HTC's July revenues fall 45 percent year-on-year

HTC has announced its unaudited July 2012 revenues, following the company's difficult second quarter. Last month HTC's unaudited consolidate revenues were NT$25 billion (~$835 million), down 45 percent from July 2011, and down some NT$5 billion (~$168 million) from the company's reported May revenues.

The fall in revenues can in part be attributed to the disruption in sales caused by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3). That phone arrived in the U.S. in July across all major carriers following a strong European launch.

Financially speaking, 2012 has been a difficult year for HTC. The company experienced a 35% year-on-year fall in revenues in Q1, followed by a 57.8 percent drop in Q2 due to weaker than expected sales of its HTC One series.

Last month HTC closed its South Korean offices following difficulties competing with Samsung in its own back yard.

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  • Hardly a surprise, and I dare say more and more current HTC owners will defect elsewhere in Android due to the lack of software upgrade support. A real shame as the build quality of their phones from last year is so much better than Samsung etc
  • Most definitely. Im a Thunderbolt owner since it was first released last year, and Ive only seen one major update; 2.0 to 2.3.4 and sadly I really dont think theres another update in sight. I did see their announcement a couple months ago that they were planning a possible ICS update, but they can always push it aside or even not do it at all. It may not necessarily be HTCs fault, due to Android having so many versions of it out there, but it should be the manufacturers responsibility to give a proper reason to the consumer as to why theyve stopped support for a particular device (if thats the case).
  • this is what happens when you stop innovating and rely on gimmicks. do you hear me Chou?????????
  • No, he doesn't fucking hear you, please shut up. You are so annoying with your anti-HTC comments.
  • Build quality. Screen quality. These have almost nothing to do with sales. People want what's popular. Samsung has a popular device. The iPhone sales because it's popular. Not because it's necessarily better. The same can now be applied to the S3. Google will probably have to buy HTC as well. Sony, LG and others have other consumer products to balance their margins. What does HTC have to rely on? Or maybe, HTC will make a comeback after Samsung forks Android? As horrible a prospect that may be, it's not outside the realm of possibility.
  • That's honestly laughable, up until now, the One-x has had a completely borked menu system. Multi-tasking debacle, non-removable battery, encrypted bootloader, no SD card plus being the manufacturer tainted with the reputation for the absolute WORST battery life. I also have to laugh about htc and build quality, it's as if people just spout it out without actually thinking about it. htc is not synonymous with build quality, perhaps their new phones are better but people aren't willing to make a 2 year commitment without seeing proof first. I hate being the guy that said "I told you so" but when htc released their new One line of phones I, and many others, said "htc STILL DOESN'T GET IT"
  • This is the worst post I have seen in a while. The menu system, was exactly the way Google intended, Samsung is the one who went rouge on that one. The boot loader was unlocked within a month of release, and the battery gets longer life than the larger battery of the S3 in numerous independent tests. I have both phones and can confirm this. Not to mention that 99.9 percent of smartphone buyers don't even know what SD means. The reason this phone didn't succeed is that it wasn't sold on all carriers and had terrible advertising.
  • I agree with you on the menu system, but not on the other points. I have owned the HOX, and the battery life is not better than the GS3. Even if that was true, you can get a bigger battery for the GS3. Cant do that on the HOX. As far as people not caring about memory, I absolutely disagree with you. The ATT version has 9.7GB of available memory. That is pathetic for a flagship device. I actually have no issue with non removable battery's or no expansion options. Just make sure you arent castrating the device with a battery that doesnt last and memory which is too small. The ATT HOX isnt even the best selling phone on ATT. So regardless of it not being on all carriers, it still was heavily flawed due to the compromises HTC made. Those were the lessons HTC supposedly took to heart coming out of 2011. Obviously, they didnt.
  • You are talking about storage, not memory. (SD=storage, RAM=memory) Also, note that the Evo LTE DOES have an SD slot, and several other features. I have seen numerous reports that indicate the One X and Evo LTE both have extremely similar battery life to the S3. And they should- the batteries are nearly the same size, and they use the same CPU, GPU, and controllers. Very few people are honestly affected by not having a quick-swappable battery with these phones. But the battery *is* removable and replaceable (and in just 5 minutes). Currently, the biggest complaint with the HTC flagship devices is the borked multitasking... and it is likely that CAN be fixed for existing devices. But will they??
  • it's not how google intended. Google intended VIRTUAL buttons, the HOX doesn't have this, hence the bar of doom unless you are in an app that follows ics menu guidelines. You'd know that though, since you have both. You can make whatever excuses you want for htc but at the end of the day users that "don't even know what sd means" (laughable statement honestly, you're implying most users don't know what an sd card not choosing htc and will continue NOT to choose htc unless they get their act together.
