and deliver." THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE ACROSS THE BOARD Maybe exynos could finally be good that way 😂
  • They don't though. The A12 at the very least will continue on and people would not notice the performance difference. Apple could have made a much better quality phone overall, like Google is doing with the Pixel 4a, if they saved money on an older chip still in production.
  • The 2 things I was looking forward to with the 4a was a bigger oled screen and the camera. All that said with the SE it just kills it. Granted it's an older design, but otherwise everything else is new, So we have the security of device longevity for 4 years, Yes 4 years of updates. Modern hw with something no mid range seems to have in qi charging. All for the same cost as the lower performing 4a. I love Android but in these times I know where i'm putting my cash and it's not Google.
  • 4? Wouldn't surprise me to see 6 or 7 years on the new SE.
  • Realistically 5. Not more.
  • If rumors hold, 2015 devices like the iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6S will make it to iOS 14, making it to 5 years of support. With how much headroom Apple has been including in their chipsets, I don't think it'll shock anyone to see 5 to 7 years of support for A13-based devices. Even still 4 is better than a generous 2 years of support that some Android OEMs (barely) give.
  • I think the bottleneck will end up being ram down the line. The processors inside even the Iphone X still aren't really being fully pushed. 
  • Nope. The SE display is old as dirt and a cheap LCD. Same with the ancient 1.2mp selfie. Even the main camera had been gimped with no low light performance included. Same with fast charging, also not included. In fact, other than opening an app half a second faster the new SE will fall short in overall quality of the upcoming Pixel 4a in almost every possible way....and it will cost more if you want the fast charging feature that is included with the 4a.
  • It has a 7MP front-facing camera.
  • I currently vacillate between a 4-year-old iPhone SE (64GB) & a 32 GB Nokia 7.1. I'm more of an Apple user but see the merits of Android as well. Especially the AndroidOne program offering 2 years of system updates & 3 years of security updates. I have researched the new iPhone SE more thoroughly than others on this forum, it would seem. I can assure you that the new SE DOES come with fast charging, it just doesn't ship with an 18W fast charger.
    I am getting a 128 GB SE (2020), 64GB isn't enough to hold all my music & all photos at full resolution. In the case of the new SE's fast charging, I'll just use the Nokia 7.1's 18W charger.
    Another bonus is iPhone 7/8 cases are much cheaper & more varied than new SE ones (I will NOT use a phone without a case).
  • Most of the people I know that have iPhones don't update them.
  • They auto-update now so this comment is null and void
  • They can be set to auto-update. Many, however, are not set to do so. Plenty of folk just keep asking me what the red badge on their settings app's icon means.
    At least three of my associates have recently "updated" to the iPhone 6 because it was a newish phone from the carrier and only tacked a few bucks a month onto their account. These things will get an occasional update to iOS 12, there as one recently.
  • They're set to auto-update by default, unless you manually go in and turn it off, which really you have no reason to.
  • Wow, a lot of iPhone lovers here. Sure it's an awesome phone at an awesome price, if you can deal with iOS. Me, I cannot, and I've tried. The Pixel 4a will still take as good if not better photos. Will have a bigger screen with smaller bezels. Will still get 3 years of updates. Will still get great battery life. And will still have a superior OS, in my eyes.
  • This, exactly. I also do not get along with iOS, so none of this matters to me. Is this still Android Central?
  • Not sure why these articles are even written here. For years, Apple apologists have raved it's about the experience with Apple and iOS. Now it's the processor is better than yours. Who cares, the experience for many on iOS is garbage. My 3a and S20 experience are great. The average buyer doesn't care about 5 years of updates, hell they don't care about updates at all. That's just phone geeks. It's a great way to get clicks, though. ;-)
  • I agree I just don't like using iOS, otherwise this would look great to me.
  • I've used iOS for 2 years until 2015 when I first tried Android and I wasn't impressed, Lollipop was a buggy hot mess and made me want to go back to iPhone which I did in 2016 and got an iPhone 6s Plus but I quickly got bored and went back to Android and then I missed iPhone and went back in 2017 with a 6s Plus again and iOS 11 was a hot mess and along with the battery gate scandal it made me leave Apple for good and have been with Android ever since, I have a OnePlus 7T and Nokia 8.1 and love them both but do miss iPhone and most people I know are iPhone users and I miss the better app experience and being able to transfer my games via iCloud to continue where I left off which is one of a few reasons why along with the fact that messaging on Android is inferior to iOS which is another in a list of reasons I'm going back to iPhone with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Plus I miss iOS which has improved a lot since I left in 2018 and I miss getting updates from day 1 with other iPhone users.
