INQ's Cloud Touch Facebook phone gets brief hands-on, uses Spotify for music

The Facebook phone lives! It's been a long-winded rumor, of course, most recently with INQ Mobile sending hardware through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, and now there's video of the phone -- also called the Cloud Touch -- in action.

At its heart, as you'll see in TechCrunch's brief look, is an Android-based phone that has deep integration into Facebook and Spotify taking over the music-playing duties. There's some serious widgetry going on, with hooks for Facebook chat as well. Of course, Spotify means you won't be seeing it in the United States at first, through they're hoping to get it here after a May launch overseas.

Not sure how sold we are on the idea still, but the implementation doesn't look horrible. Check out the video after the break. [TechCrunch]

Phil Nickinson