Instagram updated with Nexus 7 support, Flickr sharing

If you're among the lucky few to already be in possession of a Google Nexus 7, then you'll be pleased to see hear that the Instagram app for Android has been updated to support your new tablet. The latest version 1.1.7 of Instagram for Android is now fully functional on the Jelly Bean tablet, whereas before N7 owners were turned away with a compatibility message. Though the focus of Instagram on a tablet is on viewing, not creating content, you can also use the Nexus 7's 1.2MP front-facing camera to take your own mugshots and filter them to your heart's content.

In addition, the latest update includes the ability to share Instagram'd photos directly to Flickr as part of the sharing menu once you've saved your image. (Unfortunately there's still no native Google+ support right now, though our fingers remain crossed.)

Check the link below to download Instagram for Android from Google Play.

Download: Instagram for Android (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Great to see Instagram updating their app for the Nexus 7. Since they couldn't do it for the iPad. Android FTW.
  • I thought the Nexus 7 didn't have a rear camera. Why would you Instagram a photo taken with the front 1.2 megapixel camera?
  • If you took a photo of yourself. But it's mainly for viewing your friend stream or whatever they call it on Instagram.
  • A camera is not required to view photos...
  • I was excited when I saw the changelog, but was sorely disappointed to see that it still doesn't support land scape. It really makes viewing the app on my XOOM awkward.
  • this is precisely what the Nexus 7 is missing.... no rear camera means no picture-taking for your instagram app :( (should be fine for the narcissist Nexus 7 owner who prefer
    taking picture of him/herself all the time :D )
  • More power to you if you do. However, for me, taking pics with a tablet is awkward.
  • Oohh, Instagram on a Nexus 7! Now you can take "deep" looking pictures of your self with the front-facing camera and put a crappy filter on the pics, making them look "artistic"!
  • You people obviously don't use Instagram. Probably 80% of my time on Instagram is viewing my main photo stream of people I have followed. Or I dive right into the keywords and start searching for people's photos. Not only that, but I can import my latest vacation photos and upload them into Instagram. And finally, the filters aren't crappy. They actually make photos look pretty damn nice.
  • Can you point to some people to follow? My friends suck at pictures. The pics they show me are terrible. I keep hearing from people that there are some awesome people out there, I just haven't met them. Is there a way to share your list?
  • I'm a big instagrammer, so I suggest photo_wzrd pketron tim_jer these are just some interesting accounts with good photos that I follow