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INQ's Cloud Touch Facebook phone gets brief hands-on, uses Spotify for music

The Facebook phone lives! It's been a long-winded rumor, of course, most recently with INQ Mobile sending hardware through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, and now there's video of the phone -- also called the Cloud Touch -- in action.

At its heart, as you'll see in TechCrunch's brief look, is an Android-based phone that has deep integration into Facebook and Spotify taking over the music-playing duties. There's some serious widgetry going on, with hooks for Facebook chat as well. Of course, Spotify means you won't be seeing it in the United States at first, through they're hoping to get it here after a May launch overseas.

Not sure how sold we are on the idea still, but the implementation doesn't look horrible. Check out the video after the break. [TechCrunch]

  • OMG! OMG! I'm creamin' my pants for this! NOT!
  • Lol... looks like an nexus oneish... has a nice smooth reaction to ur touch, i would like to hear some specks about it... but dam later this year...?
  • Facebook, meh. Working in an office with toy robots on the floor, win.
  • They can't even make a fully functional app that works!! Zuck is crazy if he thinks he can get away with this crap!!!! REVOLT!!!.....ok gotta go change my status.
  • "Cloud Touch Revolt" would be a nice name for this. I would rather buy the new Kyocera Echo than this only because if people really, really need to have a phone that integrates with FB this much, needs to actually get off the phone, PC, and get out and do something productive. No wonder half the US is pronounced obese!!
  • wow...just wow.
  • I'm sure it'll sell... But it doesn't interest me in the 'least bit. The FB app in my phone is enough, even tho it's pretty mediocre, I actually get much more use out of FB on the PureMessenger widget I've got. I wonder how how much FB has actually cooperated on it...
  • I'm getting tired of Facebook.
  • Lets start up our own Android based social network. Shall we call it..... MyFace? SpaceBook?
  • This concept seems odd to me. They can't develop a proper app so just skip right to developing their own UI for a phone? I guess to me i don't see why a person wouldn't buy a regular Android phone made by a company with a really strong, established presence like HTC which has created their own facebook integration but also has features (non-FB related) that I'm sure this phone doesn't have? Just seems like it's serving such a niche market it can't possibly be a great selling phone where if HTC created a few more facebook widgets and clutter like this phone has, marketed it to tweens specifically for that purpose, it would be much better selling. Or, and I'm going to go out on a limb here, FB could make a well refined app, distribute different widgets for that app, and you have the same net effect as this INQ phone without the manufacturing overhead.
  • I guess that just explained our answer to the lack luster facebook app for droid. cant fix the app, why not make the phone, right?
  • What a peace of crap...omg sprint u better have my evo2 soon
  • Wow is right. Guess I'll wait for the Twitter phone- just for comparison. LOL
  • I started watching this but then remembered that i don't AT ALL give a $hit
  • HSPA+