  • I didn't find the app experience better on iOS. We must use different apps.
  • @Wipey Z I don't like having apps clutter my home screen but I made use of creating folders for my apps on iOS before and will do so again.
  • I've never loved the layout of Apple phones.. so much easier to customize an Android phone and transferring files are so easy to do. Peripherals are so much cheaper to buy vs the proprietary ones offered by Apple. I'll stick to my Android ecosystem any day.
  • I still don't love the current iPhone layout but folders have helped me - I use a one screen setup for all apps.
  • There are third-party peripherals for the iPhone, I actually use a third party charging cable as the Apple ones aren't that good quality
  • IPhone has done it again eh. I myself even tempted since I usually like to have a back up phone (usually another midrange android) but man this is one is such a good bargain. I love smaller phones. Another reason being the resell value is usually really good even after several years on iphones. My understanding is updates are usually what at least three years? My only two complaints are why even release a 64Gb version that's useless. And also no headphone jack?
  • If Samsung came out with a phone that size with that screen (forehead and chin included) with a single rear camera, the best Android chip, wireless charging, IP67 rating, 4G only, no SD slot, and non of their fancy software tricks starting at $400. Well everybody here would crap on them and that phone! By the way Pixel was never in a war with the iPhone. If it hurts anybody it will be Samsung.
  • It's hurts One Plus also, who picked the wrong year to go all wanna be flagship. People aren't looking for bells and whistles right now. People want respectable specs, great value, battery life and to know the company still respects their purchase with long term updates. Good news is, Samsung and Google will likely counter this move, and then the rest of Android will follow. No one but geeks are going to buy 1,000 phones or even $699 phones without a great deal attached. I don't know a single person not worried about their finances right now.
  • Exactly... I don't get why people are praising this full of compromises phone.
  • Every android phone is comprimise
  • Every phone has compromise
  • lol. It's a $399 phone.
  • Because it's $399 for a 64GB SKU with the 128GB one being $449 and having essentially identical core hardware with the iPhone 11. No, it's not exactly the most exciting phone Apple has made. But that's still a solid deal for those who want an iPhone but either don't want to pay a ton or still want the older iPhone 8 design.
  • I would never buy an iPhone. Even if it grows me wings and let me fly! All you switchers are just traitors! 😂😂😂
  • I'm not sure you count in this discussion, neither do I.
  • ha ha i love fanbabies use of the words traitor etc in these threads....great entertianment from the triggered.
  • Sorry I don't use iOS so I don't really care what price in comes in at.
  • More or less Spec for spec it's an iPhone 7. Yes updated chip, means new this has 4k recording which was app dependent on older iPhones (starting with 5 or 6 I remember). I mean why is this so expensive? Get an Iphone 7 for less.. Sure, updates are off and Apple has throttled down its performance but why spend the extra money on an se since it's going to happen to it in the next cycle? And that screen.. Geez.. They just took the iPhone 7 and changed the chip.
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what? Ha haha.
  • I totally disagree. I have an iPhone 11 pro and a Pixel 4. The so called faster iPhone chip is not at all noticable when using the phone. I would argue some apps are faster on my Pixel 4. I'm sure the A13 is super fast but as it stands right now, IOS is definitely not talking advantage of it
  • Test them against each a year from now, two years from now. See which one still holds up. There's a reason people continue to buy even older iPhones, while us Android fans have to upgrade every year or two.
  • IOS 14 would have to make use of Apples processor for me to actually care
  • iOS makes full use of the processor when it needs to, this is one of the reasons why iOS gets more battery life out of the same sized battery than you would get on Android
  • Small body with outdated looks. None of my friends or family are interested in this one.
  • Well, Apple didn't make it to impress. The SE was specifically designed to satisfy those who preferred the iPhone 8 design because they either preferred its size, fingerprint sensor and/or the lack of the display notch. The fact that it's essentially a recycled iPhone 8 chassis also does help the price. They have the iPhone 11 if you want a more "current-gen" body design.
  • Having switched to iOS in 2018 I can honestly say even though it has it querks it's been my main phone and I can't see myself going back to android full-time. I still have a Pixel 2 XL and Mate 10 Pro just to keep up with android updates but I just love the simplicity of IOS ease of use and apple pay with Wallet has become indispensable to me.