  • Almost everything you listed doesn't matter to regular people. I should know, I sell phones. I bring up the lack of SD card support and removable battery and people don't care when compared to the S3. The superior screen quality (plus lack of dimness found on the s3), better feeling plastic and more attractive interface push people to the the One X. People just don't know about it!
  • Guys!! HTC only made slightly more than 3/4 billion dollars in one month. I dont feel bad for any of these corporations. When you have billions in the bank you can afford a lot more than ONLY making 3/4 a billion in ONE MONTH. Maybe if they hired people something might happen???
  • I for one have few issues with my AT&T HTC One X. The bootloader can now be unlocked, & it can be rooted, as I have already done both. The only issues I have are: no SD card slot & no removable battery! Both are major P.I.T.A. for me. I personally cannot use any other form of an Android phone other than HTC. I cannot stand Samsung's TouchWiz, & I hate stock Android. Sense UI is the only thing some of us people whom come from iPhone's can relate to. It has similar eye-candy features that we need. Yes, I was spoiled on iPhone 1 back in 2007, then stock Android seemed too... unattractive to put it nicely. As it is, HTC has already dumbed down Sense UI to where it is almost not as attractive as it should/could be. HTC needs to re-add the SD-Card slots & even perhaps the removable battery (deal breaker for most). Keep the slim form factor, but stop making everything the same as Apple. They don't have a removable SD-Card/Battery & they suck in that department as a result.
  • I became a huge HTC fan when I upgraded from the Droid 2 to the Thunderbolt. Good quality, nicely styled and Sense was much better than Blur. Now I have a Droid Razr Maxx because of battery life. As soon as HTC kills the stupid One series and makes a Thunderbolt/Rezound successor with a 3500mah battery i'm all in.
  • Keep making phones with sealed batteries and no sd card and you will keep watching your customers defect.
  • Android nerds are the only ones who care about this...Regular people are the ones who will put them in back on top, the same people who buy iPhones with sealed batteries and no SD slot.
  • I can't help but think that if HTC had one killer phone, that would turn the company around. To date, they haven't produced a true flagship device since the EVO 4G, IMHO.
  • They just did- the Evo LTE. But, unfortunately, it is only on one carrier.
  • I owned the Droid Incredible and Droid Incredible II. Aside from the battery life on the original DINC, I loved the phones. I just bought a SG3 because Samsung marketed it well and I wanted to try something different. I like Sense but it seemed stale after 2+years and the changes I saw HTC making seemed barely incremental. I wanted a better screen and battery life and didn't want to leave Verizon. I feel terribly guilty about leaving HTC. I tried the Rezound and DINC 4GLTE in the store. But the larger SG3 screen and battery just called out to me. Would hate to see HTC fail.
  • This is what I've observed. HTC is still making profit, but the amount continues to decrease. They appear to be adjusting (i.e., leaving non-profitable markets) with an emphasis on what is probably the largest market, China. I think they failed to pay to play with regards to investing in a fruitful marketing campaign and greasing palms. I don't know how they expected great sales with limited carrier distribution (contradicts the EVO example). They should have learned why the original EVO was such a hit. It had hardware features at the time that very few if any devices could match, all while being on one carrier. With that being said, perception is everything. With the S3, I've yet to see it lose any comparison test (I won't dig deep into that topic esp the ones against the EVO). That alone is enough to convince someone that they are buying the best device on the market. The anticipation for this device was huge along with it's surging popularity. It is the top Android device as far as the buying public is concerned. As for the HOX I don't see how fixed storage and non-removable battery is any different from the iPhone, unless it's something expected for Android devices? So maybe they can have a top spec device this year or get a chance to create the upcoming Nexus device with some huge support from Google... we'll see.
  • >"With the S3, I've yet to see it lose any comparison test" You must not have looked at any test then, because every single one I have read says the HTC One X and Evo LTE's screen quality just blows the S3 away. Hands down, almost no argument. I have also seen several benchmarks that show the OneX/EvoLTE as winning on several metrics. And a mixed reviews on the camera being better on one and also on the other (meaning they are nearly the same). Battery life is nearly the same. Speed is nearly the same. Most reviews like the build quality and design of the OneX/EvoLTE over the S3. The S3 is only a clear winner with RAM. No question there. And this hurts the OneX/EvoLTE's multitasking because Sense is so big. Quick-removable battery doesn't matter to most people, since all these phones have fantastic battery life. SD card is also a big win for the S3, but only compared to the OneX, since the EvoLTE has it.
