IGN launches coverage of Android games

Now that you have your shiny new Droid X (and maybe even a Vibrant or Captivate?) in hand, you want some games. And you don't want to waste money on bad games, you want the best. IGN has been doing game reviews for the iPhone since the App Store was launched two years ago, and today they announced they will be reviewing Android games as well. 

They are kicking things off with a HTC Evo review, top app recommendations, and a number of games including NOVA and Asphalt 5. You might recognize Asphalt 5 from our Captivate benchmarks.

The fact that a mainstream gaming site like IGN is investing time and resources into Android is a great sign of how far the platform has improved since the G1 days. However, there is still a lot that can be done to help it grow further. Hey Google, if you really want to play for keeps, why not get a deal worked out with Valve to get a mobile version of their Steam platform (with 25 million users) built right into Android? [IGN]

Kyle Gibb
  • As an Evo user, I hope I can run the games they give high scores to... They need to review market games, not just Gameloft games that aren't even on the market.
    I tried to find their Contact Me page, but meh... whatever. I was going to tell them to try out games like Raging Thunder II and Exzeus Arcade which run beautifully on my Evo... and to me, have better graphics than some of those GAmeloft games.
  • I would cry tears of joy if I could get a Steam client for Android. I mean, Steam chat alone on my phone... hell, yes! Doubt Valve would actually make mobile games, though... they take too long on the games they make for the PC as it is! HL2:Ep.3, anyone?
  • If they made a Steam App, I would pee myself. If I could manage Steam games and have access to the community and even link some mobile games with my Steam account, that would be awesome. Maybe even make a mobile Peggle or something. I could think of a few games that could be fun to play on a nice Droid X from the Steam community.
  • Why is it dated July 15 if they just announced it today?