Huawei hops on the VR headset wagon with advanced 360-degree sound

Huawei is hopping onto the virtual reality train, which appears to be full steam ahead as we move on through 2016. Engadget notes the company is working on the Huawei VR, a headset that will be made available in three colors and will be compatible with the new P9 flagship smartphones, as well as the Mate 8. What Huawei will hope will set the company apart from the likes of Samsung Gear VR is the inclusion of 360-degree audio support.

To take advantage of this neat feature, one will have to have capable content at hand, as well as a pair of comfy headphones. The device will seemingly work in a similar fashion to Samsung's own VR range. Simply slot in a compatible smartphone and away you go. There are 20ms of latency and 95 degrees of view with the bonus of an anti-blue filter to protect eyes from long session strain.

At launch, Huawei will offer more than 4,000 movies for free, as well as over 40 games and 350 panoramic images. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing or availability, so we'll have to hold out until Huawei reveals more in the future.

Rich Edmonds