  • HTC has screwed me over twice already on phones that I paid top dollar for and until something of theirs is proven on Verizon,I will NOT buy another one from them. For me its too little too late in the game. I have an S3 and I love it (minus the stupid home button) and as stated I won't leave til its tested and proven.
  • The GS3 has a removable battery, Micro SD, and twice the Ram of the One phones. They've also slowed down on Android updates and are now pretty much on par with Samsung (which was their biggest advantage before IMO) and have gone on to try and imitate the iphone. They did a decent job on Sprint by building a One version with a removable micro sd (but the phone itself is ugly) and yet decided to keep the battery sealed in for some reason. It just isn't a good idea to go against your main source of income (enthusiasts) when you don't really have a household name type of presence like Apple and Samsung. Word of mouth from enthusiasts help sales and hype as much as marketing does at HTC's level. They need to consider that an go back to the drawing board and maybe stick with 2 lines. One like the HTC One line, and another stock android experience with expandability that is easy for them to keep up to date. They need to take a page from Samsung and Apple as well and stop making so many custom phones. They are spending tons of money on throwaway products, bad or slow support, and a bad reputation due to it.
  • Um, no, the Evo LTE is not ugly at all. It is actually quite attractive, ESPECIALLY in person. Quick-swap battery really isn't a big whoop. The RAM thing is the killer, though. I could see HTC reacting with maybe something like a One X+, with double the RAM, larger battery, and added SD card (like in the Evo LTE). But I doubt they would go quick-swap on the battery (and again, for 98% of people, it really won't matter). Guess we wait and see now.
  • And now we listen to the fanboys. Having only one major manufacturer selling Android would be a very bad thing.
  • The S3 > HOX for the same reason iPhones are iconic. Marketing! Easily identifiable product in a sea of competition... The average consumer couldn't care less about a removable battery or an SD slot. Man you Android nerds don't get out much.
  • At least you admit the reason you bought your phone was because how it was marketed... good for you. Man you iSheep sure don't think objectively.
  • Personally, I bought an HTC One S and I really like the device. I can easily get through the day without running low on battery power, it's a fast phone and I like the interface. Honestly, though, I wish more game developers would support it.
  • After buying a Desire HD & being promissed andriod ICS for over half a year then they cancelled the week it was due was a bad move for HTC. Promisses & lies to customer base is another down fall as millions of HTC customers refuse to buy from HTC there not to be trusted on andriod updates. Bye, Bye HTC as im another of your customer base that wont buy anything HTC. Maybe they should take notice of the petion against there cancel of desire HD ics. They have done this with other phones & tablet lack of answers to emails sent to them. They should not sit quite but there customer care should explain not make lame excuses.
  • Hey HTC you know why your customers are leaving you? They keep getting burned by your total lack of customer support and updates. You've basically abandoned the Thunderbolt/Droid Incredible/Desire HD level of phones without even a value pack to make your customers feel better. People really hate Sense, it made well "good sense" in a world prior to ICS - but sense certainly doesn't fit in now. Customers want: Virtual Buttons, SDCARD support, Battery Swapping - they do not want Beats audio. Samsung was able to include all those things and kept their phone relatively slim. What's your excuse? They also want real unlocked bootloaders.
  • I don't think the HOX device itself was entirely to blame. I think it failed due to many decisions on corporate level. Also Samsung has been building the reputation/recognition of the "Galaxy" brand for 3 generations. They're pretty smart, unlike all the other manufacturers with these really awful phone tags like "Razzor MAXXX HD2" etc...
  • This's what they get for making their flagship devices without expandable memory.
  • No phone has expandable memory.
  • "That's what they get for..." I might not necessarily agree with you but that made me lol haha :P
    I think with the cloud storage boom stuff like that is a bit in the past for the average user.
  • HTC needs better marketing, they have like 40 different models with different confusing names, even the new ''One'' name is a fail, that name is not catchy like Galaxy or iphone, or even Experia. brand name recognition is very important these days and thats something HTC doesnt have and ''One'' wont do that cuz its a too generic. Samsung made its Galaxy brand famous and highly popular and thats why they sell much more than any other Android manufactors.
  • I think they should update their phones and do it at a faster rate then they do now. I'm sure they would keep and get more customers if they were known for getting out updates and doing it at soon after google releases updates. If my Evo3d gets updated to 4.1 they may keep me as a customer, if they don't I wont be a repeat customer.
  • Maybe you'll find a port if you're rooted, but I wouldn't expect a jb update if they couldn't even include sense 4.0 with ics.. still, given the late-life development surge of the 3d I'm definitely feeling good about my LTEvo down the road.. my 2 cents