IF for Android Wear lets you fine tune your experience

IF (you may remember it as IFTTT) allows you to turn your lights on and off, show your friends where you are, or even send a text when you're on your way home, all of this and more right from your smartwatch. Technology continually allows us to make our lives more convenient, and IF for Android Wear takes that a step further by allowing your apps to talk to each other. Being able to fine tune how your tech works, and what you're notified about is a feature that shouldn't be forgotten, and this app's customizable approach makes it something to at least take a look at.

If smartwatch screen shot

IF works by using a recipe. Each recipe follows a simple formula, that you decide on. It works by using an If Then statement. If it's going to rain tomorrow, then send a notification to my smartwatch. It's a simple premise, with almost unlimited potential, and it's fully customizable by you. You can create your own recipe manually, or browse through the 300+ Android Wear recipes that are currently available. It connects with apps like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Hue; just to name a few.

Some of the popular recipes currently out there include turning your Hue lights on and off, sending a text to your significant other, or even sending your location on a map to friends. All from your smartwatch. Really, it's here to fill in the gaps between our tech and apps to make life easier, and it does it well. Easily the best part is that the app works specifically how you need it to dependent entirely upon your recipe list.

If smartphone screenshot

The act of building your IF list of recipes has to be done on your phone, and the app on the watch has no real features. That's probably because it doesn't need them to do it's job, and trying to force you to build a recipe from your smartwatch would be way too difficult. The recipes that you do create work wonderfully, whether they are triggered by your smartphone or a notification is pushed to it. When you open the app on your smartphone you'll see each recipe that can be launched from your smartwatch by swiping to the left.

No two people use the devices in their life in quite the same way, and smartwatches are no exception to that rule. If allows you to fine tune what you can do from your smartwatch, and makes sure you always get notified about the things that matter to you. If you've been looking for a way to make your life more convenient, then this app might be the one to check out. Have you used IF? Let us know!

Jen Karner

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