A Huawei commercial used a DSLR to promote the Nova 3's selfie camera

Huawei releases a ton of phones throughout the year (we've got a handy guide to help you keep track of them right here), and one of its most recent handsets is the Nova 3. The Nova 3 is a pretty typical mid-range Android smartphone, with one of its biggest features being its powerful selfie camera and AI features that accompany it.

A short 30-second ad for the Nova 3 was recently released, and in it, we see a man and women taking selfies in a number of different settings — one of which where the man is trying to take a selfie with the woman but she's apprehensive as she doesn't have any makeup on. However, the Nova 3's AI beauty mode comes to the rescue by digitally altering her face so that it's shinier and more tone. Pretty typical advertising fluff.

Sarah Elshamy is the actress shown in the clip, and on her Instagram page, she shared a photo while behind the scenes of the commercial. Low and behold, the pictures used in the commercial to showcase the Nova 3's selfie camera weren't actually taken with a Nova 3 — they were taken with a DSLR instead.

In the now-deleted picture, we can see the male actor in front of the DSLR holding his hand out and holding absolutely nothing in an attempt to make it look like he's holding the Nova 3.

This mimicry isn't entirely unheard of for these sort of commercials (especially from Huawei), but even so, it's a nice reminder that not everything is as it seems when it comes to these "camera samples."

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Joe Maring

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