    Still love Android will always be my first love but you don't always settle down your first love. This SE is really putting pressure on Android OEMs now, was looking to get my mom a ne phone and this will definitely be it.
  • Everything that accepts Apple Pay, excepts Google Pay so not sure how that's a special feature or "indispensable". Also what specific features does iOS have that makes it more simple or better "ease of use" than Android? Anything you can do on an iPhone can be done on Android.
  • I live in the UK and apple pay has higher limits due to better security, Google pay is cap at £30 apple pay doesn't have that limit also I can use it with my apple watch especially on the London underground just tap my apple watch and go. Apps are far more polished on IOS I get far less issues and this is with me having the same apps on my iPhone and Pixel. Little things like airplay I didn't know I need until I started using it, iCloud integration into services I use that just works. All these little things adds up to a superior user experience for me.
  • Try to face time or use imessage thelzzz. and get back to me.
  • The timing of this release was just a bit ironic, really. About a day before, OnePlus launched 2 phones, one that was a slim cut below typical flagship territory and one that's a legitimate flagship, from a company known for making phones with flagship features and even guts more affordable. And now you've got a company known for making phones with ultra-premium price tags releasing a phone with much of the same innards as its flagship but in an older body that can be had for a much lower price. They're not the exact same of course, just a bit of irony in that regard.
  • bye android.
    this thing runs circles around the $1400 Samsung for $1000 less and will get 5 OS updates instead of 1 or 2 and then abandoned like all android devices.
    WAY too much value in this phone to make any android phone worth buying. iOS is not $1000 worse than android OS . it may be a little more boring, but it solid, reliable and just works. all the time.
    AND if you want Apple Care for LOCAL screen repair etc (when stores open back up) it ONLY 79 bucks!!!!! for TWO YEARS! again, Nothing on android is going to touch the warranty or the phone.
  • To say this "runs rings around" a $1400 Samsung is a little far fetched. Does it have a "faster" processor? Sure ... And is it better VALUE? Sure .. but on EVERY other front, a flagship Android or Apple device easily accounts for this. Camera - Check ( even mid range pixel 3a accounts for this camera ) Screen Quality ( forget size ) - BIG check RAM - check Facial recognition - check Storage Speed - Check Expandable Storage - Check Is this an absolute bargain entry point into iOS and a great value buy - definitely - does it fill its mandate? Most definitely .. bit let's not get ahead of ourselves and suggest this goes toe to toe with flagship phones- it doesn't and it isn't meant to.
  • I saw this title and thought it was a BGR article. #jussayin
  • Wow, you're right. It has also attracted a few Apple trolls...just like a BGR article.
  • That flagship iPhones can anticipate 4-5 years of updates is largely irrelevant to the majority of their purchases as those users typically upgrade every 2-3 years at the longest. Putting out a $399 phone that has the power to endure 5 years and should see that support is huge as the demographic that will invest that amount frequently keep their phones much longer. If it weren't for the fact that 5g will be widely available in 1-2 years (and certainly within 3) that would be the greatest selling point, and still is for those who anticipate having no functional use for 5g - but we still are a ways from understanding just how and to what degree real 5g coverage and performance will be able to change the way we function. As of this moment, it's tough to argue for anything else in that price segment unless a larger display is highly valued or one is highly entrenched in another ecosystem.
    That said, in the current world, discretionary funds are pretty restricted for most people. I'm certainly not looking for anything new any time soon, and when I do it's likely there be a number of 5g options with solid, if not world-leading, performance, in or around that price range to choose from. But in a nutshell... Well done, Apple.
  • The competition doesn't really support their phones for 2-3 years though 😂
  • Except for the Pixel line, which is in the title of this article.
  • "That flagship iPhones can anticipate 4-5 years of updates is largely irrelevant to the majority of their purchases as those users typically upgrade every 2-3 years at the longest. " Not sure where you get your stats from, I know plenty of iPhone users who don't upgrade every 2 years. My sister works at a phone shop and she sees plenty of people with older iPhones
  • 5 years of updates on what? A phone with a 4.7 inch LCD screen with iOS - that I'd hate looking at and using - DAILY(S Pen -loving Galaxy Note user in the house). No thank you. That's not good value for money for me. Quite frankly, I have no desire to even use a phone for 3 years.
  • But many people don't upgrade their phone every 2 years, so those software updates are invaluable to many
  • 4.7 inch screen and iPhone 8 chassis? I'll pass.
  • Why is there a post on how a mid-range iPhone beats