iHome Voice is a Google Assistant-powered alarm clock that adds a dot-matrix display and buttons

Google Assistant is poised to be a major talking point at CES 2018, and iHome is taking a swing at its own device running Google's AI experience. The iHome Voice is basically a wide-looking Google Home with a few extra buttons and a dot-matrix style display on the front that makes it perfectly positioned to be an alarm clock.

Just like the old iHome docks we all know, it has a set of buttons on the top to perform basic functions, but it also has this simple display on the front showing the time, upcoming alarm and volume level. This immediately makes it more appealing as an alarm clock than the all-voice Google Home and Home Mini. It also has a USB port on the back to charge your phone at night, and since it's only a 1A output it won't be useful for more than overnight charges anyway.

The rest of the experience rounds out basically like a regular Google Home. It has far-field array mics for voice commands, and a big speaker in the base for music, podcasts or news reports in the morning while you get your day started.

Pricing is set at $139, a $10 premium over the standard Google Home. That may be a slightly steep price to pay for something that's not as sleek and versatile as the Home in terms of placement, but getting an actual display and some physical buttons that make it far better as an alarm clock is probably worth the extra money if that's your plan for this kind of device.

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Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • I've been wanting a decent Google Assistant alarm clock. I saw one by insignia at Best buy during the holidays. Anyone used one of these? https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2Flink...
  • Got two free with a couple of Bestbuy Xmas deals. It's surprisingly pretty good, not $99.00 good but definately free good. They were selling for $49.00 small, and $69.00 large over the holidays, I think that's a good price point to pick one up. Great night stand device.
  • Can you have it wake you to a streaming service? Can you have 2 alarms set?
  • That'd be the real trick, wouldn't it? I don't think the Google Home has commands to wake up to a streaming service, and without that, the alarm clock function on this iHome is probably more along the lines of a standard chime.
  • it works but the microphones are not as responsive when music is playing and other than the regular Google assistant functions and music grouping everything else is disabled. No phone calls, no night mode. I returned mine when the Google home went down in price on Black Friday. The clock was nice to look at so I wouldn't dismiss the product if you don't need phone calls.
  • The Google Assistant-powered iHome? I am so confused.. 😆
  • oh honestly my Ihomes have been the best alarm clocks I've ever used, if this will let me wake up with Bluetooth,. I am sold.
  • It's tough with the Echo Spot being $10 cheaper with built in screen and webcam.