HTC Wildfire hitting Australia in August

HTC sends good news to everyone in Australia by announcing that the Wildfire will be hitting the nation in August on Telstra. The 3.2-inch QVGA device ships with Android 2.1 (Elair) running HTC's Sense UI. In addition, the Wildfire comes with a 5-megapixel camera with flash, a 500 MHz processor, and all the other usual niceties that we have come to expect from HTC's Android offerings. Overall, the Wildfire looks to offer a great choice to Australians looking for an entry-level Android device. 

No price or exact date of launch were announced, so we will keep on the lookout for more info as the launch nears. Hit up the links for the press release as well as detailed specs for the phone. [HTC (opens in new tab)] [Wildfire Specs (opens in new tab)]

  • Nice phone..if only the Aria had the flash as well.
  • It it doesnt not have a front camera, I'm not interested.....
  • But of all the phones sold that have a front facing camera, I wonder how many actually use that camera? Its nice to know its there, but I have yet to use mine...
  • Good point. My laptop has a webcam and i've only used it once. But I really want a phone with one.
  • Digging the size of this device. Phones are beginning to get a bit out of control. 3.7" maximum screen size for me- could care less about anything larger than that. The iPhone is going in the right direction (sad as that is to say) with increased resolution and not just slapping a bigger screen on there with the same res as the last model. Would be curious to try this phone out. *Moto Droid, Froyo, OC 1.25Ghz will always be my dev phone