Incipio's Organicore case is 100% compostable protection

Incipio Organicore case
Incipio Organicore case (Image credit: Incipio)

Every old smartphone that ends up in a landfill becomes part of the growing e-waste problem. And, even if you get a case to prevent broken smartphones from adding even more landfills, your case will also contribute one day. But, Incipio has a solution that can protect your phone from the landfill while offering a more environmentally friendly option when it comes time to retire the case itself.

The Incipio Organicore case (opens in new tab) is the case to get for eco-conscious customers looking to protect their Galaxy S20 Plus or Ultra. That's because it's made from plants. In other words, it's 100% compostable.

Incipio's Organicore case is much like it's other smartphone cases. It's slim, lightweight, and made to offer plenty of protection for your smartphone. It's flexible enough to easily wrap around your phone, but will fit snugly. It's thin enough to even allow wireless charging while the case is on.


Source: Incipio (Image credit: Source: Incipio)

Without adding much bulk to your phone, it can offer serious protection. Incipio has tested the case to protect against drops from up to 6 feet. Though it only covers the back and edges of the phone, raised bezels around the display can also keep the fragile glass on the front from hitting the ground and necessitating a costly repair.

All of that protection is good news for your phone, but the case is also good news for the environment. Incipio has used bio- and plant-based materials in the design. So, when you're done with your phone and don't need the case anymore, you won't throw it in the trash. Instead, you can put the Incipio Organicore into a composting environment where it can break down completely in 6 months to 2 years. It won't leave behind any toxic residues, either. And don't worry about it breaking down before you're done with it, as Incipio has designed it to withstand normal wear and tear.

With the Incipio Organicore, you can protect the environment while protecting your Galaxy S20+.