Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch remains our pick for best Android Wear smartwatch, and now you can pick up the wearable at a substantial discount on Amazon UK. As part of its ongoing Black Friday deals, Amazon has cut the price from £239 to £167.99, a 30% discount. (That's around half the original launch price for the watch, for what it's worth.)

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You'll have a hard time tracking down a better smartwatch at that price point. Here's Russell Holly on why the Huawei Watch is the best:

Huawei's Watch is a unique successful attempt at making Android Wear watches look more like and actual watch and less like a gadget. It's packing a fully circular always-on display, microphone and speaker for handling calls, and a heart-rate sensor for connecting with your favorite fitness apps. The battery will last the average user multiple days, but promises to last through a whole day no matter who you are.

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